(Wednesday the 15th of August)


”Habiba ”

”Please wake up ” I heard a voice whisper to me as I opened my eyes to see a blurred image of a woman or maybe it was a girl I could hardly tell, I stretched my hands towards the left part of my bed I was sure this was where I kept my glasses.

”Oh, ” I said as I wore the glasses, it was actually a girl and also the help around hear, I saw her yesterday when I came home with my parents.

”Habiba, ” I said unconsciously as I scratched my head with both arms, I could see she had a confused look on her face, why?, is it because of the word I just said.

”Good morning ma ” the young lady in my room greeted, even if she was young I could tell she was a couple of years older than me but anyways she was dressed so nice and she was looking so nice.

How time flies it was only yesterday I was in that stinky gross hospital but look at me now in the palace, life is really good.

”Good morning ” I replied as she helped me up from my bed, as she helped put me in my wheelchair, am still in pain but I know they would be gone soon, temporary paralysis doesn last up to a month so I believe I would be jumping and running in no time, that is according to the doctor tho but I don believe him neither should you.

”How are you feeling today ma? ” she asked as she helped me to the bathroom, I was going to have my bath, I don know why she is still following me but I ain going to allow anyone to see my nakedness.

”Am feeling a lot better than I was earlier this week, and am sure it also gets better than this and I can wait ” I replied enthusiastically doing what I do best, faking a smile because thats the inky thing am good at.

”I am also happy for you? ” She replied with a smile back to me, I could tell the smile was as fake as mine.

”Here you go, she said as she passed me my toothbrush with some toothpaste on it ”

”Whos habiba, ”I asked, as she doesn seem to ask the question earlier besides I felt this strange connection between the both of us when we first meet.

Her eyes widens as she heard me ask the question she let go of my toothbrush as I saw it crash down onto the floor.

”Oh so thats a person, ” I said to myself as I looked up at her, she was frozen for some seconds before she regained herself.

”Yeah ” she answered as she whispered to me, she looked around to check if anyone was around but there was no one and she held her mouth I found it weird but I guess she was not supposed to respond the way that she did, who knows.

”Whats wrong? ” I asked as a concerned person that I was beside the smile on her face disappeared and it left this sad look on her face, what was going on?, is there something weird behind the name that I don know about.

”Nothing ma, can you move your legs? ” she said as she changed the topic, I guess she doesn want to talk about it, I should not bother and ask her about it then, she looks scared, but why tho?.

And it was obvious I couldn ask her also, besides I have a lot to worry about maybe it was the name of someone close to her or something? who knows.

”Yeah, ” I said as I smiled back at her.

”Okay, I would go and get your breakfast ready, ” she said as she smiled and turned her back as she began to walk out.

”Please bring the food here ” I Instructed as it would be hard for me to go downstairs and also get back up with my legs as I am not used to it yet and it is not strong enough to carry the weight of my whole body.

”I will ma, ” she said as she walked out of the room.

I managed and finished what I was doing in the bathroom and so went to the main room, and there was a television and I decided to watch a movie or so, something to while away time as I ate.

I picked up the switch and before I could change the channel I heard.

”Good morning Nigeria, my name is Muhammad Yunus and welcome to the NNB news as we bring you classified details about events that happen all around the world.

Today we are at the Nation hospital gariki, Abuja where three girls are being hospitalized, a lot of things have happened behind the scenes that no one knows about and for the safety of the children we are going to be as confidential as possible to not go too deep in their personal lives. The girls were said to be rescued earlier this week by the Nigerian police force and they are being taken care of by the federation. We heard from a source and today would be the release date of the patient and we can have a one-on-one talk with them, stay tuned till then. My name is Muhammad Yunus and we would be right back, thank you. ”

Is this new?, because if this was recorded today then it is old news, maybe it was yesterdays news because I was just discharged yesterday, and if I could remember anything, no one came to me so I believe but who knows they might speak to my parents or something, besides I remembered nothing so maybe thats why.

”Here you go, ” the house help said as she handed me a tray filled with food.

”Wow thats too much, ” I said as I tried to hand it back to her, I only need a little bit of food I doubt I have the appetite to eat this much food.

