Three Kings Street

So far.

Li Yueming’s plan went smoothly.

After dealing with Cao Xin.

According to the rules in the sewers, the resources and people in these sewers had already become Li Yueming’s private property.

‘Of course.’

This did not mean that he could rest easy.

No matter how complicated the forces in the sewers were, they were very limited.

The so-called rulers were just a group of stronger and fiercer refugees.

If he stopped here.

No matter how hard he tried, his score would not exceed A-rank at most.

He wanted to obtain a score above S-rank.

Li Yueming had to enter the Surface World.

Whether it was the corrupt and incompetent upper echelons of the Human race or the terrifying and powerful mutated creatures, they were a thousand times more terrifying than the refugees in the sewers.

The seclusion of the Underground World was just a springboard for Li Yueming to enter the Surface World.

However, he had to work on it step by step.

If he took too big a step, it would be easy to fail.

Before the Star Moon Alliance was discovered.

Li Yueming continued to develop.

Time flew by quickly.

This year, Li Yueming was ten years old.

The Star Moon Alliance’s influence in the sewers was further expanded.

Li Yueming’s body also became stronger.

Other than his young face, his physique was no different from an ordinary adult.

As for combat strength…

Having trained through endless deductions all year round, he could easily hammer more than ten sallow and thin adults.

In addition, it was worth mentioning.

His two parents, who couldn’t stay idle, finally gave birth to the sister who was supposed to be either sold to a brothel by hooligans or sold for money for survival.

Outside the delivery room.

He looked at the wrinkled baby in his arms.

Li Yueming was speechless.

He did not expect even after preventing this from happening so many times.

He could not stop the sister from being born.

It could only be said that the world was unpredictable.

However, Li Yueming had already gotten rid of the initial awkward situation.

So be it.

I’ll protect you!

Beside Li Yueming.

The middle-aged man was overjoyed.

He reached out to touch the baby’s face.

However, he was afraid of scaring her.

He hesitated for a long time.

In the end, he retracted his slightly rough and dry fingers.

He glanced at Li Yueming and said, “Kid, you’re cultured.
Give your sister a name!”

Ever since the Star Moon Alliance was established.

Li Yueming had already moved into the place where he taught.

In the beginning, the man and his wife were a little worried.

After all, no matter how sensible Li Yueming was, to them, he was just a child.

It was not safe to move out at such a young age.

However, Li Yueming’s performance later far exceeded their understanding.

The two of them no longer interfered with Li Yueming’s matters.

Hearing the request to pick a name.

Li Yueming was interested.

He looked around.

In this muddy and messy sewer.

The baby’s fair skin looked exceptionally tender.

It was different from ordinary human children.

The cold cement roof was the sky here.

Li Yueming stretched out his hand to play with his sleeping sister in his arms.

He said softly, “Let’s call her Li Xiyue.
Sooner or later, I’ll let you see the stars and moon in the Surface World!”

Most of the refugees living in the sewers had never seen the sun in their lives.

Not to mention the starry sky at night.

As a result, most of them suffer from osteoporosis.

Li Yueming did not want his sister to be like the other children in the sewers in the future.

Tortured by illness.

Therefore, he decided to act as soon as possible.

When he was twelve years old.

Li Xiyue was born.

She had been very clingy to Li Yueming since she was young.

She hung on Li Yueming’s body every day like a cute koala.

Sensing the urgency, Li Yueming began to speed up his arrangements.

He collected the earthworms in his backyard.

He resisted the immense temptation and did not eat them all.

He also got a group of girls to start nurturing earthworms on a large scale.

Attempting to alleviate the lack of food situation in the sewers.

In addition, apart from teaching the children,

Li Yueming began selecting strong children among them to train.

Train them to use all kinds of weapons.

One day, Cao Xin and his two subordinates found Li Yueming.

Now, even if Cao Xin had the guts of a hundred men, he would not dare to treat Li Yueming as a child.

Not only did this person in front of him manage to subdue him, he also managed to subdue the others around him.

Although there was no news on the surface,

However, Cao Xin knew.

Li Yueming had already possessed a considerable amount of energy.

The bosses of the surrounding sewers had long been reduced to a puppet like him.

After kneeling on the ground respectfully and kowtowing twice,

Cao Xin said, “Boss, the head of the pipeline at Three Kings Street has sent someone to inform us of a banquet!”

Beside him.

The two men who came with Cao Xin saw this scene.

They could not believe their eyes!

One had to know that the scope of the previous incident was not widespread.

Therefore, in the eyes of the two burly men,

On the surface, Cao Xin was still the boss of the surrounding sewers.

But what did they see now?

The dignified leader of the sewers was actually kneeling in front of that youth.

He was as submissive as a dog!

They even suspected that there was something wrong with their eyes.

Not far away.

Li Yueming put down the document in his hand and glanced at Cao Xin, asking curiously, “Banquet? What banquet? You didn’t pay tribute on time?”

Three Kings Street was the three largest and most resource-rich sewers in the Underground World.

They were lined up in pipes that extended in all directions, held by three strong sworn brothers.

It was undoubtedly the strongest faction in the Underworld.

If the bosses of the other sewers wanted to manage a particular sewer legitimately, they had to pay tribute to the three brothers regularly.

The sewer that Li Yueming is at belongs to one of the three kings, Ghost King Zhu Yun.


When he heard about the banquet, Li Yueming’s first reaction was that Cao Xin did not pay enough protection fees, so Zhu Yun noticed.

Cao Xin immediately became anxious.

He hurriedly explained, “I’ve already paid for this month’s food and money on time.
Boss, when the three kings said to have a meal, they meant a meeting!”

When did a meeting equate to a meal?

Li Yueming was speechless.

He seemed to have noticed Li Yueming’s hesitation.

Cao Xin continued to explain, “Boss, Zhu Yun said that compared to a meeting, he prefers to host a banquet directly.
That’s why the meeting is equivalent to a banquet…”

Li Yueming was completely speechless.

However, on second thought, for the illiterate people in the sewers, this ‘meeting’ was really too difficult to understand.

It was better to host the banquet directly.

Li Yueming rubbed his chin, stood up and asked, “Why did they suddenly decide to host one?”

Cao Xin said without thinking, “It’s nothing more than increasing taxes, collecting gifts, and drawing up territories.
Otherwise, we can’t really eat, right?”

Li Yueming nodded and did not continue to speak.

Cao Xin carefully looked up at Li Yueming.

Then, he lowered his head and said, “Boss, how should we arrange this meeting?”

Usually, when encountered such a thing, it is never good news.

Cao Xin was already panicking.

After all, those old men on Three Kings Street were famous for their bad temper.

The eldest was easily angered, the second was greedy, and the third was petty.

Every time the banquet started, it would torment them.

Many bosses of the sewers were already complaining about this.

But this time, he looked at Li Yueming in front of him.

Cao Xin showed a rare emotion.

After all, others might not know.

However, he was well aware of the abilities of this demon in front of him.

He could not wait to see the conflict between the three kings and Li Yueming.

Hearing this, Li Yueming snapped out of his thoughts.

A cold smile appeared on his face.
“I’ll go with you to meet those bastards!”

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