>To be honest.

As the second-in-command of the city lord.

The registrar had been in Qingdu Port for so many years and had seen some ruthless people.

However, it was the first time he had seen someone as fierce and ruthless as Li Yueming.

One had to know that there were nearly 100,000 refugees in front of him!

All of them were so hungry that their eyes had turned yellow.
A small mistake could cause a large-scale mutiny.

Li Yueming actually opened the city gate in front of so many refugees!!!

Even though it was only a sliver.

The danger involved was unimaginable.

The starving refugees were not humans.

The starving refugees were like wild beasts that could choose a person to eat at any time.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his little life was in danger.

However, under such circumstances.

Li Yueming managed to suppress the chaos that was about to happen.

Such ruthlessness and decisiveness really made the registrar flabbergasted.

After temporarily suppressing the rioting refugees.

Li Yueming waved his hand.

The porridge that his cheap mother, Fu Xiaorou, and the others had prepared was carried up.

The food used to cook the porridge was all confiscated by Li Yueming from the Free State’s Gokudo Path Combat Headquarters.

Just the food alone had been copied out of three warehouses.

There were countless other gold, silver, and all kinds of gold, silver, and jewelry.

In Li Yueming’s hands, these were just a pile of scrap metal.

Therefore, he had no choice.

All of them were taken out by him to help the victims.

Outside the door.

The eyes of the disaster victims turned green when they smelled the porridge.

A new round of riots was about to begin.

” This is relief food!” the warrior on the city gate shouted.” Every household can line up to receive it.
Everyone will get a share!” In addition, if there were any acts of snatching the food, they would all be killed without mercy!”

Hearing this.

There were still many refugees who didn’t believe in evil and rushed forward.

As for the result…

Of course, it was also the same as the head that was hung on the city wall.

Fu Xiaorou and the others were really giving out porridge.

The restless refugees calmed down a little.

There was food.

They could even queue up to enter the city.

For the refugees who had been displaced along the way, this was something that they did not even dare to dream about.

Li Yueming didn’t want to compromise on these two things.

Seeing that there was hope for survival, the refugees naturally did not riot.

With sticks and sweet dates, they took turns to serve him.

The refugees were completely controlled by Li Yueming.

Although there was still some chaos outside the city.

However, there were no large-scale riots.

In just one day.

There were more than 3,000 refugees in Qingdu Port.

After verification, most of these refugees were farmers who had lost their land.

During the harvest year.

They depended on the local major families to farm and barely make a living.

In the event of a disaster.

They were the first to be abandoned by the local wealthy families.

After this group of people entered the city.

Of course, Li Yueming wouldn’t let them wander around the streets and disturb the peace.

They found a boat and asked a few fishermen who were familiar with the sea to take them fishing.

Unlike the famine on land, the resources in the sea were very rich.

As long as the arrangements were made properly.

Qingdu Port could easily absorb a lot of refugees.

At the same time.

The news of Qingdu Port accepting refugees into the Guashan Kingdom spread more and more.

Li Yueming’s name gradually became known by the people around him.

The commoners in the surrounding hundreds of miles heard that there was a heavenly lord in Qingdu Port.

Therefore, he had no choice.

Many of the farmers who couldn’t find a way to survive in their hometowns all took their families and embarked on the road to Qingdu Port.

In just two short months.

Almost 200,000 refugees flooded into Qingdu Port.

This was a very large number.

As a result, many of the officials in Qingdu Port were so busy that their feet did not even touch the ground.

If Li Yueming hadn’t given him a generous reward, he would have died.

At this moment, many officials had probably already begun to dawdle.

In addition, the number of refugees increased.

The security problem in Qingdu Port was more obvious.

There were often refugees who stole the property and food of the local residents.

Those who were more ruthless.

There were even people who killed for money.

Regarding this.

Li Yueming immediately took out his thunderous methods.

A curfew was imposed at night, and martial artists led soldiers to patrol.

Kill all the sneaky guys they caught.

Under this kind of high-pressure punishment.

The security problem in Qingdu Port was finally alleviated.

Of course.

The curfew was only a temporary measure.

If he wanted to solve the problem fundamentally, he had to start from filling his stomach and distributing work.

Li Yueming was troubled by this for a while.

Large-scale reclamation of wasteland to grow food was naturally the best solution.

However, it was too inefficient for the poor refugees.

Moreover, the land was a famine year, so it was not suitable for growing food.

Therefore, after considering everything.

For the current Qingdu Port, developing the ocean should be the best choice.

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