Muhammads POV (point of view)

(Thursday the 15th of August)

”Vrum Vrum Vrum ” my alarm rang as it vibrated.

”Unh ” I turned myself as I moved my hands towards the alarm clock as I switched it off.

”Hmm ” I sighed as I rotated on my bed looking for another comfortable spot to sleep on, I know I sound lazy right now but I am sure nothing is happening news wise for us to be prepared for.

”Unh ” I said in deep frustration as I could not find a sweet spot to sleep on so I retired and decided to get up and start the day early as usual.

Today is a Thursday meaning the week is almost over I wonder why they haven said anything about the girls story, ummh whats her name again.

”Knock knock ” this is a very odd time for someone to be knocking at my door, or is my alarm wrong or something I said as I picked up my phone which was in the night stand as I decided to walk the door to see who was there.

I quickly took a glance at my phone and the time was 7:00am, it was later than I expected because I set my alarm for 6am because I had something important to do but now the only thing I need to do is get myself to work before 8am I don want to receive any complains or quarrel for punctuality.

”Knock knock ” I heard the knock on my door again, who might that be? I questioned myself as I wasn expecting anyone and for someone to knock at my door is actually rear. But either ways am on my way to go and open the door that is the only way I would actually find out who it is.

”Who is there? ” I asked as I came close to the door ready to open it if it was a familiar voice or person.

”its me, the agent ” the person outside replied, why is the agent for the property hear I don know what he wants but I do know my rent has 4 months until it is die again and we don have anything to discuss so why is he hear by this time.

”Okay ” I said as I opened the door for him

”What brought you hear sir? ” I skipped formalities and went straight to the questions, I don what to be late for work and I have a few things to do before an ready to go.

”Good morning ” he greeted it was as if he wanted to get on my nerves intentionally but I don have time for that right now.

”Good morning, so why are you hear by this time of the day? ” I decided to ask again since he is obviously pretending not to hear me.

”Oh how are you doing, you know in Nigeria we don just skip to the chase we must make sure our client is fine before I break the good news to you and you pass out on the floor ” he said with a smirk on his face, I could tell by the look of things that there is no good news it must be something disheartening am sure because this man never liked me.

”Am fine thank you am glad ” I replied nicely

”well an sorry to say but the landlord asked me to give you an eviction notice ” he said as he retained the smirk from earlier.

”Oh, okay how long do I have? ” I asked because I know there was nothing 8 could do even if I have four more months paid for I could still be evicted, oh well this is Nigeria for you.

”Well two weeks at maximum he has a family member coming from abroad so you have about two weeks or so ” he replied, there was a brief period of silence which was broken by his next words.

”Well am off then ” he said causally as he left, he just spoilt my mood and my day if not the whole week, where does he expect me to go to I would have tog figure that out sooner or later because that is the least of my problem I would also have to mine everything I have hear to.

”Jeez ” I exclaimed as I went back inside to get ready for work, you know according to our work policy if it isn death then nothing is worth taking a break for.

Anyways I should not let anything stop me come worst I don have a house by next week I would move back to my parents house, maybe thats what I should do move back to my parents house, that sounds like a perfectly good idea honestly so yeah thats my finally resort, I would try getting to mom and hearing what she thinks tho overnight.

I quickly rushed to the bathroom to go get myself all prepared so that I could make it to work on time today again, it is not easy but I sure do manage and I would still continue to do so.

The time was now past seven and It was the perfect time to be leaving the house, i said as I took out my phone and ordered an bolt ride, it was going to take the rider some minutes to get hear so I would use that time to go get something to eat from my fridge.

I quickly went and grabbed a can of soda and some loafs of bread I had from the day before, I quickly ate and drank some of the soda remaining its content for later.

My phone vibrated and just as I taught the rider was already hear, I went out of the apartment locking the door behind me as I quickly went out towards the car, I still had the can of soda on my hand and I took a sip as I entered the vehicle.

