Chapter 81: Remarks on the Release + Remarks on the Three Rivers

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It is the same as the title.

First of all, as usual, he would like to thank the editor, Lu Ming, for his support.
The failed author had troubled Lu Da a lot by asking for follow-up reading and recommendations along the way.
He was also grateful for his various recommendations for this book.

Next, he briefly talked about the situation of the entire book.

This book had been written since the first of last month.
It had been written for one and a half months, and it had a total of 200,000 words.

It wasn’t much, but it wasn’t little either.

To be honest with everyone, this book was actually just the beginning of an abandoned manuscript in my hands.
It wasn’t even written for Qidian’s users.
The reason why I posted it on Qidian was because I was unhappy with the poor beginning and wanted to struggle a little.
When I first posted the book, I even hesitated for a long time whether I should sign the contract or not.

He didn’t expect that he would be able to go all the way from testing the water to the Sanjiang Small Horn.

It completely exceeded my expectations.

Perhaps this was also a sentence.
A tree planted with a heart would not live, but a willow planted without a heart would make a shade.

That’s why you guys kept criticizing me for being illogical and writing casually, hmm… Although it didn’t feel good, I endured it for the time being, because there were indeed some things that I didn’t consider completely when I wrote- – -but that didn’t include whether the baby could open his eyes or whether there was enough food in the sewers.

Moreover, the author has always been a double-author, so there are often typos and names.
I would like to thank everyone for their testimony.
I hope everyone doesn’t mind.

Finally, it was time to ask for a new account.

I was going to put it on the shelves tonight, but the editor didn’t reply to my messages during the Mid-Autumn Festival, so I can only postpone it until tomorrow after the editor goes to work.

The last time he asked, the follow-up reading of this book seemed to be around 2600-2700.

Therefore, the author set a rule for adding updates, starting from 2000 first orders.
If it exceeded 200 orders, he would add one update, and he would promise to pay off all debts within half a month.

As for the other monthly votes and tips, although they shouldn’t be of much use, just in case some tycoons patronize, I’ll set one up.
After it’s put on the shelves, it will increase by 100 monthly votes for the author and 100 yuan for the tip.

Well… Why did it feel a little strange?

F * ck, note that 2.5K words count as a new chapter.
The author should be writing a 5K chapter.

In addition, why do I feel that the chapter is particularly cold every day recently? Do I really have close to three thousand? Could it be fake? Could it be that I’m the one who created the Internet Water Army?

In self-doubt.

Treasure, can you report that you’ve been in the midst of a group of people?

Lastly, I’ll sacrifice my wronged friends in the group for my initial 3,000-yuan book.
If you’re interested, you can go and support me..

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