Chapter 76: The World Is an Insalvageable Ash

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Six hours later.

Following the dozen Flower Sect disciples, the carriage arrived outside a mountain ridge.

Because of the rugged mountain road, the carriage could no longer pass through.

Li Yueming and Wang Ermazi could only get out of the car and walk up the mountain.

The Flower Sect was one of the last among the twelve sects in Lingnan.

Most of the disciples in the sect were female.

It was rumored that the Grand Elder of the Flower Sect was an outer disciple of the Heavenly Mystic Sect, one of the top five sects in the Central Plains of China, 30 years ago.

He had already broken through to the Grandmaster Realm and had a chance of becoming a core disciple of the Tian Xuan Sect.

However, he fell in love with a core disciple of the inner sect.

In the end, she was hurt.

Not only did his martial arts realm plummet, but he also fell from a martial arts grandmaster to a peak Martial King.

He was even expelled from the Gate of Heavenly Mystery because he had violated the sect rules.

From then on, he would never recover.

He wandered to Lingnan and finally established the Flower Sect.

Her malice and vicious methods towards men were an existence that made countless people’s expressions change even among martial artists.
Hence, the two of them were in a daze.

The status of male disciples in the Flower Sect was very low.

Most of the men who could be summoned in the Flower Sect were servants and handymen of female disciples.

There were only a small number of disciples.

When he followed the female disciple up the mountain.

The male disciples of the Flower Sect that Li Yueming saw along the way all had their heads lowered.

He did not dare to look at the female disciple beside him.

However, when he secretly looked at Li Yueming, his gaze was not as gentle.

Most of the time, they looked at Li Yueming as if he was a dead man!

Of course.

Li Yueming didn’t really care about these things.

He was just curious if the Flower Sect’s cultivation technique had a shadow of the cultivation technique of one of the five great sects in China, the Tian Xuan Sect.

One had to know that last time, he had already glimpsed some of the profundities of the Primordial Chaos Everlasting Sect’s cultivation technique in the cultivation technique of the Everlasting Cloud Sect.

If he could still find the Tian Xuan Sect’s cultivation technique in the Flower Sect’s cultivation technique this time.

The increase in his combat strength would be terrifying.

After all, ordinary second-rate sects ‘cultivation techniques were completely tasteless to him.

Only the cultivation techniques of the top sects in Huaxia could provide him with some nutrients.

The group of people walked through seven or eight mountain valleys.

Finally, they arrived at a staircase made of bluestone.

When he arrived at the bluestone stairs.

Not far away, under an arched door, stood a young girl of about fifteen or sixteen years old.

The girl had a flawless oval face.

Her eyebrows were curved, her nose was like flawless white jade, and her eyes were as deep and bright as clear water.

She was very beautiful.

The most eye-catching thing was that there was a mole at the corner of her left eye.

It made her look both demonic and charming.

In addition to that, she had a pair of straight and smooth legs that were as delicate and straight as white jade.

– just standing there from a distance.

It was inevitable that people would feel a sense of desecration.

When the group of female disciples saw the young girl, they hurriedly bowed and said respectfully, “Disciple greets Holy Maiden!”

The young girl waved her hand, indicating that there was no need to be so polite.

Then, she glanced at Li Yueming and Wang Ermazi and said,””The two young masters are not locals, right? Do you know what this place is?”

“Miss, although we are not locals, the name of the Flower Sect is still very famous in Lingnan!””

As he spoke.

Li Yueming’s gaze also swept over the girl.

It had to be said.

This kind of charming and pure woman was really difficult for ordinary men to handle.

Women and whatnot.

Being too beautiful would affect the speed of drawing the saber.

But it’s fine, I can still hold on.

Hurry up and get more.

He felt Li Yueming’s gaze.

The young girl frowned slightly, but she didn’t say anything in the end.

He glanced at the dozen or so women who were leading the way.

After gesturing for them to retreat.

Only then did he come forward and softly said,””Since Young Master knows about the Flower Sect, do you know that you are not far from death?” Li Yueming thought for a moment and shook his head.

After all, in his opinion, it was still uncertain who was not far from death.

