eming, who was only a Martial Master, this was undoubtedly a blow that exceeded the scope of the rules.

Fortunately, Li Yueming himself had some knowledge of the scriptures.

He had mastered a certain amount of excessive attack methods.


He had probably packed his things and ran away by now.

She felt his vigilant gaze.

The bishop smiled.” Young man, you don’t have to be so nervous.
We, the Holy Fire Missionaries, are not going to be your enemies!’”‘

Seeing this.

Li Yueming did not let down his guard and said,””lf that’s the case, then please remove your hand from the page!” Hearing this.

The old man was surprised.

The Holy Fire Missionary had always kept a low profile.

As a martial artist, how did Li Yueming know his attack method?

He thought about it.

The bishop finally withdrew his hand from the scripture and said, ‘”‘Ask your friends to leave.
How about the two of us have a private chat?”

Seeing this situation.

The hostility on Li Yueming’s face lessened slightly.

He restrained the murderous aura on his body and dismissed the disciples following behind him.

Li Yueming took a few steps forward and said cheerfully, ‘”‘There’s an old saying in China’s Central Plains.
Isn’t it also said that friends come from afar?

Welcome to our Central Plains!”

The bishop was a little confused by his words.

Friends from afar.

The bishop was not stupid enough to believe such bullsh * t.

Li Yueming was getting closer and closer.

The bishop recalled Li Yueming’s previous death of his legs and couldn’t help but reveal a serious expression.””Little friend, your behavior is undoubtedly a challenge to my patience!”

As a missionary.

A bishop’s combat power did not lie in himself.

Instead, it was about the understanding of the scriptures in his hands.

Therefore, he had no choice.

Once a martial artist of Li Yueming’s level got close to him.

Without the time to use the scriptures, the bishop was almost like an ordinary person waiting to be killed.

Seeing that the sneak attack had failed.

Li Yueming could only rub his nose and laugh, ‘”‘1 can’t help it, I can’t help it, hahaha!”

The bishop glanced at him and moved his butt back a few inches.

“I’m very curious.
How did you achieve all of this?””

After thinking for a while, Li Yue Ming said honestly,”There doesn’t seem to be anything special.
If he had to say it…Perhaps the physiques of people were different?”

The bishop obviously did not believe a single word.” The decline of martial arts is the guidance of God.
A new era is about to arrive.
Someone like you should not appear!”

Hearing this.

Li Yueming pondered for a moment.

His mind suddenly cleared up.

The so-called God’s guidance.

Could it be that this world’s will is playing tricks?

The decline of martial arts meant that a new era was about to arrive.

Could it be that this planet was in the midst of a Sequence change?

Thinking of this, Li Yueming suddenly felt that many things could be explained in an instant.

Damn it.

No wonder Fu Xiaorou could not achieve much in martial arts no matter how much she cultivated.

Previously, he had always thought that he had mistaken the chosen one.

But now, it seemed like he was the only one.

In fact, Fu Xiaorou’s destiny was not on the path of cultivating martial arts at all.

According to the original trajectory of fate.

Fu Xiaorou and her classmates would probably be sold to the Free State.

Then, he would stay in the Free State to develop.


It was equivalent to the game designer changing the game version while playing the game.

Added and strengthened new heroes.

Li Yueming was holding the Sewer Hero that had been deleted in the reverse version.
What he wanted to do was to use this Sewer Hero to beat up the enhanced designer’s son.

F * Ck.

What should be said or not, the challenge was full!

Looking at the doubt in the bishop’s eyes,

I don’t know.” Li Yueming shook his head.” I can’t explain your problem.
Even if I could, do you think I would tell you?””

The bishop was not surprised to hear this.

I know what you mean, but I can only guarantee that the Holy Fire Missionaries in Qingdu Port will leave.
As for the Missionaries in other ports and cities…” That’s not up to me to decide!”

After saying that.

The white-haired bishop sighed.

He staggered away.

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