Yueming quickly shook his head and complained,’”‘What the hell? Trash that even dogs don’t learn!”

He threw the inner force of the Lingyun Sect, which was regarded as a treasure, to the side like trash.

Li Yueming picked up the Blue Cloud Sect’s Blue Cloud Qi Internal Skill.

The Blue Cloud Sect was considered one of the stronger sects among the many second-rate sects.

It was rumored that the founding ancestor of the Blue Cloud Sect had once worked as a servant for two and a half years in the Primordial Chaos Limitless Sect, one of the five top sects of the Great Xia Kingdom.

This inner Qi cultivation method was something he had learned while doing odd jobs in the Primordial Chaos Limitless Sect.

Li Yueming glanced at it and found it interesting.

The greatest feature of this technique was that it could continuously nourish the inner Qi in the body through the meridians.

During battle, he could transform his inner Qi into a skillful force, thereby achieving the effect of using a few taels of silver to deflect a thousand pounds.

When necessary, he could even release all of his inner Qi.

A surprise attack could often catch the opponent off guard.

He closed his eyes and deduced for a while.

In the end, he opened his eyes and smiled.”

He casually put down the Qing-Yun Sect’s internal energy.

Li Yueming continued to flip through the cultivation techniques of the remaining six sects.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

During this period of time.

Li Yueming would meditate with his eyes closed every day.

He would not eat or drink for a period of time or even days and nights.

Every day, he sat there.

This caused his mother to worry.

Fortunately, Li Yueming looked normal and didn’t look weak.

Only then did Wang Er Mazi persuade her not to go in and disturb him.

Half a month later.

Li Yueming woke up from his slumber.


Whether it was the Qing-Yun Sect’s cultivation technique or the Lingyun Sect’s cultivation technique.

Li Yueming didn’t even care.

Of course, he didn’t plan to learn it in the first place.

The reason why he studied it day and night was because he wanted to absorb its strengths.

He wanted to create his own method.

Moreover, the creation of the technique was not ordinary.

It was a technique that belonged to him alone.

In the previous world, Li Yueming had explored the Star-Moon Breathing Technique through his infinite deduction talent.


He needed to build a higher level of cultivation technique on the foundation of this technique.

Moreover, he had to go against the heavens and could not follow the martial dao rules of this world.

After all, Li Yueming’s true identity was still a reincarnator.

In the future, the laws of the reincarnation worlds he went to would be

different from this martial dao world.

If the Star-moon Breathing Technique followed the rules of this martial dao world, then the Star-moon Breathing Technique would be able to be used.

Then he might be able to easily defeat everyone in this world.

However, once he left the martial dao rules of this world.

When I go to the next strange world, I get numb again.

In some technological worlds, martial artists and martial arts did not exist at all.

If he did not want to develop technology according to the rules of the world, he would have to figure out the cultivation method himself from beginning to end.

And to explore the individual’s power in this kind of technological law.

The difficulty was no different from looking for a masochist.

There were also some strange worlds filled with virtual creatures without physical bodies.

If they did not have any trump cards, ordinary reincarnators were not even worth mentioning in front of such monsters.

Therefore, he had no choice.

Only by creating a method that did not rely on the rules of any world would Li Yueming not fail in the future reincarnation process due to the conflict of rules with the world.

Of course, if he wanted to achieve the goal of not relying on the laws of any world, he would need a long time to accumulate in the various reincarnation worlds.

What Li Yueming needed to do now was to build this framework and improve it step by step.


This was also a sign that a new reincarnator was maturing.

During the reincarnation process.

The reincarnators would choose the corresponding development system according to their interests, hobbies, and specialties.

Some people chose to develop technology.

How to quickly develop various technologies in the world of various laws was the great Dao that these reincarnators tirelessly pursued.

There were also people who chose to cultivate their souls.

How to strengthen and increase their soul abilities in each world was a research topic that they needed to persevere in.

But now, Li Yueming chose to focus on his personal strength.

From this, it could be seen how important the Star-moon Breathing Technique was to him.

Of course.

If the other reincarnators knew that he had just entered two reincarnation worlds and was already delusional about creating a technique.

They would probably laugh their heads off.

He wanted to create a powerful cultivation technique that was incompatible with the laws of the world.

Among the reincarnators, it was something that only the big shots above Level 5 could consider.

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