trength, but he was also afraid of Li Yueming’s unfathomable background.

Unfortunately, Li Yueming didn’t give her any chance.

The first slash didn’t work, so the second slash immediately came.

Seeing this, the old woman could only dispel all the messy thoughts in her mind and began to fight wholeheartedly.

Li Yueming had fought to his heart’s content.

It could only be said that the old woman was indeed an existence who had once reached the realm of martial arts grandmaster.
Whether it was her own strength or combat experience, she was very experienced.

When he fought with her, Li Yueming truly felt the charm of martial arts.

Every move had its own special rhythm.
Many times, even if it was just a slight mistake, the enemy would seize the opportunity in a life and death battle, and the result would be a thousand miles away in the blink of an eye.

This was an art that belonged to martial artists.
It transcended life and death.

Unfortunately, the old woman was destined to fail from the very beginning.

When Li Yueming activated the Star-moon Art and began to unleash his full strength..

It was only three slashes.

Li Yueming, whose entire body was emitting a ferocious aura, chopped off the old woman’s head and threw it into the alchemy furnace that had yet to completely extinguish the flames.

He looked at the boiling medicine in the furnace.

Li Yueming kicked the old woman’s corpse into the pill furnace.

He was very considerate and added fuel to the fire that was about to extinguish.

The old witch had used many people to refine medicine in her life.
Now, she was also sent into the alchemy furnace.

In a sense, this was a perfect closed loop.

Alchemists had to finish what they started.

He looked at the messy battlefield.
Li Yueming heaved a sigh of relief.

Not far away.

Wang Ermazi’s face was a little numb.

Fortunately, he had traveled with Li Ming for many years, so Wang Er Mazi knew how terrifying his young master was.

From the Li Residence at the beginning to the Qingdu Port…

When had his young master not killed a lot of people when he went out?

This time, he had only killed an old witch.

Although this old witch was the Grand Elder of the twelve sects in Lingnan, she was still a powerful figure.

His strength was slightly stronger than those Martial Apprentices and Martial Masters from before.

But the young master had always been unfathomable.

To Wang Er Mazi, this was nothing.

He bypassed a group of Flower Sect disciples who were still moaning.

Wang Ermazi walked over and whispered,””lt’s really easy on the old witch.
I think it’s not too much to hang her up and cut her into pieces!”

Regarding this.

Li Yueming just smiled and said,” I’ll leave the thousand cuts to the King of Hell.
My mission is to send her to the King of Hell!

Hearing this.

Wang Ermazi also smiled and said,””Yes, Young Master doesn’t touch dirty blood!”

After dealing with the Grand Elder of the Flower Sect.

Li Yueming looked around.

Most of the surrounding Flower Sect’s ordinary disciples had basically lost their combat strength.

Li Yueming didn’t have any perverted interest in killing people to vent his anger.

His gaze swept past the group of women who were paralyzed on the ground.

Finally, he looked at the few elders who were still not fully conscious.

He was staring at her.

A few elders nearby who were still alive could not help but shiver.

At this moment.

They wanted to find a place to hide immediately.

Or they could learn the ability to play dead so that they could escape the gaze of this god of death.

However, this thought was destined to be a wild hope.

Li Yueming slowly walked towards them and went straight to an elder who seemed to be still sober.
He asked,’”‘Where do you store the cultivation techniques of your clan?”

The elder was already dizzy from the various mixed powders.


When he heard Li Yueming’s voice, he subconsciously reacted.

Her strength was high enough to reach the intermediate rank of a Martial King.

Therefore, he was not completely disturbed by the poison.
He could only bite the bullet and answer reluctantly, “In the library in the back hall! ”

Li Yueming glanced at her.

He kicked her chest and said,”lf I hear that you’re doing evil here again, I’ll kill you from a thousand miles away, understand?” This kick was quite heavy.

The elder coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“Thank you for sparing my life, Exalted Immortal.
I understand.
I will definitely be kind to others in the future…” Eat, eat vegetarian food and pray to Buddha, no longer killing!”

In his nervousness.

The elder even bit his tongue a few times.

Li Yueming stared at her for a moment and didn’t say anything else.

He brought Wang Er Mazi to the library in the back hall.

However, just as he walked past a veiled woman…

A slender hand suddenly grabbed his trouser leg.

However, a graceful woman with confused eyes said,””Young Master, where are you going?”

Li Yueming didn’t want to bother about it.

However, after taking two steps, he suddenly stopped.

He turned around and looked at the woman.

Nothing else.

It was because the woman had a very attractive mole at the corner of her left eye.

PS: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone!

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