The sound of birds chirping is heard welcoming the spring morning in Tokyo City, accompanying the residents who will carry out their activities, especially for high school students Natsu who is currently holding a new student acceptance ceremony.

The students who are currently prospective students at Natsu High School are also ready to gather in the courtyard area to receive further instructions from the Student Council committee regarding the current new student admission ceremony.

Under the shade of one of the trees in the courtyard of Natsu High School, there is a prospective male student who is sitting reading a book and next to him there is a prospective female student with glasses sitting while feeling a little uncomfortable because there are many pairs of eyes on the prospective new student. Others were now looking at them. Or rather just stare at the prospective male student sitting next to him.

The prospective female student chose to lower her head so as not to meet the gazes of the prospective new students who were stealing glances at the male prospective students next to her.

”Aida-chan, whats wrong? ” Asked the prospective male student while turning his head towards the prospective female student who was sitting bowed next to him.

The girl candidate shook her head slowly.

”Its okay Yuki-kun. Im just feeling a little nervous because its the day of the new student acceptance ceremony. And from today on we are already high school students. ” Answered the female student candidate who was called Aida looked back at the male student candidate with a smile etched on her face.

”Ah, I see. I think you feel uncomfortable because the other prospective new students are staring at us. ” replied the prospective male student who was called Yuki with a smile back on his face. Making the female new student candidates who were staring at them squealed a little with joy.

”Wow, handsome! ” Shouted one of the new female students who had been stealing glances with her five new friends towards Yuki.

”Take a look, don you guys feel familiar with that male students face? ” Said one of the other female students asked her new friends.

”Ah, really?? Have you met him somewhere?? How lucky you are! ”

”No, no. Thats not what I meant! Please take a closer look at the prospective students face. Don you feel familiar? ”

Now the gazes of the five female new student candidates are even more focused on looking at Yuki who is having fun chatting with Aida.

Meanwhile, another female student who was wearing glasses, was grinning with her eyes staring at Yuki.

”Hehehehe finally I can meet you again Tetsuya Yuki! The player with the number 00 jersey and also the playmaker of the washida club. ” Said the bespectacled female student while still looking at Yuki with a smirk on her face.

”The playmaker who chose to retire from basketball at an early age. It made the relationship between himself and his friends at the basketball club strained, so now you guys split up and choose your respective schools. ” Connected the female student with glasses again.

”I will reveal the reason behind you retiring at an early age from the world of basketball athletes. Because I really will not let you retire just like that, after making myself obsessed with the way and style of playing basketball you for the past three years. ” The bespectacled female prospective student continued, before she walked away with a smirk still on her face.


Yuki who felt a gust of wind immediately rubbed the nape of his neck. It made Aida who saw that raise an eyebrow.

”Whats wrong? Did an animal bite your neck? ” Aida asked which Yuki shook her head in reply.

”No, I feel like someone is talking about me behind my back. ” Yuki answered which made Aida snort in disgust.

”Of course someone is talking about you! Who doesn know Tetsuya Yuki the number 00 who is the playmaker of the Washida club? Your face has been everywhere since three years ago when you first debuted playing as a member of the Washida Club. ”

Yuki who heard Aidas words with an annoyed tone also chuckled crisply. Meanwhile, Aida who saw Yuki only chuckled in response to her words, immediately took a deep breath.

”I hope you will keep your word to the members of the Washida Club, if you really retire from the world of athletes. Because if you don , they will all come to this school and lecture you. ”

Yuki put a small smile on her face and reached out one hand to pat the top of Aidas head.

Tap.. Tap.. Tap.

”Relax, Im really retiring from the world of athletes. And right now Im just going to take part in less strenuous school activities such as playing basketball and other sports. ”

Aida cast a sharp glare at Yuki. ”Ill keep an eye on you Yu-kun. If you do things that deviate from what you promised then I won hesitate to tell them all. ”

The movement of Yukis hand stopped to pat the top of Aidas head and the smile grew on him face until her eyes narrowed into a crescent moon.

”Don worry, I won do that Ai-chan. ”

Aida exhaled a long breath.

”Then what activities will you be participating in for the next three years? Isn it mandatory for every student to have an activity? ”

Yuki was silent for a moment hearing the question Aida gave himself.

”Maybe Ill choose cooking, painting, or maybe just reading. ”

Aidas eyebrow raised upwards.

”Cooking activity? Did I hear right? ”

Yuki shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

”Yes, you heard right. Only those three options were given to me by Onnechan. So I can only choose one of the three options. ”

Aida frowned, considering what Yuki had said.

”Hmmm, looks like you should come with me, pick a music club. Because I don think your ability to play an instrument is that bad. ”

Yuki was silent for a moment before he snapped his fingers in agreement with what Aida said.

”Ah, I think Ill think again about joining the music club. Hopefully oneechan will let me join the club. ” Yuki said, then he turned his head towards the Natsu High School building.

”Hey, lets go over there. The new students are walking towards the main building. ” Said Yuki who immediately got up from his seat and grabbed Aidas wrist so that she walked with him to enter the main building of Natsu High School.

Meanwhile, Aida, whose arm was gripped by Yuki, could only sigh in resignation following where Yuki would take her.

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