(Monday 12th August the day of her rescue)

”Woooo wooo wooo ” I heard the sound of a police car passing, I haven heard anything passing by in a while, thats something new.

”Hello.. Hello.. Hello..? ” The police men shouted at the lifeless girl that was lying on the floor, *shit* that lifeless creature is me, hell no. I was lying down on the cold floor only God knows how long I have been hear but I do know that it has been a while as my lips fells super dry, and my entire body fells generally weak, I don even think I can be able to move my legs.

”Can you hear me ”

”There are two girls, and we would be needing an ambulance they both look severely injured ” a police officer said over his telephone as he went closer to the other girl.

I never noticed anyone else in these rooms, something must not be adding up because if someone was hear I would at least have heard them moving or so, but I was unable to move my body to look up to her as I felt faintly.

”Wait there is another one hear ” another police officer added as she shouted from the other room.

”Bring the stretcher hear, she has more injuries than the rest of them, she might have been the one who has been hear for the most while ” the police officer said as they began to move me from the floor.

Why was my body so light and heavy at the same time, I fell blood rushing down my legs, something I have not felt in a while, but that was not the worst part it was the pain I was feeling all over my body that was getting to me.

e losing her, we
e losing her ” those we
e that last words I heard before I started to see the clouds closing up on me, I have seen the light, it was time to give up the ghost besides everyone who lives must die so this is my time to leave I just wished I spent more time on this earth and also wished I was not going so ugly and Ill, Goodbye world that never like me.


Psych, if you think I was going that easy then you must not know anything about me then.

Well it has been a day or two since I was rescued from only God knows where, but anyways am doing better if wheel chair and temporary paralysis is your type of okay, then I guess I am okay.

”Doctor.. Doctor ” I heard a voice call out

”shes awake again ” the voice added.

”Finally she has woken up after fainting on us like that yesterday ” a man wearing a lab coat said, seems like he is the doctor she went to call.

”Good day miss I would be asking you some questions today ” he said as he patiently waited for me to answer him.

”Yes.. Yes ” I replied in a low tone as I also nodded my head because I can bet he did not hear a thing I said.

”Good ” he replied as he went to pick up a piece off paper the one he dropped earlier when he came in.

”Lets start with something very simple dear, whats your name? ” He asked as he sat down on a chair that was positioned closed to my bed.

Oh, thats easy lets see my name is Ma.. ma.. ma.. Something, I know it starts from somewhere my name, my name… My name…

I began to panic as my breathe became heavy and heavier and so did my chest, I started to fell everywhere around me closing up the way it did some days back, whats going on again what is this weight I feel on my chest.

”Calm down calm down ” the doctor instructed as he tried to calm me down, but u was already tensed up and my heart was already racing, there was no stoping me now.

”Nurse, please get me a tranquilizer ” the doctor instructed the nurse and within seconds she was back with an injection ready to inject me.

”Calm down baby, calm down ” the nurse instructed but it was to no use I was already unconscious now.

”Well I think that would be it, please take care of her and when she wakes up don ask her any questions, thank you ” the doctor said as he stood up and walked out of the room, so soon.

”Good morning miss haruna ” a nurse came in, she was different from all the other nurses that I have been around since I came to the hospital, she was looking so young and beautiful.

She came closer to me as she held my hands tightly, I squeezed my eyes from some seconds as I tried my best to read what was written on her name tag.

”Niary ” I said aloud, what type of a name is this?

”You said? ” She asked as she looked at me confused.

”Nairy? Thats your name right at least thats what it says on your name tag ” I replied, before I could finish my sentence she burst out laughing.

”Why are you laughing? ” I asked as I was offended.

”Sweetheart it is Mary, after this I guess we would be taking you for refraction to get your eyes checked ” she said causally as she injected me, only God knows what was in what she gave me.

”Good morning miss haruna ” an older nurse came as she came closer to me.

”Good morning ma ” I replied her greeting as she was a familiar face, shes was the special nurse allocated to a special patient, me.

”How are you doing lovely? ” She asked

”Well you know me, always trying to look for the light where there is clearly non ” I said as I smiled back at her.

There was a brief period of silence, and it was broken by the first nurse as she asked.

”can you move this leg for me? ” She asked politely, as she pointed at my left leg which was the most injured.

