Chapter 65: The Decline of Martial Arts, The Arrival of

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This year, Li Yueming was eight years old.

According to the original fate.

At the age of twelve, Free State’s Gokudo Pugilist and Western Europe’s Sacred Fire Missionary landed at Qingdu Port.

They also had a fierce conflict with the local forces of China.

And now.

After Li Yueming’s barrage of punches.

The time when this conflict erupted seemed to have been forcefully brought forward.

The eight great sects were unhappy that Gokudo Grandmasters of Combat and Preachers had encroached on their resources.

He immediately sent a Martial King Elder, more than 20 Grandmaster Elders, and a number of elite disciples down the mountain.

They charged towards the headquarters of the Free State’s Pugilist and Western Europe’s Preachers in Qingdu Harbor.

If nothing unexpected happened.

A fierce battle between the traditional sects of Huaxia martial artists and the foreign forces would erupt.

However, the reality was beyond everyone’s expectations.

That morning.

The elites of the eight great sects charged at the Western headquarters.

Everyone in Qingdu Port had yet to recover from the pressure brought by the tyrannical martial artists.

In the afternoon.

The heads of the experts of the eight great sects were hung on the city gates of Qingdu Port.

It was said that within half an hour of the elders rushing in, they were carried out horizontally by the disciples of the combat hall.

At this moment, looking from afar.

The heads on the city gates were still dripping with blood, looking extremely terrifying.

As soon as this information spread.

The entire Qingdu Port was in an uproar.

Tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of residents of Qingdu Port put down their work.

They all swarmed onto the streets.

Very soon, the entire entrance of the Green Capital Harbor was surrounded by the surging stream of people.

Looking at the eight great sects ‘elders who were still incomparably ferocious during the day.

Countless martial artists were terrified.

At this moment.

A foreigner who was more than two meters tall and covered in strong muscles stood at the city gate.

He spoke in Chinese that wasn’t very fluent, “”ls this the expert among the Chinese martial artists? Dozens of people rushed over, but they were killed by the dozens of guards of our Gokudo Combat Dojo! If that’s all you have, then your ancient Chinese martial arts are just so-so!”

“His combat power is less than ten times that of our Free State’s Gokudo Fighting Technique!”

The Westerners stood on the high city walls.

He looked down at all the Chinese people in Qingdu Port.

The disdain and contempt on his face was like a naked steel knife.

It made many people’s livers hurt.

However, looking at the heads hanging on the city wall, he could not help but sigh.

Everyone had to admit.

This time, China’s martial arts seemed to have really suffered a huge setback.

As a result, countless martial artists could not help but have strong self-doubt in their hearts.

Were these foreigners and their Gokudo fighting techniques really that powerful?

Li Yueming and Wang Ermazi were also in the crowd.

He looked at the head hanging on the city gate.

Li Yueming was even more speechless.

This didn’t follow common sense.

He was still thinking that the martial artists of the eight great sects and the Grandmasters of Combat of the Free State would suffer heavy losses.

Then, he could take advantage of it.

However, he never expected that…

He hadn’t even finished his lunch in the courtyard.

The heads of the elders and disciples of the eight great sects were hung on the city wall.

Li Yueming could smell something unusual from this quick battle record.

Logically speaking.

China’s Central Plains, Free State, and Western Europe should be the three pillars of power.

But now.

The Free State and Western Europe were developing rapidly.

Only the Central Plains of Huaxia was stuck in a cycle of self-restraint in both martial arts and politics.

Then, he thought of Fu Xiaorou, who had no talent in martial arts.

In the dark.

Li Yueming felt as if he had touched a trace of the will of heaven and earth.

However, this was not a good thing for him.

After all the elders and disciples of the eight great sects had been wiped out, they would not be able to do anything.

The entire Qingdu Port was in discussion for a long time.


Everyone thought that the eight great sects wouldn’t take this lying down.

However, half a year passed in the blink of an eye.

The eight great sects didn’t send any news either and fell silent.

They fell silent.

It further fueled the arrogance of the foreigners.

The Westerners, who were originally quite well-behaved, began to gradually become unscrupulous.

Countless warriors were mocked.

He was chased away.

Of course, it wasn’t that there was no one to resist.

