(Tuesday 13th August)

”Maryam ”

”Maryam ”

”Maryam ” a voice whispered my name from behind as I was shaking completely my body was stiff as I was shaking out of fear and anxiety.

”Maryam ” I heard her voice call up to me as I turned back to look at her.

”What ” I managed to say in a low tone as it was not only my body that was shaking but my mind also, because I could hardly produce sounds from my mouth.

”Maryam, please what ever happens, stay alive and tell the world or story ” she said as she cried bitterly, she was already wounded and Ben blood was dripping down from her body, I doubt if she would make it out alive.

”Promise that whatever happens you would get out of hear alive, and don trust anyone until they prove to you that they can be trusted, please take care of yourself no one is innocent in this world bad things happen to a lot of good people and that makes them do some questionable things, please say safe ” she confined talking at this point her voice was becoming low keyed and I can tell she is forcing the words out of her mouth, that just hurts me more and more I just can stay hear and do nothing, I can withstand to see her go through so much pain just because of a mistake that I made.

”Okay ” I said as I tried my best to push back tears but just like a volcano I also have my threshold and I could only hold back tears for a small amount of time, so the water fountain in my eyes we
e running again, I can believe this is how we say goodbye.

”Found you ” I heard a womans voice call from behind where the sick girl was, I don even know her name but I guess it is all good, don think thats important anymore.

”Please ” she begged as I could only hear her voice and everything about her getting fainter, I squeezed a piece of my cloth is my mouth as I screamed in a low tone not to finish my strength but just enough to vent my anger out, if only I know we would not have tried to escape maybe then she would still be alive by now.

Hot tears streamed down my face as I was confused as well, what would I do now, how can I get help no ones out hear especially not at this time of the night.

”Ahhh ” I heard a loud scream coming from where the sick girl was, what have they done to her?, are they trying to kill her, because if they do it is just a matter of time before they come for me too.

I carried my body that was took stiff to move and too week to do anything, I was dehydrated, hungry and tired but that doesn matter all that matters now is for me to get out of hear alive and tell people my story.

I moved my shaky legs and began to run as fast as I could, maybe I could run towards the town by morning I would have reached a local settlement, maybe then I would be able to get real help.

I continued running as it was the only thing I could do to save my life, swiftly moving my arms and legs as fast as they can go and never turning back not even for a last glance at this hell.

It wasn so clear but I saw a shadowy figure and I decided to run towards it, maybe this could be my savior maybe heavens have finally heard my prayers.

”Help ”

”Help ” I shouted as I ran towards the figure that is turning out to be a male, he stoped and waited for me, hes stature looked familiar also, maybe I know him from somewhere.

”Think you could run away I would love to see you try ” he shouted as I was already few meters away from him.

”No ”

”No, no no ” I shouted as I turned the other way and began….

”Gotcha ” she said as she hit my head with an iron rod, wait she was behind me all along so this is how we all die, nit even a single survivor.

”Doctor ”

”Doctor, breathe shes not breathing ” a womans voice shouted from the outside

”Doctor ” I could hear her loud and clear, she was shaking my body trying to get me up I guess, I slowly opened my eyes.

”Where am I? ” I asked as I was in a room, in a hospital.

”What happened? ” I asked again on sure of whats going on.

”Breathe ” the doctor said as he came close to me.

”Huh ” I started panting as I wasn sure of where I was or what was going on.

”huh ” i began to breathe slowly but at the right pace.

”Don worry dear your with good hands ” the doctor saif as he came closer to me and placed his hands on my shoulder comforting me.

”Breathe ” he said for the last time as I became calm and all my nerves relaxed also, ”huh ” I could fell the wave of peace running through my veins, how long have I been unconscious for.

”hey Maryam your fine just relax ” the nurse said as she came towards me placing her finger on my other shoulder.

”Huh, what did you just call me? ” I asked surprised as to how she knew my name, as of yesterday no one was sure about my name, why did she call me that all of a sudden.

”Maryam?, thats your birth name darling ” she said causally as she began to get the room back in shape, I wasn even awake neither did I stand up from my bed but I did do a lot of damage to things as the drip stand was way across the room, was I the one who did that?

