(Wednesday the 14th of August)

Muhammads POV (point of view)

”Huh ” I sighed yet another say another drama another trauma.

”Are you ready ” the producer asked as I adjusted my tie, it was a hot afternoon but I was still dressed in a suit as if I was going for a business meeting or something.

”Yes I am ” I replied as I handed over the papers to the camera crew director.

”In 3.. 2.. 1.. Your on ” he said as he flashed his hands over the camera as it started taping.

”Good morning Nigeria, my name is Muhammad Yunus and welcome the NNB… ”

”Cut ” before I could finish I was interrupted by the producer

”What is it now? ” I asked

”So sorry but the tape wasn rolling, lets do that again ” he apologized

”Okay on 3. 2. 1. Your on ” he said again as I started the news again from the beginning.

”Good morning Nigeria, my name is Muhammad Yunus and welcome the NNB news as we bring you classified details about events that happen all around the world.

Today we are at the Nation hospital gariki, abuja where three girls are being hospitalized, a lot of things have happened behind the scenes that no one knows about and for the safely of the children we are going to be as confidential as possible so as to not go too deep in their person lives. The girls we
e said to be rescued earlier this week by the Nigerian police force and they are being taking care of by the federation. We heard from a source and today would be the release date of the patients and we can have a one on one talk with them according to speculations they was only two girls but the police has come forth and said they were three and that is what we are going with, stay tuned till then My name is Muhammad Yunus and we would be right back, thank you. ”

”Cut ” the producer shouted as I finished reading the script.

”That was very good, good job everyone that was a job perfectly done you all thank you ” he said as he chewed his gun while working close to me, maybe he had something important to say to me if he didn I would love if he just kept quite. It was already late and I was tired of hearing him complain day after day, it is getting tiring now honestly.

”So do we have any leads on the story, anyone ” the director said asking someone under him, i over heard the conversation as I moved towards the bench to take a rest while the others prepare for the next take.

”Something sounds fishy ” John a close friend of mine came as he sat down close to me, he was one of the first and nicest person to me when I first came into the firm and we have been close ever since.

”What? ” I said as I looked to my right where he was seated I wasn sure what he was talking about maybe it was the story or another story we are yet to broadcast or we have already broadcasted or maybe it was something else entirely different maybe about work or personal matter besides we hardly talk about work but who know.

”Something about this story just doesn add up, there is something they are not telling us or they are hiding from us and it is our jobs as news casters to always look beyond what is given to us ” he said enthusiastically, oh John when would he ever learn he is such a different person from me, I mean I don even look deep in the stories I broadcast it is not my duty to uncover and discover mysteries and beyond besides they don pay me enough for my journalist job talk more of investigation.

”Tell me more, I did felt like we had little or no information to be telling this story honestly ” I said as something did fell off especially the fact that they allowed us air something that we had little information about.

”Exactly, you know the girl they found? ” he asked as if I had a personal connection with her or something

”Yes ” I replied

”She was never reported missing ” he said shockingly

”Wait, which one? ” I interrupted

”The one who was found in a terrible shape ” he said

”wow, that is new, but I taught they we
e three girls so why are you talking about only one ” I asked again

”Yes, shes was never actually recorded missing and a new missing person file was opened for her not long ago, it is being speculated that she was the only victim thats why ”

”wow something really is off ” I said

”yes, one of the victims was actually sighted.. ” before he completed his speech we we
e both interrupted.

”Excuse me sir, we have a new lead and I would like to brief you about it ” Mercy an intern at the firm came with some papers, she was actually the person who is in charge of getting informations from people who have reached out to us and are willing to help.

”I hope your informants are reliable sources okay, I do want fake speculation or fake news ” I said with caution because a bad news on someone could ruin their life.

”Yes sir it is from a reliable source, I was introduced to her today she is one of the nurses talking care of the patient ” she replied with confidence

”Nice, Oh I would love to hear about it ” John said as he smiled at her even tho she interrupted him.

