Uncrowned King of the Underground World

In the blink of an eye.

Another half a month passed.

That night.

Cao Xin led more than 20 fierce men to the house where Li Yueming was.

According to their investigation.

Li Yueming usually lived in the place where he taught children and played with some strange things.

Only one or two days a week were spent with his parents.

However, there were children wandering around the lecture area 24 hours a day.

It was very difficult for them to rush in without anyone noticing.


Only when Li Yueming returned home would they have a chance to strike.

And today.

It was the day Li Yueming returned home.

A group of men lay in ambush on the path that Li Yueming had to pass to return home.

As long as he saw Li Yueming coming over.

They would swarm forward and hack him into pieces.

It had been many years.

That was how they always did.

It was a foolproof method.

Originally, in Cao Xin’s opinion, it was already important enough to give Li Yueming, a nine-year-old child, such a big show of force.

After all, he had personally witnessed Li Yueming’s strangeness.

Towards such a monster…

Naturally, he could not treat him like a child.

But even so…

Cao Xin was still a little nervous.

Because he felt that he had missed something.

But what did he miss?

He racked his brains for a long time.

But he never got a reasonable answer.

That night.

Led by Cao Xin himself.

Twenty-four fierce-looking men were squatting beside the trash heap in front of Li Yueming’s house.

They were waiting for Li Yueming to arrive.

But no one noticed.

Among the twenty-four fierce men, more than eighteen burly men had strange expressions on their faces.

The eighteen men looked at each other.

They all saw the inexplicable meaning in each other’s eyes.

The group waited patiently.


Li Yueming’s figure appeared in the sewer not far away.

Cao Xin’s spirits were lifted.

Although he still couldn’t figure out what went wrong.

However, as long as they ganged up on Li Yueming now,

Even if there were any problems, it did not matter.

He held his breath for a long time.

He watched as Li Yueming’s figure approached.

Cao Xin became more and more confident.

He turned around and shouted, “Attack together.
Don’t leave this kid’s corpse intact!”

As soon as he finished speaking.

Cao Xin was about to charge forward.

But something shocking happened.

After his order was given.

Eighteen of the twenty-four subordinates behind him looked at him with strange expressions.

This scene made Cao Xin feel a little suffocated.

He could not help but scold loudly, “Are you deaf? Hurry up and attack!”

Beside him.

The remaining five hooligans also shouted, “What are you doing? Are you afraid of a few young brats?”

Even so…

The dozen men still did not move.

Looking at Cao Xin and the other five with a complicated gaze.

It was a look of pity and concern.

It seemed…

They are looking at the five idiots.

This scene.

No matter how long Cao Xin’s brain worked, he still felt that something was wrong.

He looked at his subordinates with strange expressions.

A chill instantly rushed from Cao Xin’s heart to his brain.

Cao Xin couldn’t help but shiver.

He finally knew what the problem was.

Li Yueming formed such a huge organization.

He even taught the children how to read and write in the sewers.

Something that had such a huge impact.

How could the parents of the children not know about this?

However, under such circumstances,

As the boss of this sewer, he knew nothing about what was happening.

It was only when he saw it with his own eyes that he realized that Li Yueming had already grown to this extent.

However, if the parents knew everything that is happening in the Star Moon Alliance,

What did this mean?

Stopping at that,

Cao Xin did not dare to continue that train of thought.

He could only roar hysterically, “Traitor, you bunch of traitors!”

At this moment.

A flash of fire appeared in the darkness.

It was like the first spark that lit up the haystack.

It quickly swept out.

In just a few seconds.

The entire sewer was illuminated as if it was daytime.

Countless figures surrounded Cao Xin and the others with torches.

The refugees stared at Cao Xin.

Their wolf-like gaze seemed to want to bite off a piece of their flesh.

The burly man in the lead looked down from above and said, “Cao Xin, do you still not understand? You’re the traitor.”


Cao Xin shut his mouth.

No wonder Li Yueming looked at him like he was a clown.

It turns out that he was the only one singing a one-man show from the beginning to the end.

It was a comical performance like a clown.

Even his most trusted subordinates had betrayed him.

The interests of all the refugees in the sewers were unknowingly tied together by Li Yueming.

As the ruler of this area.

Cao Xin himself had become a traitor and a minority in the organization.

Such methods.

It was hard to imagine that an eight-year-old child could do it.

Cao Xin lowered his head.

He knew.

He was finished.

Or rather, all the rulers in the sewers of Fallout Shelter 0911 were finished.

Only death awaited them!

Li Yueming killed the four hooligans who had killed his entire family during the simulation.

However, he was not in a hurry to kill Cao Xin.

Instead, he imprisoned him and put him back in his place.

He also made a deal with Cao Xin that as long as he was willing to be a puppet, a figurehead.

He could still enjoy a carefree life.

In response.

Cao Xin naturally had no reason to refuse.

As long as he could survive.

Not to mention just making him a puppet.

Even if he had to eat sh*t, he had to take a big bite.

After that day,

On the surface, Cao Xin was still the boss of the five sewers nearby.

But in reality, Li Yueming held the true power of the five sewers.

After all, he would be in big trouble if he killed Cao Xin.

It was very likely to arouse the wariness and vigilance of the other bosses.

The Star Moon Alliance would also be exposed to everyone.

As someone who lived an ignoble life,

Of course, Li Yueming would not make such a rookie mistake.


Letting Cao Xin continue to hold the fort was the best choice.

But even so…

His fate had changed drastically.

[Successful change of fate!]

[You, who are only nine years old, killed those hooligans in advance and made a name for yourself.
You successfully changed your fate!]

[The score of this simulated reincarnation has increased greatly!]

[Additional reward: 5,000 Reincarnation Points!]

[Part of the permanent reincarnation mark has been activated!]

The message from the mark came.

Li Yueming’s simulation score had increased greatly from the original.

He also obtained an additional 5,000 Simulated Reincarnation Points.

This was already equivalent to the sum of reincarnation points an ordinary Reincarnator could obtain from a simulation.

From this, it could be seen that

The simulation mark had a very high evaluation of him changing his fate this time.

‘Of course.’

He took down the entire sewer without any bloodshed.

It also changed the fate of many children in the sewers through education.

It would be strange if the evaluation was not high!

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