”Yes ma, but your mom said I should give it to you this way, the nurse advised her to feed you well I think it has something to do with the drugs you are going to take, ” she said as she dropped the food on my bed.

”Okay, ” I said as I moved my shaky twig of a leg as I stood up and wanted to walk to my bed.

”Do you need any help ma? ” she said as she saw me vibrating like a car that has overheated.

”Yes please, ” I said as she came to help me walk towards the bed.

”Sorry for asking now, but whats your name? ” I asked as she helped me a seat on my bed.

”Oh, no problem it is divine, ” she said with a light smile as she moved a bit backwards from me.

”Excuse me, let me go get your drugs ready, I would be back in a jiffy, ” she said as she walked out of my room.

”Okay, ” I said as I wondered why isn the drugs in my room? oh well, thats none of my business I guess besides I could hardly walk on my own.

”Am back? ” she said as she came back Into the room.

”Don tell me I am the inky one taking those drugs? ” I said as I sighed at the very first look of the drug.

”Why? What? ” She asked in total confusion

”It is too much, ” I said

”oo, okay am sorry but you have to take it if you want to get better ma, ” she said as she gave me the entire drug placing them on my hand.

”Take it now ma ” she instructed

”You mean now, you don want me to eat first, ” I asked as the doctor advised me to take my drugs after my meal.

”Be fast okay? ” she said as she looked back, it was as if she was in a hurry of some sorry I am confused, why does she want me to take the drugs anyways.

”Hear, open wide, ” she said as she poured water into my opened mouth as she pushed my hand filled with drugs into my mouth I struggled but swallowed the drugs.

”Ewe ” I said as the drugs left a bitter taste on my tongue, I quickly took a cookie from the tray of food and chew on it as fast as possible to get the horrible fast of the drugs from my mouth.

”Be fast ma, you can have your breakfast now I would be heading downstairs? ” she said as she began to walk out.

”Wait ” I shouted as she stopped waiting to what I wanted to say.

”Why did you do that? ” I asked

”Am sorry but it is for your good and I want you to know that you are not… ”

”Hello ” the door was pushed wide open from the outside interrupting her speech.

”Good morning darling, how are you doing? ” A woman came into my room, she was dressed so nice but I don think I have seen her before tho.

”Your mom asked me to come and do a few checkups on you, am I allowed in? ” she asked as if she was not already inside my room.

”Sure ” I replied

”Can you please excuse us ” she instructed divinely as she continued to head out of my room.

”bye ma, ” she said as she stepped out of the room closing the door behind her.

”Okay let us begin today, ” she said as she brought out so medical appliances from her bag, who is she?

”Are you some kind of health worker or so? ” I asked out of curiosity

”Yes, am a nurse, ” she said as she smiled faintly while putting on her gloves, my body was getting weak I would say the drugs are kicking in but I don think they are supposed to work so fast anyways.

”Hi, ” mom said as she came into the room.

”Good morning ” I greeted her as she came into my room and sat down on the bed close to me.

”Okay, ” she said as she withdrew some injectable drugs in a hospital needle.

”Whats that? ” I asked with a mouth stuffed with food, yeah the drugs we
e very strong.

”Have you taken any drugs today? ” The nurse asked me as she flicked the injection facing me.

”Yeah I did I took the one I got from the hospital ” I replied

”What? Where did you get it from? it wasn in your room ” mom asked

”Well ” I paused, what is going on, but the doctor said I should take the drugs why is mom asking me to do otherwise and why does she look angry over the drug I took I was instructed to besides I don even know who this woman is and what she wants from me, is she even a professional because I didn see her in the hospital and the doctor said I should not self medicate, is this part of it.

”I taught I asked divine not to give you the drugs? ” Mom said as she looked at me, I was so confused if mom asked her not to give me the drugs why did she lie that mom said she should give them to me, and why did she force me to take them like she was trying to prevent something am confused.

”Oh, in that case, am sorry, we would have to postpone the injection till tomorrow, ” the nurse said as she began to pack her things.

”Oh, am sorry mom I asked her to give it to me even after she told me that you asked her not to, ” I said as I tried to cover for her, whatever is going on she would have to explain it to me because I don think lying to my mom for a stranger is worth it, am confused.

Maybe she was trying to prevent me from taking the injection, what is in the injection by the way.

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