p>After repeatedly confirming that he had not seen wrongly.

Almost all the refugees and martial artists who were queuing up to enter the city were completely dumbfounded.

Who am I? Where am I? Did the sun rise from the west today?


No matter what they thought.

Everything happened in reality.

Not only did they gather together and walk out of the city gate.

Behind them were countless troops.

On this day.

The gates of the Azure Capital Harbor opened.

Tens of thousands of armored soldiers swarmed out of the city gate, driving all the queuing refugees and martial artists to the sides of the road, and directly opened up a path of several thousand meters in the crowd.

Just to welcome a person into the city.

The group of disciples led by Han Bufan and Fu Xiaorou came to Li Yueming’s carriage.

They bowed respectfully and said in unison, “Disciple welcomes Master.
Long live Master!”

Li Yueming lifted the curtain and swept the disciples.

It had been more than half a year since they last met.

Compared to the past, this group of children had more determination and maturity on their faces.

In such a chaotic era.

Children tended to mature much earlier than normal people.

This group of orphans and disciples who had no parents and no one to rely on

were even more so.

He retracted his gaze.

“Okay, let’s enter the city! ” Li Yueming replied indifferently.”

Hearing this.

The group of disciples stood up.

Looking at Li Yueming, his eyes couldn’t help but reveal a bit of relaxation.

In the past, when Li Yueming was in the city, they wouldn’t panic even if the sky collapsed.

This was because they knew that even if the sky collapsed, their master would still hold it up.
As disciples, they could grow up healthily under the protection of their master.

However, ever since Li Yueming suddenly left…

They were more nervous.

After stumbling and bumping into countless walls, he finally managed to stand on his own after his head was bleeding.

But even so.

Li Yueming was not in the city for a day.

Their hearts would not be at peace for a day.


He saw his master’s face again and heard his master’s voice.

Even if it was just a faint ‘mm’.

It was also enough to make the empty hearts of the group of disciples feel at

Under the gazes of the surrounding refugees, who were looking at him as if he was a god.

Han Bufan stood up and led Li Yueming’s horse.

The carriage passed through the broad road formed by the soldiers and entered the city smoothly.

The countless martial artists and refugees who witnessed this all opened their mouths wide.

He knew that after all the soldiers had left, he would not be able to close the city.


To be treated like this by the higher-ups of Qingdu Port.

Other than the legendary Son of Heaven in Qingdu Port, there was no one else.

However, shouldn’t the Son of Heaven be staying in the city all the time?

Why did he suddenly appear outside the city?

At this moment.

He looked at Li Yueming’s carriage and then at the inland..

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