Chapter 85: Hiding for Two Years, Breaking Through to Grandmaster!_4

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14 years old, this is a year as an apprentice

Li Yueming locked himself in the courtyard again.

Every month, other than eating some dry rations regularly, he would not see anyone.

Now, he had all the high-level cultivation techniques of the major sects in

Lingnan in his hands.

He needed to constantly deduce and turn it into nourishment for the Star Moon Art, and use it to raise his strength to a higher level.

In the past two years, the situation in the Great Xia Dynasty had become more and more chaotic.

Uprisings broke out everywhere.

In one of the largest battles, farmers holding hoes and carrying poles almost fought to the counties near the capital of the Great Xia Empire.

At this critical moment.

They had to mobilize the Imperial Family’s Martial Artist Guards to barely suppress them.

On the other hand.

The foreign forces in the various ports were no longer satisfied with just occupying a few ports.

They began to enter the interior in batches.

They attempted to occupy more land.

A group of foreigners from the Free State, armed with flintlocks and trained in Gokudo Combat Arts, galloped across the land of Hua Xia without fail.

Wherever he went, he would snatch it, and no one could stop him.

Although the expansion of the Western European people who held the Holy Book wasn’t as aggressive, the impact they caused wasn’t any weaker than the bandits of the Free State.

After all, burning, killing, and looting were physical attacks.

The teachings of the scriptures were a double attack on ideology and culture.

Under the pressure they brought, the imperial court, which was struggling to suppress the civil strife, had no choice but to send people to beg for mercy from the foreigners.

Moreover, he had directly ceded the sovereignty of several ports.

This undoubtedly fueled the arrogance of the Foreigners.

For a moment.

Thick smoke rose up from the entire land of China.

The rich wolves could smell the rotten smell even from a few oceans away.

Under such circumstances.

Li Yueming knew that he had to hurry up and equip himself.

Once Great Xia collapsed, all kinds of demons and ghosts would appear.

He had to bring out strength that was enough to intimidate all directions in order to rise up in the chaotic world.
Therefore, he had no choice.

A whole year.

Li Yueming didn’t even step out of the room.

In the end, he absorbed all the martial arts cultivation techniques and moves collected by the twelve sects.

A considerable portion of these cultivation techniques and moves were dispensable.
Only a few of the cultivation techniques and moves of the sects allowed Li Yueming to absorb a lot of nutrients.

Li Yueming added these nutrients into the Star-moon Technique.

Now, he had copper skin and iron bones.

His body alone was enough to destroy the world, and his Inner Qi was more than three times thicker than it was a year ago.

Even from a distance of nearly a thousand meters, Li Yueming could kill the enemy with his inner Qi.

At this point.

Li Yueming had finally reached the peak of the Martial King Realm.

Although he still felt that he was one step away from perfection.

However, Li Yueming knew that it was the one that had been erased by the will of heaven and earth.

It was difficult to achieve with just human strength

Time flew like an arrow, and the sun and moon flew like shuttles.


Fifteen years old.

Li Yueming had become a martial arts grandmaster in his sleep.

He had just advanced, but his aura kept rising until he reached the peak of the Martial Arts Grandmaster Realm.

In just one night.

Li Yueming had broken through from a Martial King to a Martial Grandmaster who was only one step away from a Martial Emperor.

The speed was even faster than a rocket.

If other martial artists knew that one could break through to the Grandmaster Realm like this, they would probably wish they could find a hole in the ground and bury themselves in it.

After all, it was too much of a blow.

After all, in all senses, the further a martial artist’s realm advanced, the more difficult it was to break through.

However, Li Yueming was the exact opposite.

Because his foundation was strong enough, the further he advanced, the easier it was for him to break through.

He started from the Martial Apprentice Realm and cultivated all the way to the Martial King Realm.

Li Yueming would always repeatedly polish every realm to perfection.

As a result, most of the time, the power in the body could not hold back and broke through by itself.
However, the owner of Li Yueming’s body did not know about this.

Of course.

A deep foundation was only part of the reason.

The other reason was that Li Yueming had the purple talent of Martial Dao Supreme.
He was a true martial arts genius.

The two combined into one, coupled with the Star Moon Art created through the infinite deduction talent.

All kinds of coincidences overlapped.

As a result, the further he cultivated, the faster his realm breakthrough became.

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