”Where? Am confused, so it wasn a dream ” I could barely make a sentence that made complete sense as I was still traumatized by what just happen, who was that woman in my dream, was it a nightmare or something else am confused, but thats a question for another day.

”How do you know that was her name Mary? ” The doctor also asked seems it was suspicious to not only me.

”Oh, I over heard some people talking about it ” she said as she tries to change the topic, I guess the doctor bought her explanation because he did bot bother to continue question her further I guess this has nothing to do with him besides his a doctor jot a detective.

Why did the girl from the dream ask me not to trust anyone, what did she mean by that?, am I still in danger?, a thousand questions in my mind and not even a single answer maybe everything would be clear someday I guess I just have to wait and see for myself. Does she mean it is not over yet?

”Are you okay? ” The nurse asked to check up on my as my heart beat just drastically increased, I could feel my heart bounding on the walls of my chest wanting to be set free, but sometimes freedom is not always the not solution I guess, if my heart leaves my body I would turn dead within seconds.

”Breathe okay ” she said as she placed her hands on my left shoulder once more as she looks deep into my eyes.

”Breathe your okay ” she said again as she left me to continue her job as my breathing became normal again.

I don know why but I just feel a heavy weight on my chest and that makes it very hard for me to breathe properly when I am stressed I can fell the weight increasing and that hurts a lot.

”There she is ” the doctor said as he came into the room with two strangers, I haven seen this faces am the time that I have spent in the hospital, and they don look like any professionals as they we
e just wearing casuals.

”my baby ” the woman said as she flung her hands on the air as she came closer to me caged me in between her arms as she squeezed me for a while before she let go and began tearing up, but she was still forcing the tears back.

”Hi ” I said in an awkward tone as I moved a bit to the lefts side of the bed.

”What have they done to you? ” She said as tears rolled down her eyes, you could tell sue was trying her best to hold it in as she griped my back a little firmer.

”I won let go, I promise darling I would never let go ever again ” she added as she continued to squeeze my back, at this point it was getting unbearable and I could barely.

”Too tight ” I managed to mummer under a slow tone I was running out of breathe at this point it feels like she just came to the hospital to kill me, my breathe was getting faint but she was still holding me firm.

”Please give her space to breathe ” the doctor said as he came dragging her backwards a little bit as she reduced her grip on me but it wasn enough room for me to breathe in peace tho.

”Haa ” I said as I sighed deeply as I tried to fill my empty lungs with air.

”Am sorry, I didn mean to ” she stoped mid sentence to also hold her breathe, so I wasn the only one out of breathe.

”Its okay ” i said as I let out a big smile from my face, was I happy to see her?, No.

But I guess if she is my mom I would get used to it, and she can tell me all about myself the tiny details I need to know about me.

”She could help me in so many ways, she could help me find the Maryam in me ”

”Yeah, we could all find Maryam my dear ” she replied back with a smile, don tell me I said that out loud, she heard me.

”Sorry ” I said politely

”Am glad your excited to meet us too, we love you darling, I can wait for us to get home can wait for you to gain back all your memories , and I can wait to make new ones with you ” she said as she came closer to me trying to hug me but I smiled and held her hands, I don know why she can keep her hands to herself.

”I think she has had enough today her brain might be slow in responding to things but she would come around, please ma I would love if you stepped aside and give the patient some breathing space ” the doctor instructed her.

I don understand did he just call me daft, did he just say I have an intellectual problem , how dare insult me.

”Does she have any brain injuries? ” She asked as she stood up to go and get her seat close to the man she came with.

”None at the moment, but she might have hit her head on something hard I believe was even the cause of her amnesia ” the explained to mom, but she looked more surprised than I am and she gave a very sad look, it seems like the news affected her more than it did to me at this point am convinced shes my mom she cares to much about me not to be.

”No wonder ” I mumble in a low tone as I raised my hand to tough my head, no wonder I felt a sharp pain at the center of my head for a while now but I was just think it was due to some side effect or something like that.

”She would be fine it wasn that deep ” the doctor said as he reassured mom with faith.

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