The Threat Is Coming

After becoming the leader amongst the children.

Li Yueming thought for a long time.

In the end, an organization called Star Moon Alliance was established.

The goal was to get the children to collect detailed information about this world for him.

Only then would it be convenient for him to use his talent to carry out more detailed and complicated deductions.

As the Alliance Master, he gave the order.

The children in the sewers around 0911 began to move.

While picking up scraps and collecting food,

They helped Li Yueming find the books and documents abandoned by the shelter.

As well as all the documents and traces from before the Cataclysm.


Batch after batch of information and documents were sent to the dilapidated house where Li Yueming was.

Such a huge commotion naturally attracted the attention of many people.

However, looking at the group of brats in the Star Moon Alliance who hadn’t even wiped their snot bubbles,

It was also difficult for adults to take it seriously.

Some people even jokingly called the Star Moon Alliance the Slug Alliance.

‘Of course.’

This was also Li Yueming’s intention.

It was to mislead the sewer manager’s judgment and gain more time for development.

After all, he was only eight years old.

It was impossible to control an organization of adults.

But children were different.

Children wouldn’t make adults feel threatened.

It could also achieve his goal of collecting more information.

The best of both worlds.

Nine years old.

Li Yueming was 1.6 meters tall.

His body also became stronger.

After a year of work.

Nearly a thousand children had joined the Star Moon Alliance in the surrounding sewers.

In addition,

Li Yueming’s research on this world was also very gratifying.

Although he had yet to walk out of the dark and damp sewer.

However, he already had a certain understanding of the outside world of the sewers.

After the explosion, the era of the global cataclysm descended.

The world order of the country collapsed instantly.

The surviving Humans hurriedly established a shelter to accommodate the survivors and maintain order in the post-Cataclysm world.

‘Of course.’

Initially, the various shelters could still communicate with each other.

Some of the world’s remaining satellites and base stations are still operational.

However, strange things started to descend,

There were more and more terrifying monsters on the Surface World.

Communication between shelters is also becoming increasingly difficult.


Twenty years ago.

The communication signal between the various shelters had been completely cut off.

Currently, Li Yueming lived under Fallout Shelter 0911.

There were about 100,000 refugees living in this complicated Underground World.

The refugees do not have resident identity cards.

Naturally, they could not receive the shelter’s protection.

They could only find a way to survive in the Cataclysm world with extremely harsh environments.


In the eyes of the citizens of the fallout shelter,

The so-called ‘refugees’ were people who did not even have basic human rights.

All of them were dirty and stupid.

It was no different from a wild beast.

He tried his best to gather this ‘useless’ information.

In the eyes of the ordinary people in the sewers, they naturally had nothing better to do.

But to Li Yueming,

These were all precious information.

He only knew the basics of Human society in this world.

Only then could he deduce a feasible plan to change his fate!

After sorting out all the information he could gather,

Through continuous deduction,

Li Yueming had finally explored a magnificent path to defying the heavens and changing fate.

Of course, without accumulating experience, it was impossible to travel a thousand miles.

First of all, he had to unite the entire Star Moon Alliance.

In the eyes of the refugees in the sewers,

The Star Moon Alliance was just an organization of children.

However, in Li Yueming’s opinion,

As long as it worked well.

This was a power that could change the entire world!

As long as he could twist it into a rope.

The Star Moon Alliance would truly become a sharp sword in his hands, cutting off all the rubbish from the Old World!

As for the method…

It was nothing more than teaching by example!

As Li Yueming’s plan progressed in an orderly manner,

The adults in the sewers remain unaware.

The Star Moon Alliance gradually became an organization that could not be ignored in the sewers.

Most of the members were just a group of underage children.

It did not show any danger for the time being.

However, they had extremely high organizational ability.

Moreover, the children who joined them all had intelligence and spoke clearly.

They were very different from the other children who did not join.

This puzzled many adults.

Where there were people, there would be politics.

There were naturally rulers in the sewers.

The area where Li Yueming was located was controlled by a manager named Cao Xin and a group of brothers under him who fought fiercely.

The manager is not responsible for daily labor.

If ordinary refugees wanted to live in the territory they had conquered, they had to pay Cao Xin and the others protection fees every week.

By the way…

The ruffians who had killed Li Yueming’s entire family in the previous deduction were Cao Xin’s underlings.

These guys usually idled around all day.

Their greatest hobby was to force out the ordinary refugees in the territory and terrorize countless families.

According to the plot development of the second deduction,

These local ruffians would not notice his abnormality until Li Yueming was twelve years old.

However, things in the deduction naturally could not remain the same.

As Li Yueming made his debut in the real world.

The time of being discovered by the ruler was naturally much earlier.

And now.

Li Yueming, who was only nine years old, had already attracted the attention of these hooligans.

Because they were afraid of Li Yueming’s strength.

This time, they did not dare to find trouble with Li Yueming in private.

They could only report the information to their boss, Cao Xin.

As for this…

The head of the sewers, Cao Xin, already had an idea.

Li Yueming’s growth was too fast.

It had only been a year or two.

The Little Brat Alliance, which had been treated as a joke back then, had unknowingly grown up.

Now, it could already bring them problems.

And so.

Cao Xin was prepared to take this opportunity to teach Li Yueming a lesson.

But when he came to the door with a few lackeys,

However, he found a group of ragged children sitting in a row on a table made of wooden planks.

They listened to the other child’s lecture seriously.

In this filthy sewer.

The children seemed to be emitting light.

It was a kind of…

It was something called hope!

It was flickering under the cover of the mud.

Such a scene.

Cao Xin was extremely shocked!!!

One had to know that

After the Cataclysm arrived.

Reading, writing, and learning had become a luxury that only the upper echelons could enjoy.

Even the children of ordinary citizens in the fallout shelter were not qualified to be educated.

But now…

What did they see?

The children of a group of lowly refugees were actually enjoying education here?

Have they eaten their fill?

Shouldn’t parents at home be asking them to help find food?

Why should they enjoy something that only nobles could enjoy?

At this moment.

He seemed to have sensed something.

On the podium, Li Yueming glanced indifferently in their direction.

Those eyes were so deep.

It was as if he was looking at a small and insignificant insect.

It was hard to imagine.

How could a child have such a terrifying gaze?

This made Cao Xin feel a sense of fear and humiliation.
He also felt extremely confused.

The young man in front of him was actually teaching a group of children to read and write in the Underground World!!!

After returning, Cao Xin gathered all his underlings.

A group of people gathered together and had a short meeting with a solemn expression.

The purpose was to figure out how to get rid of Li Yueming.


If they give Li Yueming a little more time.

At that time, forget about maintaining his power.

Even ensuring his survival was a problem.

These sewers were the territory that Cao Xin and the others had fought for with all their might.

Of course, he would not give it up so easily.

As long as Li Yueming died.

The other children would naturally disperse after losing their backbone.

At that time, the so-called Star Moon Alliance would no longer be a threat.

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