Hearing this.

The young girl’s face revealed a hint of anger, but she barely managed to maintain her composure.

He whispered again, “The Flower Sect is a place that eats people without spitting out their bones.
If you want a chance of survival, quickly jump down from here!’”‘

After saying that.

The Holy Maiden waved her long sleeves and left without looking back.

Li Yueming didn’t say anything.

There were many unscrupulous people in the Flower Sect, and there were also some who had a conscience that had not yet been extinguished.

Actually, this was very normal.

Just like how a place filled with light would have darkness, a place filled with darkness would occasionally have wisps of light.

Light and darkness were never contradictory in the absolute sense.

The fundamental tone of this world was actually an unstoppable, unchangeable, and even undetectable gray composition.

There was no absolute right and wrong.

And this so-called saintess in front of him had come to remind him at this time.

It even helped him disperse the burning Acacia Silk Pollen that was permeating the surroundings.

This would give him a chance to escape.

This meant that not everyone in the Flower Sect was crazy.

Of course, it was impossible for Li Yueming to escape.

After the Holy Maiden left.

The female disciples who had retreated to the side quickly gathered around again.

Under their lead.

Li Yueming walked up the stone stairs.

About ten minutes later.

A huge square that was almost a thousand meters wide and paved with bluestone appeared in front of Li Yueming.

At the same time.

At the center of the square, a haggard old woman sat cross-legged beside a huge pill furnace.

The furnace was still burning with flames.

The old woman was stooping as she added medicinal herbs into the pot.

Before Li Yueming could react.

The few women who were leading the way suddenly knelt on the ground and kowtowed.”Grand Elder, the precious medicine has already been brought!” He heard a sound.

The old woman who was adding firewood slowly turned around and sized up Li Yueming with her turbid eyes.

Suddenly, a burst of light erupted.
He could not help but nod repeatedly and say,”Essence energy is overflowing, and you’re still a child? Not bad, not bad… Hurry up and bring this child over.
If we use him as a medicinal catalyst, this cauldron of Longevity Extending Pills might have an unexpected effect!” He looked at the crazy old witch not far away.

Presumably, this guy was the rumored extremely crazy Grand Elder.

Next to his pill furnace.

There were even more than ten chickens that had been stripped naked and washed.

At a glance, the entire scene was very bloody.

Li Yueming frowned and couldn’t help but laugh in anger,””Hehe, I want to see what you can refine by throwing an old witch like you into the furnace! ” The old woman didn’t care what he said.

He only said to the surrounding disciples, “You have to be captured alive.
You can’t be scratched or knocked.
If the effects of the medicine are reduced, I’ll throw you in and burn you!”

The old woman’s face was ferocious and terrifying.

The surrounding disciples trembled as they bowed and obeyed.

Very quickly.

Nearly a thousand Flower Sect disciples dressed in all kinds of clothes rushed towards Li Yueming.

They waved their sleeves.

Countless crystalline powder sprayed out from his sleeve.

These were all Charm Powder made from various pollen and medicinal herbs.

Warriors and ordinary people who had never practiced the Flower Sect’s cultivation technique would be affected by the poison after inhaling the powder.
They would collapse to the ground and be slaughtered.

For a moment.

The entire square was filled with dancing demons.

There was a reason why the Flower Sect’s combat strength was ranked at the bottom of the twelve sects in Lingnan.

Most of the Flower Sect’s disciples did not practice proper offensive techniques.

Instead, they relied on all kinds of despicable methods to fight.

For ordinary martial artists.

This little trick might be extremely effective.

However, this kind of underhanded trick was not worth mentioning to Li Yueming at all.

He opened his mouth and took a deep breath.

Before the powder in his mouth could disperse…

Then, with lightning speed, he urged the incomparably fierce qi in his body to spew out.


The surging airflow turned into a gust of wind.

It blew away the powder scattered by the Flower Sect disciples.

With Li Yueming as the center, it spread out in a circular arc.

A colorful demonic wind blew across the entire square.

Countless Flower Sect disciples were choked by the poisonous powder.

Soon, her face turned red.

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