e at school we would act as if we didn know each other. ”

Aidas eyebrow raised upwards. ”Why is that? Wouldn it be better if you just act normal? ”

A snort blew from Yukis nose. ”Thats not good at all, because surely the majority of sports clubs in this school will find and ask me to join their club. ”

Aida chuckled sarcastically. ”You
e very confident. Besides, you only need to reject them one by one, if you really don want to join one of their clubs. ”

Yuki was silent for a moment in his place. Then nodded his head slowly. ”Ah, you
e right. They certainly wouldn have the heart to force me into their sports club either. ”

Aida could only shake her head. Then one hand now gripped Yukis wrist.

”Come on, you have to accompany me until I enter to get an activity club that can interest me. ” Said Aida who immediately pulled Yukis hand to follow her.

Meanwhile, Yuki, whose hand was pulled by Aida, was just silent and resigned to follow where Aida would take her.

Meanwhile, behind a tree not far from where Yuki and Aida were standing, there were three male students in basketball uniforms hiding watching Yuki and Aida.

”Toma-kun, are you sure that boy is Tetsuya Yuki? The basketball athlete from that famous junior high school? ” Ask one of the male students who wear glasses to one of his friends who has the idea to recruit a new student named Tetsuya Yuki.

A male student called Toma nodded his head quickly.

”Yes, its Tetsuya Yuki. Ive looked it up on the internet, after overhearing a conversation between Masaki-kun and Eita-senpai about a new student from a well-known athlete school. ” Toma took a moments pause and looked at the faces of his other two friends, Tomo and Shuhei in turn.

”Whats more, when doing the physical test, Tetsuya Yuki is the only new student who has a high score on each test. Making him the single most sought after new student in this school this year. ” Toma continued which was replied with a frown in surprise by Tomo and Shuhei.

”Wait a minute Toma-kun. If he really comes from that famous athlete school, shouldn he choose to go to school here? I heard that every graduate from that school already has a very convincing athlete career path. ” Said Tomo who was approved by Shuhei.

”Its true what Tomo-kun said. Are you sure you didn hear wrong from Masaki-kun and Eita-senpai? ” Shuhei asked trying to convince Toma. He is afraid that members of one of his team will get the wrong information.

Tom firmly shook his head. Then one hand reached into the pocket of the training pants he was wearing to take out his cell phone.

”If you don believe what I said earlier. I will provide evidence to convince both of you. ” Toma said while playing with his cellphone and only Tomo and Shuhei nodded their heads in response.

”Here, you can see this profile. The new student weve been following is the correct Tetsuya Yuki, he is the number 00 back player of the Washida Club. The junior high school basketball club of the raionation athlete school who has won many gold medals in terms of tactics and style of play those who are always growing rapidly. ” Toma took a moments pause as he pretended he was adjusting the glasses on his nose.

”And the most important thing here is the tactical success of the victory that Washida Club has achieved for three years in a row because of the brilliant idea of ​​their playmaker with the number 00 jersey. The one and only is Tetsuya Yuki. ” Toma continued while showing a photo of a basketball club with five members smiling with satisfaction while holding a big trophy.

Tomo and Shuhei, who saw the photo, widened their eyes in surprise, because they saw the figure of the new student they had been following in a photo frame of the basketball club and also wearing a basketball uniform with the back number 00.

”We must be able to get him! Either way! ” Tomo said with a fiery gaze, so did Shuhei and it made Toma put a satisfied smile on his face.

”Thats why we have to fight to get him into our club! ”

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