ueming’s first batch of disciples.

Li Yueming was very strict with them.

Basically, every day, they would train to the limits of their bodies and willpower.

In the beginning.

However, after slowly getting through it, he had already adapted to this kind of life.

Two years of training.

Many of them had lost their childlike innocence.

It became much more mature and thick.

Of course.

This was only on the surface.

In fact, this group of children was still very innocent.

Their cheap mother was now their second mother.

Under her gentle treatment.

Many of the shadows of the children’s childhood had disappeared.

The moment he saw Li Yueming.

Excitement appeared on the children’s faces.

“Master Yueming! ”

This was what Wang Ermazi told them to call him.

The children had always addressed Li Yueming with this title.

Li Yueming nodded.

His gaze swept across them.

In the end.

It landed on Fu Xiaorou’s body.

To be honest.

Li Yueming had always thought that Fu Xiaorou was the destined child of this era.

However, what happened later was beyond his expectations.

Fu Xiaorou’s talent in martial arts was very average.
It could even be described as poor.

Among the dozen children, she had always been at the bottom.

This made Li Yueming doubt his life, not knowing what went wrong.

Of course.

It was not that there were no powerful disciples among this group of disciples.

One of them, Han Bufan, was very talented.

After two years of training.

Han Bufan, who was only ten years old, had already become a high-level Martial Apprentice.

If Li Yueming wanted to, he only needed to tell him the cultivation method of a Martial Master now.

Han Bufan would probably be able to break through to Martial Master in a few months.

Such talent.

He was definitely one in ten thousand among ordinary people.

In the next hour.

Li Yueming checked the progress of his disciples.

He also gave a few words of encouragement.

Then, she went back to her room to eat something to fill her stomach.

At this moment.

Wang Ermazi, who had gone out to scout for news, had just returned home.

Li Yueming had already come out of the training room.

Wang Ermazi’s eyes lit up.

“Young Master, it’s a mess outside!” she said in a panic.”

Li Yueming glanced at him and had a guess in his heart.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.
The people from the eight great sects came down

the mountain to find trouble with me?”

Wang Ermazi shook his head, but nodded after a while.

She opened her mouth a few times, but she didn’t know what to say.

After a long time of thinking.

Wang Ermazi then said word by word, “The eight great sects have indeed sent people, but they didn’t find trouble with you.
Instead, they went to find trouble with those foreigners!”

Li Yueming looked confused.”

Wang Ermazi’s expression was a little strange, but he still braced himself and said,””After some investigation, the eight great sects believe that it’s impossible for a child like you to wipe out all eight martial arts centers at once, so they suspect that it’s the work of those foreigners!”


This is a rather bizarre affair.

Even if Wang Ermazi had seen it with his own eyes, he would find it hard to believe that it had really happened.

Hearing this.

Li Yueming’s expression turned strange.

Good heavens.

These eight great sects were truly innocent.

However, when he thought about it carefully from the other party’s point of view.

It seemed like…lt seemed that it was a little reasonable?

Wang Ermazi sorted out his thoughts and continued,”The conflict between the Westerners and the eight great sects has not been a day or two.
Although they often fought in the dark in the past, they were still harmonious on the surface… But this time, the eight great sects were really serious! Led by a Martial King elder, along with over 20 Grandmaster elders and over 50 elite disciples…”

“Such a large group of people.
They’ve already gone to cause trouble for the foreign devils from the Free State and Western Europe in an aggressive manner early in the morning!”

Regarding this.

Li Yueming was even more speechless.

What should be said or not.

Although he had found the wrong target for revenge.

However, at least the eight great sects had a tight grasp on their prestige and aura.

Moreover, he had even sent out a Martial King Realm elder.

It seemed like he was serious this time!

However, since they didn’t find him.

Li Yueming naturally wouldn’t jump out and get beaten up for nothing.

A dog biting a dog.

When both sides were injured, he would go and harvest a wave of green chives.

This was in line with Sixth Brother’s way!

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