(Friday the 15th of August)


”Good morning ma ” I heard divine say as she walked in turned around to look at her and she was carrying my laundry didn even know she was with them.

”Morning ” I replied

”Up already, nice, ” she said as she moved over to my bed to get the sheets changed, she looked so unbothered and very relaxed as if it wasn just this morning.

Like it wasn just this morning she creeped me out, talking about that how comes she looks so refreshed and okay.

”Was it a dream? ” I questioned, no it couldn be I remember it all vividly, maybe she doesn want to talk about it then I would respect her discussion.

”What exactly? Last night ” she inquired.

”Huh ” my face froze as that shocked all the bones in my body, I didn know she heard me, how come what am I saying all that out loud?

”Oh! I wasn supposed to hear that? Am sorry ” she said as she moved from my bed towards the dresser.

”Not really, ” I said as I looked at her with a smile on my face I decided I have had enough rest and took my shaky legs to my bathroom to go and freshen up.

”Okay, ” she let out a small sound that I barely heard as she walked out of my room, not knowing why tho but maybe she forgot something or so I taught.

I managed to walk slowly this time not to get myself all worked up in a small amount of time and I also decides to walk on the walls as I held the closest one to me using it for support, it wasn that bad and honestly, I doubt my leg was actually that damaged.

I finally reached the bathroom and began doing my business as usual as I heard someone walk into my room, I guessed it was Divine because she was the only one that walks in and out of my room and am cool with that.

”where is she? ” I heard an unfamiliar voice coming from the main side of my room.

”I don know, maybe she knew we were coming and she ran for it? ” Someone else replied but I haven heard these voices before.

What the hell are they talking about? And what am I supposed to be running from? And where the hell is divine? random taught kept running around in my mind.

”Maybe she went out? ” The first lady asked

”Not really, no one saw her today so she most probably is in this room ” the second lady replied.

”Should we look for her? ” The second lady asked.

”No! Lets wait ” I heard the first lady say and this was my chance to come out, I taught myself.

I walked out adjusting my glass as I faked a yawn, trying to give the impression that I didn hear anything, hopefully, they buy it.

”Good morning ma ” the first lady who appears to be the Nurse greeted me.

”Good morning ” her associate also greeted although I haven seen her before.

”Morning, ” I said as I managed to walk to my bed, which wasn easy as my heart has already raced to different places and thats okay, as long as I put myself in another no one would know I heard it all.

Just a random taught by the way, where is Divine? and why did she leave seconds before they came in, was it planned or so?

”So where have you been? ” She broke the brief and awkward silence with the question like she didn just see me walk out of the bathroom.

”Oh! I went to ease myself ” I said casually as I tried to reduce my hearts pounding as it felt like it would burst out of my chest any minute now.

”I see, have you taken your drugs? ” She asked as she began to assemble her injection as always, but today it felt like she knew I was going to take the shot or maybe she was going to force it on me.

”No, but I was about to before you came, is there anything wrong? ” I asked pretending to be clueless about what was going on, not that I knew what exactly was going on but adding what I have on the ground it seems like they want me to take this injection by all means and that already sounds suspicious in many different ways, besides Divine asks me not to collect the shot that also adds to it but am still unsure of who to trust my parents or a girl I meet in their house, am sure my parents are the best when it comes to this option because I have known them all my life, or am supposed to have known them all my life.

”I taught I told you not to take any of those drugs anymore ” she uttered while giving me a death stare.

”I forgot, ” I said casually as I let out a more awkward smile which was supposed to be a laugh but it didn bloom.

”I see, well its a good thing I came then ” That reminds me, how comes she is this early it wasn even morning yet, the sun was barely out but here she was ready to give me a shot.

”Stay put ” she came closer as she took up my skirt which was a bit above my knee as she rubbed a whitish paper-looking substance on me, oh! wait it was a hospital swap.

She then went ahead and decapitate the needle as she placed her hand closer to my thigh ”it will only hurt a bit ” before she slowly pressed the needle into my skin before released the injections content into my body.

”There you go, ” she said as she began to get her things ready to leave.

”Huh ” I fell backwards bouncing on my bed, I felt my glasses move a little but my eyes were too heavy to open up and my brain was too tired for me to understand what the heck was going on.

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