in meal on the simple dining table.

The couple took out a few earthworms from their pockets and handed them to Li Yueming.
“Child, eat more and grow taller!”

Initially, the couple thought that Li Yueming would be surprised to see an earthworm.

After all, this was supposed to be Li Yueming’s secret.

Unexpectedly, Li Yueming glanced indifferently at the earthworms that were still jumping around and said with disdain, “You should keep this for yourselves.
I’m already tired of eating it.”

Looking at the nonchalant expression on Li Yueming’s face,

The couple immediately felt extremely defeated.


In front of this child,

They felt like they were the ones being taken care of.

As time went on, spring passed and autumn came.

It was still dark in the sewers.

This year, Li Yueming was eight years old.

Because he had sufficient nutrition.

The first signs of his body’s weakness and slow development did not appear.

On the contrary.

His physical fitness was much better than his peers.

At eight years old, he was already close to 1.5 meters tall.

The child next door was also eight years old.

However, Li Yueming, who was the same age as him, could pick him up with one hand like he was carrying a sack.

In addition,

It was worth mentioning.

Being able to grow to this height at the age of eight was due to his insistence on regular exercise and fitness.


Through exercise and fitness.

Li Yueming accidentally developed another use of the Infinite Deduction Talent.

It was used to deduce various techniques.

For example, running.

Li Yueming could adjust his breathing frequency and running rhythm, and then use deductions to come up with a running method that was most suitable for him.

To achieve the effect of scientifically and efficiently exercising the body.

Another example was boxing practice.

He could adjust the angle and speed of his punches and use deduction to find a boxing technique that was most suitable for him.

This would increase his combat strength to the greatest extent.

All in all.

Infinite Deduction’s potential was simply endless!

It could be said that

Now, he could even fight an adult.

After all, children were not the only ones who were malnourished these days.

Most of the adults were also sallow and thin.

Just like that.

One day after his eighth birthday.

When Li Yueming passed by the sewers, he saw a group of children picking up trash in the sewers.

One of the loud children, Wang, blocked Li Yueming’s path.

“Stop!” The leader’s snot-covered mouth twitched as he asked, “How old are you?”

Li Yueming covered his nose and took two steps back.

Only then did he say calmly, “Eight years old.”

The leader: “???”

He looked at Li Yueming, who was half a head taller than him.

The leader felt like his intelligence had been mocked by Li Yueming.

You call this eight years old?

And so.

Under the gazes of a group of children.

The leader and Li Yueming, who thought that their status had been challenged, started a battle at the top of the Imperial City that attracted attention.

As for the result…

There was no point in mentioning it.


Li Yueming obtained the title of ‘Child God of War’ two years earlier than the deduction.

The children in the nearby sewers had to respectfully call him Big Brother.

This achievement did not make Li Yueming arrogant.

As a simulator.

Patterns were very important.

He wanted to obtain an extremely high score in the Reincarnation World.

The most effective way was to increase his influence and reputation or make some indelible contributions to his race.

Staying in the sewers as a leader or something.

If word got out, they would only be laughed at by the simulators.

Li Yueming still had a long way to go if he wanted to obtain a higher-level mark score.

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