Li Yueming didn’t say anything.

Wang Ermazi thought for a moment and continued, “My young master has admired the Flower Sect for a long time.
Today, he passed by this place and specially came to pay a visit.”

Her scalp went numb from his ferocious gaze.

The refugee who spoke hurriedly knelt on the ground and claimed to be terrified.

It could be seen.

The surrounding refugees hated and feared the Flower Sect.

They hated the fact that the Flower Sect would send disciples to buy land every time they were in famine.

After so many years.

Currently, the land near the Flower Sect was basically filled with flowers and plants.

They were afraid of the ruthless disciples of the Flower Sect.

When it came to slaughtering ordinary people, it was ferocious and brutal.

Therefore, he had no choice.

When they heard that Li Yueming wanted them to lead the way.

Almost all the refugees refused.

After all, the Flower Sect was usually calm and indifferent, as if they did not care about the mortal world.

However, in reality, he had done many outrageous things in the local area.

Many refugees did not dare to provoke the Flower Sect disciples at all.

But in the end.

Under Wang Er Mazi’s coercion and enticement.

In order to survive.

The refugees could only brace themselves and lead the way for Li Yueming.

Such a large group of people was walking on the road.

It was impossible to not attract attention.

Two hours later.

Li Yueming saw a dozen women in pink clothes appear on the muddy road.

The women were all beautiful, and their bodies were slender and slender.

She looked like a dewy hibiscus.

When they saw Li Yueming’s carriage from afar, a group of women smiled and said, “‘Young master, may I know why you have come all the way to our Flower


The carriage stopped.

When the refugees who led the way saw the group of women, they immediately dispersed.

Only a few of the bravest refugees dared to hide not far away and peek.

Li Yueming walked out of the carriage and glanced at them.””l’m here to borrow the cultivation technique of your Flower Sect.
What do you think?”

Hearing this.

The group of women obviously did not expect Li Yueming to be so straightforward.

After being stunned for a moment, Mamachang chuckled and said, “I see.
We disciples can’t decide if we want to borrow cultivation techniques.
Why don’t young master come up the mountain with us and ask the elders?” The women all had a nice floral fragrance on them.

A faint fragrance lingered around the tip of her nose, and her smile was seductive.

If it were any other ordinary man, he would probably have been unable to hold on by now.

However, Li Yueming was more immune to such things.


A creature that would only disturb training and a promotion.


He waved his hand.

Li Yueming sat back in the carriage and said,” In that case, I’ll obey your orders.
Please lead the way!””

Hearing this.

The dozen or so Flower Sect women revealed surprised expressions.

In the beginning, they thought that they could easily manipulate Li Yueming.

But now…

They already had no bottom in their hearts.

One had to know that the fragrance on their bodies was the pollen of the Joyous Silk Burning Desire Flower.

Logically speaking.

As long as a healthy man smells a little bit, he will be fascinated and fascinated by them.
From then on, he will be willing to let them command and dominate him.

However, Li Yueming’s face was expressionless.

It was as if he was not interested in them at all.

This was undoubtedly abnormal.

Or rather…

Was this normal-looking young master in front of him a eunuch or a fan of Long Yang?

Regarding this.

The group of women were confused.

But no matter what, as long as he followed them to the Flower Sect.

Even if Li Yueming really had three heads and six arms, it would be difficult for him to escape the fate of being squeezed dry by the elders and thrown into the alchemy furnace to become the medicinal catalyst for the youth-retaining pill.

After thinking about it clearly.

The group of women didn’t say anything else and continued to lead the way.

Of course.

In order to prevent Li Yueming from escaping halfway.

The positions occupied by the dozen or so women were also very particular.

No matter which direction Li Yueming wanted to escape from.

There would be at least three women outside the carriage who would be able to react quickly and work together to take him down.

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