However, most of those who resisted would only die.

The foreigners were rampant.

However, their ultimate fighting techniques were extremely powerful.

Even if an ordinary person practiced for two to three years.

It was also more powerful than many Huaxia martial artists who had been practicing for more than ten years.

As time passed

As long as they saw the foreigners, the warriors around the Qingdu Port did not even dare to raise their heads.

A year later.

The entire Qingdu Port had become the foreigners ‘backyard.

The Free State’s Gokudo Combat Gym and Western Europe’s Churches popped up like bamboo shoots after a rain.

It filled the market gap left behind by the destruction of the eight martial arts schools.

Many small and medium-sized families in Qingdu Port were also willing to send their children to the Gokudo Fighting Gym to be trained when they saw Gokudo fighting techniques beating up martial artists.

During this process.

Li Yueming had also secretly investigated the so-called Gokudo Fighting Technique.

In the end.

Other than the fact that his moves were sharper and more powerful.

There was no fundamental difference between Gokudo fighting techniques and martial artists ‘body tempering.

The only difference was that the Westerners had a set of machines that specialized in measuring human body functions.

He could check his body’s condition at regular intervals.

Then, he would use this opportunity to adjust the disciples ‘training courses.

This was the same principle as Li Yueming using Infinite Deduction to train every inch of his body.

The only difference was that Li Yueming could polish every inch of his body to perfection through infinite deduction.

And the machines of the foreigners could only be polished to a so-so level.

However, even if that was all.

It was also enough to widen the gap between Gokudo Grandmasters of Combat and ordinary martial artists.

No wonder the eight great sects suffered such a huge loss.

After finding the source of the Gokudo Grandmaster of Combat’s power, he was able to find a way out.

Li Yueming also studied the Sacred Flame Preachers in Western Europe.

He realized that this group of mysterious priests actually had some skills.

You can obtain energy by praying to the gods.

The combat strength of a devout person was even more terrifying than a Gokudo Grandmaster of Combat.

This naturally attracted Li Yueming’s attention.

In order to study the methods of the preachers.

He had even joined the church to study for a period of time.

In the beginning, he found nothing.

Only later did he discover the clues.

It turned out that the missionary’s scriptures contained a strange rhythm.
With this rhythm, he could mobilize his body and fuse with the energy of heaven and earth.

The deeper the understanding of the scriptures, the more terrifying the power that a preacher could unleash.
This discovery surprised Li Yueming.

One had to know.

In the martial arts system of China’s Zhong Province.

In order to communicate with the world, one had to reach the Martial Saint Realm.

In the entire Central Plains ot China.

The number of Martial Saints who were still alive was definitely not more than one palm.

However, the missionary could actually touch the power of the Martial Saint Realm through the comprehension and chanting of scriptures.

It was simply too interesting.

After learning to achieve success.

Li Yueming began to meditate in the latter half of the year.

He was frantically deducing the secrets hidden in the Preacher’s scriptures.

In the end.

It took a lot of effort.

He finally had a good harvest.

Not only did it add a brand new touch to the Star-Moon Technique.

It also allowed his personal strength to rise by a level.

It would scare people to death if he said it.

Right now, Li Yueming was only a small Martial Master.

However, he had relied on the scriptures and deduction to forcefully comprehend the power of heaven and earth that only a Martial Saint could control.

Even though it was insignificant compared to a true Martial Saint.

However, if word got out…

It was estimated that the entire Central Plains of China would be shaken three times.

Just like that.

An extremely fulfilling year quietly passed.

This year.

Li Yueming was a nine-year-old.
One day.

After he finished meditating.

Li Yueming saw Wang Ermazi looking around at the door with a panicked expression.

Seeing that he had woken up.

Wang Ermazi hurriedly walked in and said, “Young Master, the Emperor of the Great Xia Empire suddenly died half a month ago.
The new Emperor did not succeed the throne smoothly.
The world is about to fall into chaos!”

Hearing this.

Li Yueming slowly stood up from the futon.

He looked at his cheap mother’s barren vegetable field outside the door.

He suddenly remembered a sentence he often read in history books.

There was a great famine and cannibalism.

The city walls were empty, and bones covered the wilderness.

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