”Okay sir, well according to a nurse it os said that she is unable to walk and would be on a wheel chair for a week or two, she has some fractured bone but they would heal soon and her speedy recovery is advantageous because of her age, while the other two just suffered light injuries ” she said

”Are you done? ” I asked as it seems like she is.

”Yes sir ” she replied

”Have you gotten any names, at this point ” john asked

”Well the young girl has been diagnosed of amnesia so she can remember her name, but the other two have been identified but we haven gotten anything from them ” she said

”What is the level of their injuries? ” I asked seems like it is only the unidentified victim that was seriously injured thats weird, I have never heard of a case like this.

”Well the unidentified victim I already explained her condition while the other two it is recorded that they came with some few bruises and some cuts but they weren deep and neither of them suffered any permanent damage although the officers are more focused on the unidentified victim because according to the other two victims she was the last one, but I am not sure about that tho ” she replied

”Okay, do we know the ages we
e working with ” John asked don know what he wanted to use their ages for anyways.

”Not yet, like I said they have not yet been interrogated but I would let you know as soon as it has been communicated to me ” she said as she began to walk away, something truly is not adding up and that just makes me more interested on this story, especially the fact that crimes like this hardly happen in the countrys capital this is going to be a good one to uncover because I have not seen anything like it, three people rescued one severally injured to the point she can walk and the other two we
e found with bruises and shallow cuts interesting.

”You see exactly what I was talking about? ” John said as mercy walked away.

”Well we should not jump to conclusion yet, we need to hear what the police officers are going to say if it tallies I guess we would just have to tell the story that way, besides it ain ours ” I said

”But don you think it is fascinating, three victims we
e rescued no one was found guilty, there was no human in any close perimeter of the building and they had two able girls that could walk but they did not even try to escape they just stayed put waiting for what? ” John stated

”Wait no one was holding them captive? ” I asked

”not in that sense, according to informants it seems like the people that held them knew this would happen and they left the scene before the police arrived ” john replied

”Oh, now I understand but you know the girls might not be informed that there was no one watching them ” I said

”O well I think the story would unfold itself very soon you know they are a lot of questionable events that happened and so it Is only normal for more and more people to find fault in the story and try to also do justice to it, it might be sooner than latter tho ” he said

”Well do think the story is not adding up, but I doubt anyone would want to come and clear the air because for all we know the criminals are still moving free ” I added to what he said

”Poor girl, I hope she actually find real people that are ready to help her and not people that just want to hear her story, where would she be taken to again, poor minor ” he said

”Yeah ” I nodded

”Don bite on what you can chew, lets leave the police to do their work shall we and lets do ours, it is about time for us to get the meeting with the patient ” the director said on a microphone

”Oh thats our sign ” I said as I walked towards him

”Park your things lets go, there is an emergency down town we have been asked to go there ” he said casually

”Well any thing interesting ” I asked as if I cared, but I don trust the sudden change of news maybe someone tipped him or something because stories like this are very important.

”What about the girls thats a good story there ” I said

”Well we had from an insider that the police would not allow us go anywhere near any of the victim I till they get what they are looking for they don want anyone else inputting the wrong impression on the girls ” he said

”Oh thats nice, I guess we should stick around the police then we can get the news immediately it is out ” I said

”I don think they would be any need for that ” he said

Thats a little doubtful tho, we have never left a story without fully covering it first of all and secondly we always follow up our stories, nevertheless I knew this was an order from above and we could do nothing so I began to get my things together.

”Are you done? ” John asked as he came closer to me

”Yeah ” I said as I sat down on the bench that was behind us

”Don you think something is off, now we are telling a half story that has never been us ” john added

”lets not read in between the lines for once am sure there is a perfect reason why we are leaving the story unfinished okay ” I said as we both stood up, seems like everyone was ready as the some people already started go board the bus and we we
e going to also.

”Is everyone ready ” the bus driver asked few minutes after we boarded the bus as it was time for us to go get the story.

”Yeah, lets go the rest would catch up to us on the other bus ” the producer said as the bus was shot closed as he began to get ready to drive.

”Another day another drama ” I said as I pushed my legs forward and rested my back well as I signed, the day has began again and it is only a after of time before the days runs down like other days.

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