I nodded my head as I tried to move my left leg but it was to no avail, but I did manage to move my toe so thats a good sign I believe.

”Thats a good sign that you would be back on your feet, before you know it, now move the second one ” she asked again and I did the same but this time I was able to move it upward a little bit.

”Wow am seeing drastic improvement, this is good news ” the elder nurse said in a good tone as she restored my hope of ever walking back to me, am thankful.

The young nurse placed a thermometer under my arm pits and immediately packed up and left the room, I guess she was gone for the day but she didn change my drip.

”I have good news baby ” the older nurse came close to me as she whispered into my ears.

”Am listening ” not that I cared but I do want to know what she wants to tell me honestly.

”Your parents are outside ” she said faintly and I could barely hear what she said.

”Wh.. at d. di.. what… did… ”I was shocked as I moved upward from my lying position on the bed, what did she say, I could hardly make a sentence out of my mouths.

”Yes darling your parents are outside, and they are undergoing some questioning if they pass they would be coming to get you darling ” she said.

”Passed what? ” I was shocked, if they we
e my parents why would they need to pass anything.

”Well the officers asked for evidence, like your date of birth and so many other things so if they have good enough evidence you would be going back with them ” she added.

”Am confused why aren they hear, don you think I can be able to identity my own parents? ” I asked.

”You know your dealing with confabulation and amnesia remember, you obviously would be having impaired memories to some extent ” she said as she sat down besides me.

”I guess, so what did they say my name is? ” I asked anxious as I was curious to know my name and a lot of other things about myself.

”Well thats right, but do you think I would ever be able to get my memories back? ” I asked

”Yes they would come slowly, some in forms of dream some as flash backs and so many other ways but my only advice for you is not to think too much or stress yourself if you do that would make it harder for the memories to come ” she advised me to take care of myself.

”Okay I would try my best ” I said as I looked down as hot tears we
e rushing down my cheeks, I don even know I was crying untill I felt something falling down from my face.

”Don cry darling it would all be fine, your parents are hear so you can relax and everything would be done for you, besides going to places you we
e before and meeting people youve know before would help a lot dear, so there is nothing to be worried about ” she said as she whipped my tears.

After a brief period of silence she decided to continue talking.

”Am sure they are your real parents so no need for you to worry yourself okay, they have enough prove and the other girls that we
e around could testify to somethings they said like your name and so on ” she added

”You sure ” I asked skeptical of what she just told me but I do have faith in her words tho, and if the other girls can testify to some of the things they say about me I guess thats all we need, am glad someone actually showed up for me I taught I was going to end up in an orphanage or on the streets because am too old to go to an orphanage, so I believe.

”Yes am sure about it, you would be fine, once youve settled in ” she said as she stood up from my bed and began too walk out of my room, leaving me all alone.

”Yawn ” I said aloud as I stretched the upper part of my body as I was sleepy and wanted to have a good nights rest. It did not take a while before my room became could slowly but eventually sleep cam and so did the night, it also became quite in a little while I could hear the breeze passing through the window making a crippling sound as if a ghost or something was there, maybe a ghost was right hear watching me, maybe.

”Maryam ”

”Maryam ”

”Maryam ” a voice whispered my name from behind as I was shaking completely my body was stiff as I was shaking out of fear and anxiety.

”Maryam ” I heard her voice call up to me as I turned back to look at her.

”What ” I managed to say in a low tone as it was not only my body that was shaking but my mind also, because I could hardly produce sounds from my mouth.

”Maryam, please what ever happens, stay alive and tell the world or story ” she said as she cried bitterly, she was already wounded and Ben blood was dripping down from her body, I doubt if she would make it out alive.

”Okay ” I said as I tried my best to push back tears but just like a volcano I also have my threshold and I could only hold back tears for a small amount of time, so the water fountain in my eyes we
e running again, I can believe this is how we say goodbye.

”Found you ” I heard a womans voice call from behind where the sick girl was, I don even know her name but I guess it is all good, don think thats important anymore.

”Please ” she begged as I could only hear her voice and everything about her getting fainter, I squeezed a piece of my cloth is my mouth as I screamed in a low tone not to finish my strength but just enough to vent my anger out, if only I know we would not have tried to escape maybe then she would still be alive by now.

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