Chapter 86: Martial Arts Conference, Set Off!(l)

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After breaking through to the Grandmaster Realm.

Li Yueming stayed in the room to consolidate his position.

The current him was many times stronger than when he destroyed the Twelve Southern Ridge Sects two years ago.

He barely had the capital to dominate a region in this chaotic world.

On this day.

Li Yueming left the room after a long time.

Cicadas chirped outside the eaves, and his mother’s vegetable garden was filled with all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

This year should be a good harvest year.

Li Yueming picked two cucumbers in the garden, washed them, and began to chew on them.

The manor was empty.
Everyone was busy outside.

Li Yueming also took this opportunity to relax his tense nerves.

Outside the door was a message tube.

This was because Li Yueming had been staying in the house all year round to deduce cultivation techniques and cultivate martial arts.

If there was nothing special, no one would disturb him.

However, in order to prevent any unexpected situations.

The disciples would summarize what happened every month and put it into the information cylinder outside Li Yueming’s door.

It was convenient for Li Yueming to know about the major events happening in the outside world when he had time.

He was chewing on a sweet and crispy cucumber.

Li Yueming unhurriedly opened the scrolls and read them one by one.

He had finished reading last year’s information.

Only some things that happened this year hadn’t been read yet.

Last year, although the uprising armies in various places had been suppressed by the Imperial Family with tremendous effort, they were still able to suppress the rebellion.

However, not only did the world’s situation not stabilize because of this, it became even more chaotic.

The governors of the various regions no longer trusted the royal family and began to leave the central government and establish their own sects.

Although they did not dare to rebel openly for the time being, anyone with discerning eyes could see that it was only a matter of time.

This year should have been a bumper harvest.

However, under the instigation of various factions with ill intentions.

Bandits and robbers from all over the world burned, killed, and plundered everywhere.

The entire land of China was filled with devastation.

Farmers plowed ten thousand mu of land and harvested a grain of rice in autumn.

Of course.

At a glance, all the words were written with the words of cannibalism.

However, in this turbulent era.

The bones of the poor and peasants were just an insignificant backdrop to the times.

The eyes of the world were still focused on those influential figures.

South of China, which was the area north of Lingnan.

Five of the Five Tigers of South China had appeared and firmly controlled the 32 cities south of China.

They were the most dazzling stars in the struggle for power in the world.

In the central and eastern regions of China, there were also famous independent factions.

Most of them had suddenly risen in the past one or two years.

All of them were powerful and had deep backgrounds.

Not only did they organize and train the army, but they also recruited martial artists with money, power, and beauty.

Li Yueming didn’t even need to think.

More than 90% of these forces that had suddenly appeared were representatives of the great clans and high-level sects.

All of them were like wolves and tigers as they stared at that supreme throne of authority within the imperial capital.

In addition.

After two years of discussion, the top five sects in Huaxia’s martial arts world had decided to suspend their seats.

They finally decided to launch a wave of retaliatory attacks on the Free State and Western Europe.

After all, in the past two years.

The foreign devils were rampant, causing the entire coastal area to be in chaos.

In fact, the one who harmed the most benefits was not the Great Xia royal family.

After all, the power of the royal family had long existed in name only.

Although the various ports were nominally the territory of the Great Xia Dynasty.

However, in reality, it was already in the backyard of martial arts sects and some aristocratic families.

Now, the foreigners had occupied all the ports along the coast where trade was developed.

The first to jump in panic was undoubtedly the original beneficiary of the port.

Hence, he decided to do it.

A vigorous revenge operation began.

The Westerners and the five great sects suffered casualties.

But overall.

Actually, the Chinese sects were the ones who suffered the most.

On the other hand, the Chinese sects would need seven or eight years, or even ten years, to catch their breath.

Hence, the two of them were in a daze.

After fighting for half a month, the losses were getting more and more severe.

The five great sects quickly admitted defeat.

The golden bell rang and the disciples sent to the coastal areas were recalled.

In order to regain his face.

The five great sects were talking to the Westerners ‘higher-ups through the air, preparing to hold a martial arts conference for all the martial artists in China and the Westerners.

In addition.

What was worth mentioning was…

The five great sects announced to the public that their slogan was ‘Friendship first, competition second’.

Li Yueming thought about it and knew that the five great sects were probably afraid of the foreigners, but they couldn’t bring themselves to admit defeat.

All of them had created such a nondescript martial arts convention.

They wanted to use this opportunity to get all the martial artists in the world to come and get back at them.

Of course.

This was also an open scheme.

After all, if a martial artist wanted to continue making a living, he had to prove his strength to everyone in the world.

Otherwise, how could he raise his head when he was always suppressed by the foreigners?

After reading the latest news.

Li Yueming stuffed all the scrolls back into the information cylinder.

He stood up and walked towards the Qingdu Port City Lord’s Mansion.

However, just as he was about to push the door open and leave, he saw a tall figure barge in.

It had been almost a year since they last met.

Ye Nanyuan looked even more beautiful now..

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