Chapter 58: Li Yueming, who was deep in thought! 1

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He could feel Li Yueming’s vigilance.

Ma Baifan smiled awkwardly.

He thought for a moment and then opened his mouth to complain.
“Sir, you don’t know this.
The Iron Fist Brotherhood is a malignant tumor among malignant tumors in our port city.
It’s fine if they bully men and women, burn, kill, and plunder.
They also often kidnap and sell children in the city…’

“All the citizens of our port city wish they could skin them alive and light the sky lanterns!”

“It’s a pity that I, the City Lord, was born to study.
I don’t have a powerful martial artist like you under me.
I’m also helpless against them…”

Listening to his complaints.

Li Yueming smiled.


Before figuring out this guy’s purpose, Li Yueming would never reveal any extra information.

Seeing that he was unmoved.

Ma Baifan finally stopped being polite and changed to the main dish.

He clapped his hands.

In the next second.

The door suddenly appeared behind two servants with plates.

The plate was about 60 centimeters long and wide, and the items placed in it were covered by a gray cloth.

From the blurry outline.

He was unable to determine what it was.

Li Yueming and Wang Ermazi looked on in confusion.

A servant slowly removed the cloth from the plate.


Silver light bloomed.

There were more than ten high-quality silver ingots under the cloth!

Before the two of them could come back to their senses.

Another servant came over with another plate.

He opened the cloth and took a look.

Golden light flashed.

The second plate actually contained more than ten shiny gold bars!

Such a huge amount of wealth.

Even Wang Ermazi, who was a martial artist, could not help but breathe faster.

One had to know that it was currently a chaotic time.

The banknotes issued by the Great Xia Imperial Court had long been reduced to worthless toilet paper.

The copper coins in various places were seriously adulterated due to the year-round shortage of catty.

Their purchasing power was also very ordinary.

Only the real silver ingots and gold bars in front of him were the strongest currency in the world!

A dozen gold bars and a dozen silver ingots.

Even for a successful martial master, this was a considerable amount of wealth!

Therefore, he had no choice.

Even Wang Ermazi, who was in the carriage, was blinded by the bright banknotes.

He looked at his beloved little yellow croaker getting further and further away from him.

Ma Baifan’s face revealed a pained expression.

However, he concealed this expression very well and did not show it clearly.

After Li Yueming confirmed the number of gold bars.

Ma Baifan endured the pain and waved his hand.

A few servants placed the gold bars in front of them.
“This is a small gift from our port city.
Please don’t treat me as an outsider!””

He looked at the gold and silver in front of him.

Wang Ermazi’s face stiffened.

He subconsciously turned around and glanced at Li Yueming.

He did not dare to spend such a large sum of money on his own.

Li Yueming was silent for a while.

His indifferent eyes stared at Ma Baifan for a long time.

In the end, he smiled and said,”ln that case, thank you for your kind intentions, City Lord!’”‘

Hearing his agreement.

Wang Ermazi hurriedly put away the two boxes of heavy treasures.

Ma Baifan’s face twitched again.

After a while, he forced a smile and said,””Lord Warrior, in order to thank you for your contribution to our port city, why don’t you stay for a celebratory feast before leaving? As you can see, there are a lot of pedestrians in the morning on the pipeline between the port and Qingdu Port.
It’s not a big deal to leave at night!”

Li Yueming glanced at the horizon that was already rising and shook his head,””To be honest, I have something important to do now, so I can’t stay for long! Why don’t I come back to talk to you after I’m done with my business at

Qingdu Harbor?”

Ma Baifan thought for a moment and didn’t insist.
Instead, he turned around and waved his hand.”

Under the watchful eyes of Li Yueming and Wang Ermazi.

A few soldiers brought over a thick piece of yellow paper.

Ma Baifan took the pen and paper and wrote a customs clearance document.

The official seal was stamped at the end.

After the ink dried, he handed it to Li Yueming and said, “Since you have something important to attend to, I won’t disturb you anymore! This is a customs clearance document.
With this document, you can enter Qingdu Port without waiting in line.
If you have any needs, you can also report to the authorities of Qingdu Port!”

Li Yueming smiled, took the document and said politely,””Sir, you’re really a good official who’s devoted to the people.
I believe that with you around, the lives of the people in Ligang City will definitely become more and more prosperous!”

The City Lord also smiled.

After he took the document, he continued, “Take this document and just say my name when you enter Qingdu Port!”

Li Yueming naturally nodded repeatedly, and the smile on his face never stopped.

Under Ma Baifan’s warm farewell.

The three of them finally left the port.

Looking at the tall and sturdy city walls behind him, he could see that they were moving further and further away.

“Is City Lord Ma that generous?” Wang Ermazi scratched his head.
She gave him money and documents…l’m so embarrassed!” “What do you think?” Li Yueming asked with a faint smile.”

Wang Ermazi pondered for a while.

In the end, he shook his head.

Li Yueming was amused and shook his head,””lf this guy was really a good official, his head would have been hung on the city wall by now!”

Hearing this.

Wang Ermazi didn’t understand at first.

After pondering for a while.

“Oh, how can this guy be a good official?” He must have bad intentions for giving us so many things!”

Although the city was still under the government’s control in name, it was still under the control of the government.

But in reality, the government had long since ceased to exist.

Under such circumstances, Ma Baifan became the City Lord of the city.

How could he be clean under his butt?

Just like what Li Yueming said.

If Ma Baifan’s bottom was really clean.

If that was the case, his head would have been hung on the city wall not long after he left Port City.

Li Yueming didn’t say anything.

No matter what Ma Baifan’s intentions were, he had already gotten the gold.

He was a money giver.

Who wouldn’t like it?

As for the rest, who cares?

Anyway, it was impossible to plot against him without him knowing!

Li Yueming took out the customs clearance document from his pocket.

After examining it for a moment, he put it back into his pocket.

If nothing unexpected happened.

As long as he dared to enter Qingdu Port with this document.

In a few minutes, the members of the Iron Fist Brotherhood would come knocking on their door.

According to the normal process of deduction.

After the Iron Fist Brotherhood found them and killed them all.

This batch of gold bars and silver naturally fell into the hands of the Iron Fist Brotherhood.

In this way.

City Lord Ma managed to keep his own life through this operation.

The only thing he lost was the money he had scraped from the hands of the people after being an official for many years.

Only Li Yueming became a completely wronged person.

Not only did he help Ma Baifan transport a cart of gold and silver for free, but he also threw himself into the net and gave a head to the Iron Fist Brotherhood to vent their anger.

It had to be said that his methods were verv brilliant!

Even Li Yueming had to ponder over it before he could figure out the ins and outs of it.

So this world was really dark!

On the surface, the City Lord and the gang were enemies, but in fact, they had a tacit understanding of each other.

The so-called fairness and justice were a complete joke in such a corrupt and withered world.


Would martial artists be able to transcend it?

He looked at the pile of gold and silver treasures in his carriage.

Li Yueming fell into deep thought.

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