gners ‘warships!”

Seeing this, Fu Xiaorou quickly put away the messy thoughts in her mind and replied, “There are already more than 2,000 second-generation fishing boats in the sea.
As long as the foreigners don’t send out their warships, our Qingdu Port can easily deal with them! ”

Li Yueming nodded.” That’s good.
The foreigners ‘freighters are the most important part of our fishing plan.
Try to prevent any freighters from leaving

Qingdu Port! ‘”‘

Fu Xiaorou nodded.

However, after hesitating for a long time.

In the end, he still opened his mouth and said,”Master… Isn’t it a little inappropriate for us to do this? After all, the foreigners are not ordinary  UC powerless to resist!”

Under normal circumstances.

Fu Xiaorou would never question Li Yueming’s decision.

But now, she felt a little uneasy.

After all, this wasn’t a small matter.
If he wasn’t careful, he might cause Qingdu Harbor to burn itself.

Hence, he asked.

Regarding this.

Li Yue Ming revealed a cold smile on his face as he said, “Don’t worry, Sir Yang won’t be able to care about Qingdu Port for a long time…”

Hearing this.

Fu Xiaorou finally calmed down.

Although she didn’t know how her master got the news, Fu Xiaorou wasn’t worried about any accidents.

He immediately began to make arrangements.

Li Yueming stayed in the City Lord’s Mansion for three days.
During these three days, he formulated the development plan of Qingdu Port for the next three years.

Then, on a sunny afternoon, he boarded a ship heading to Zhongzhou Port.

They rushed towards Zhongzhou Harbor, which was thousands of miles away.

The sea route was much smoother and faster than the land route.

However, this ship did not go directly to the Central Plains Port.
On the way, it would stop at the South Bay Port for a period of time to load and unload goods.

The entire journey took about a month.

Only then could Li Yueming arrive at Zhongzhou Port.

There were many people on the boat.

Sailors, helmsmen, merchants, martial artists…

There were all kinds of people from all walks of life.

However, they were still at peace with each other.

After boarding the ship, Li Yueming knocked on the door of the cabin next door.

She looked at Ye Nanyuan, who was carrying many bags with tears in her eyes.

Li Yueming raised his eyebrows and smiled.”

She looked at the frivolous man in front of her.

Ye Nanyuan could no longer hold back the grievance in her heart.
She said with a sad face,””l’ve been with you for three years and served you all the way.
Even a dog should have feelings for you, right? In the end, you heartless person didn’t even send me off when you left!”

Back then, he flattened the Flower Sect.

Ye Nanyuan shamelessly followed behind Li Yueming.
In order not to be despised by the other party

She had been acting as a servant girl all the way.

She was just short of sleeping with him.

They had formed a deep relationship that Ye Nanyuan believed to be true.

Of course.

Li Yueming had never admitted it.

At this moment.

He heard her muttering.

Li Yueming couldn’t help but tease, “I came here specially to see how you’ll be killed by a foreigner with one punch! ‘”‘

Ye Nanyuan was speechless.

A series of bashful iron fists landed on Li Yueming’s body, making banging sounds.

But in the end, she still hugged Li Yueming.

Li Yueming didn’t stand on ceremony and directly pressed her onto the deck of the cabin.

10,000 words have been delivered.
Now, it’s up to everyone.

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