”Good morning ” the driver greeted as I locked the door

”Good morning sir ” I replied in a slow manner, but this was something I didn like about Nigerian anyways the way they greeted sometimes is so unnecessary especially if you don know the person and the both of you know it is for a favour no need to beat around the bush just go straight to the point some of us don have all day, but some people just do it as cutesy a form of respect shown to the elders either ways.

”Vrummmmm ” I felt my phone vibrate from the my bag, I quickly took another sipped from my soda as I dipped my hands into my bag in search of my phone.

oh just the person I was thinking off I said as I picked the phone call.

”Good morning ma ” I greeted my mom as I began talking

”Good morning dear how are you doing?, hows work and everyone? ” She asked

”Everyone? Whos everyone? ” I asked in total confusion I was the only one she knew that works hear honestly, so whos everyone that shes asking about.

”I mean everything darling? ”

”Fine, all fine ma ” I replied

”So hows everything going down there? ” She asked

”Not too good tho, I was even thinking of moving back home because of a misunderstanding I had with the land owner, hes asking me to leave ” I said

”What misunderstanding do you have with him?, and why can it be fixed? ” That was strange for my mom to say she usually would be the one to encourage me to come back home and now it sounds like she doesn want me back or something I have to be sure.

”Oh it wasn really from my part tho, he has someone coming to Nigeria and he wants the house back thats all ” I said answering her question

”is that right, but thats not the right thing to do you have already paid for the house ” she lamented

”Well I guess this is Nigeria for you, but mom youve always been the one begging me to come back home and now that I want to your acting as if you don want me to is everything okay down there? ” I said

”Yes everything is fine it is just that I have been busy for this past few weeks and I don want you to come and stay all by yourself it is not going to be fair to you, and besides the house is just boring and am sure it would be hard for you to park all your belongings back home why don you look for somewhere else to stay ” she said somewhere else to stay? Am defiantly sure something is wrong because she always use to be very excited and happy whenever I mention coming back home to her whats with the mood change besides she has no one except me am an only child and my dad spends most of his time working far from home, so what could it be?.

”Ma, I taught I would be coming to stay at home ” I said

”Oh there is no need darling am sure ” she said affirming my original taught, something is definitely wrong and am sure of it.

”Sir we have reached your stop ” the driver said as he took a stop at the companys car park, we
e hear already so soon?, wow I did not know that we were already hear the ride was smooth and fast or maybe it was the call, how long have I been on it.

”Okay ” I said as I dug my hand deep into my bag to look for something to tip him with as I already paid while ordering the ride.

”Have a nice day ” he said as I handed him a thousand naira note, huh the Nigerian currency has no value to be honest.

”Same ” I said as he drove past me

”Oh seems like your busy, am going to call you back alter when your done ” mom said as she hung up the call.

”That was quick, she didn even allow me finish my sentence ” I mumbled under a short breath as I began to walk to the main entrance of the firm, whats going on because something ain adding up hear or did something I don know occurs and she doesn want me to find out? I have allot of questions in my mind and I don think I would know the answer until I go home.

”Good morning ” john greeted as I walked past him.

”Oh sorry didn see your there ” I said as I walked back to where he was seated.

”7:57 right on time ” he said as he looked at his wrist watch

”Huh ” I let out a huge sound of relief as I sat down besides him.

”Any breaking news for today ” I said as I tried to make myself comfortable on this small seat that we we
e both managing.

”Oh I was calling your line but it wasn going through maybe network issues or something I over heard something from a friend and I decided to confirm it and it seems to be true, but I don know why you haven said anything about it to me I taught we we
e friends or at least partners or such ” he said as I stared at him in complete shock, what was he talking about because I am dumb founded I don know? What could he be referring to.

”i really don understand what is going on, maybe you should take your time to explain it better to me maybe I would understand better then ” I said

”Oh Muhammad don play dumb with me, weve known each other for a while now and you don even consider me a friend ” he added, what could he be talking about, the house rent? Well I just found out myself and I don think he would know so quickly.

”I do actually consider you as my friend a very close one ” I said

”Then why do you keep things away from me? ”

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