When they saw Li Yueming come out, they looked at each other and bowed.””Your Highness the Son of Heaven, Her Highness Xiao Rou has instructed us to invite you to the City Lord’s Mansion after you come out of seclusion!”

Li Yueming nodded and said, “Alright…”

As he spoke.

He took a few steps toward the City Lord’s Mansion.

But in the end, he still stopped.

“Get a few people to help me follow her.
Nothing must happen to her! ‘”‘

The two soldiers bowed and accepted the order.

Li Yueming flung his sleeves and left without looking back.

Zhong Zhou Harbor was the largest harbor in Zhong Zhou, located in the northeast of the coastal area of China.

The geographical conditions were excellent, and the weather conditions were also very good.
There was an expert in the Martial Emperor Realm guarding it, and it was also the only port that the foreigners did not dare to occupy.

The venue of the Martial Arts Convention this time was chosen to be in Zhongzhou Port.

One could imagine how lively it would be.

If he had the time, Li Yueming would definitely not miss this Martial Arts


But before that.

He still had to deal with some matters that had been left behind in Qingdu Port for two years.

About ten minutes later.

Li Yueming strode into the City Lord’s Mansion.

At this moment, Fu Xiaorou was holding a nautical chart and discussing something with a few navy generals.

He saw Li Yueming come in.

All the soldiers and generals knelt on the ground.

“Master, you’re finally out of seclusion!” Fu Xiaorou said excitedly.” Li Yueming patted her head.

In order to help her manage this huge city, the little girl had suffered a lot.

Among the disciples, Fu Xiaorou was the one Li Yueming doted on the most.

yu xlaorou snortea sortiY.

She seemed to be dissatisfied with Li Yueming touching her head in front of so many people.

However, her body was very honest and her face revealed a happy and satisfied smile.

They were intimate for a moment.

Fu Xiaorou brought Li Yueming to the sea map and said,””Master, in the past month or two, many foreign cargo ships and warships have appeared near the waters of Qingdu Port.
Sometimes, they even chase away the fishing boats we sent out.”

Following the area that she had drawn with her finger.

Li Yueming quickly figured out what had happened.

It was not a good thing for foreign warships and cargo ships to frequently appear in the waters around Qingdu Port.

At the very least, it had a huge impact on the fishing industry in Qingdu Port.

Fu Xiaorou feared the strength of the foreigners.

Qingdu Port was still in a period of rapid development.
It would not do any good to have a conflict with the foreigners.

Therefore, he had no choice.

Fu Xiaorou did not dare to act rashly.

However, turning a blind eye was obviously not a solution.
In the end, he still had to come up with a reasonable countermeasure.

And now.

Coincidentally, Li Yueming came out of seclusion.

Therefore, Fu Xiaorou naturally handed this headache to Li Yueming to make the decision..

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