many talented people in Qingdu Port’s population of nearly a million.

Li Yueminz onlv needed to control the direction.

All the details were left to the subordinates to worry about.

A year passed.

Qingdu Port had already produced more than 50 ships.

Most of these fishing boats were made of thick wooden planks.

In order to ensure that the wooden planks were thick and hard enough.

Li Yueming specially hired a large group of Martial Master Realm martial artists to do assembly line forging.

The martial masters used their inner Qi to press the wooden planks.

It could make wooden planks harder than steel.
A set of streamlined operations was completed.

The efficiency was shockingly high.

Moreover, martial artists not only forged materials for shipbuilding.

He even took this opportunity to increase his strength.

It was a win-win situation.

Each plank was hammered to an extremely hard state.

Only then would it be installed on the fishing boat.

In addition.

A few parts of the fishing boat were made of steel.

For example, cannons of various calibers, giant warhammers at the bow, and barbs on the deck at the bow and stern…

These parts were all inlaid with Martial Arts Master Forging’s steel.

As for why there was such strange equipment on the fishing boat.

Well… Of course, it was to fish better!

What was that?

Was this reasonable?

This was a Tai Beaver!

After all, a fishing boat that could not fire was not a good warship.

Encountering foreign pirates on the way back after fishing…This was all uncertain!

Compared to the chaos and killing intent a year ago.

Now, Qingdu Port had gradually recovered its prosperity as a port.

If it wasn’t for the frequent wars in the inner land, it would have been a disaster.

The trade route was completely cut off.

Perhaps the current Qingdu Port was even more lively than a year ago.

The reason was simple.

First of all, Li Yueming had been exempted from many taxes after taking office.

This method of benefiting the people was very effective.

The entire Qingdu Port seemed to come alive overnight.

All the merchants were more enthusiastic when they saw Li Yueming than when they saw their own father.


Many chaotic forces in Qingdu Port, including martial artists, had been wiped out by Li Yueming a year ago.

In addition, there was a curfew for half a year.

The crime rate in the entire Qingdu Port had almost dropped off a cliff.
The martial artists and foreigners who used to be domineering had disappeared.

The foreigners who committed all kinds of evil deeds had disappeared from the physical world.

The tyrannical martial artists disappeared from the spiritual level.
Li Yueming’s disciples didn’t care if the criminal was a martial artist or a commoner-

As long as he was caught, he would be dealt with according to the law.

After being taught a lesson many times.

The martial artists of Qingdu Port quickly became well-behaved.

All of them became docile little Karami.

This set of punches came down.

The entire Qingdu Port, including the martial artists, was under Li Yueming’s control.

He couldn’t refuse.

Li Yueming’s disrespectful disciples dared to kill them like pigs.

As for the evaluation of Li Yueming by the refugees outside the city..

That would be even higher.

If Li Yueming hadn’t opened the city gate to let them in back then…

They had probably starved to death on the grassland where even the grass roots had been chewed up.

After entering the city.

Li Yueming not only divided a living area for them.

They even organized people to help them rebuild their homes.

Later on, they were provided with food that was enough for them to survive.


The group of refugees went out to sea.

It was about building ships.

Although he was still poor.

But at the very least, he did not have to worry about starving to death.

And most importantly…

In such a city.

For the first time, they experienced what it felt like to be human.

Not only did he have his own household registration.

Every once in a while, there would be officials visiting them to inquire about their living conditions.
Even martial artists did not dare to shout at them on the road.

This was because they enjoyed the same human rights as martial artists.

As long as there was a conflict, the government would definitely judge the case impartially.
They would not be biased just because the other party was a martial artist who broke the law.

Under such circumstances.

The refugees were grateful to Li Yueming from the bottom of their hearts.

Many refugees even called Li Yueming the Son of Heaven.

It was the existence that the heavens had listened to the prayers of the people and led them, the bitter commoners, from suffering to glory.

In the center of the area where the refugees lived, someone even built a temple for Li Yueming.

He would pay his respects every year.

Of course.

Fu Xiaorou’s face darkened when she heard about this.

As Li Yueming’s disciple, it was naturally a good thing for his master to be loved.

But now, he was building a temple before he died.

What kind of bullsh * t was this?

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