Chapter 57: The Great Hero of Ligang city?

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He had digested all the experience he had gained from the battle that night.

Li Yueming glanced at the sky outside the window.

Although it was still dark.

However, the sound of porters and carriages could already be heard on the street outside the inn.

Most of the fishermen in Qingdu Port went out to sea to catch fish in the early hours of the morning.
They would drive their fishing boats back to land at dawn.

The word ‘fresh’ was very important for seafood.

Therefore, he had no choice.

The fish that were fished up in the middle of the night would be loaded onto carriages and sent inland as soon as they reached the shore.

Now that he heard the sound of the carriage, it meant that dawn was not far away.

Li Yueming closed his eyes and rested for a while.

Fortunately, his current physical fitness was already extraordinary.

He didn’t care if he had to endure for a day or two.

Half an hour later.

Wang Ermazi eagerly fetched a bucket of water and knocked on Li Yueming’s door.

He took the towel and washed his face.

“Is my mom awake?” Li Yueming asked.”

“Young Master, Madam is awake.
She’s washing up now!” Wang Ermazi said with a submissive expression.”

After the battle last night.

Now, Wang Er Mazi had completely accepted his identity as a servant, both mentally and physically.

He even felt a little proud of it.

Even though Li Yueming was only six years old, the strength he displayed was no less than that of an ordinary Martial Master! A six-year-old prospective Martial Master!

What kind of concept was this?

Following such a boss wasn’t better than him not being able to eat a mouthful of warm incense even if he went out to eat shit?

Hearing his answer.

Li Yueming stood up and said,”Then let’s set off as soon as possible!””

Wang Ermazi looked a little conflicted.

After hesitating for a long time, he finally said, “We just destroyed a branch of the Iron Fist Brotherhood yesterday.
Today, we’re going to the headquarters of Qingdu Port…” Is this really okay?”

Li Yueming waved his hand.” If I stay here, I’ll be found sooner or later.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s earlier or later! ‘”‘

Wang Ermazi thought about it.

Based on the combat strength that Li Yueming had displayed last night.

Even if the Iron Fist Brotherhood took revenge on them…

As long as they weren’t surrounded by their main forces, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

After thinking through everything.

Wang Er Mazi nodded.” Young Master is right.
No matter how powerful the Iron Fist Brotherhood is, it’s just an idle gang!” As long as Young Master successfully joins the dojo, they won’t dare to fart when they see us in the future!”

Under normal circumstances.

The city gates of the inland cities should open around six in the morning.

However, as a coastal city, the city gates were already wide open at three or four o’clock in the morning.

Port cities like Qingdu Port were even more exaggerated.
It was said that many times, the city gates were not closed 24 hours a day.

About fifteen minutes later.

The three of them packed their luggage and went to the guest room.

The waiter had already changed shifts.

At this moment, the innkeeper was in charge of the counter.

The moment he saw them come down.

The steward sized them up and then beamed with joy.”Customer, are you checking out?”

“The horse must have fed enough grass, right?” Wang Er Mazi said impatiently.”

The shopkeeper nodded.” We fed you the best fodder.
We even trimmed your

hooves and reinforced the hoof nails!””

Wang Ermazi was slightly satisfied after hearing this.

Seeing this situation.

The shopkeeper took out the deposit for the three of them from the counter.

“Three masters, something big happened in the city last night.
Did you know?’”‘

Hearing this.

Li Yueming and Wang Ermazi’s expressions didn’t change much.

The commotion last night was indeed very big.

It was impossible to not be discovered.

It was precisely because he didn’t want to get into too much trouble here that Li Yueming prepared to leave the city early in the morning.

However, they had clearly underestimated the speed of information transmission.

The sky was still dark.

Even the innkeeper had heard the news.
Seeing that the two of them were silent.

The shopkeeper did not continue asking.

After all, it didn’t matter what Li Yue Ming and the others did.

As long as they paid the room fee, the inn would not have much to do with them.

The reason why he mentioned it was because…

It was just a reminder to the two of them.


Li Yueming also understood the insinuation of the shopkeeper.

He thought about it.

“Shopkeeper, can we leave the city now?” Li Yueming asked tentatively.” The shopkeeper glanced at Li Yueming but didn’t say anything.

Beside him, Wang Ermazi thoughtfully placed two pieces of silver.

The shopkeeper then continued,” Of course, we can leave the city.
After all, the government and the gangs are not on the same side.
However, the Iron Fist Brotherhood is notorious and committed all kinds of crimes.
They have quite a bit of power around Qingdu Port…” Are the three masters going to Qingdu


Li Yueming nodded.

” Then you have to be careful,” the shopkeeper reminded.” Qingdu Port is the headquarters of the Iron Fist Brotherhood.
I heard that there are Martial Masters guarding it! ‘”‘

Regarding this.

“Thank you for your reminder, Shopkeeper.
We will be careful!” Li Yueming said with a smile.”

To him, as long as he could leave the city, other threats were not a problem.

The shopkeeper nodded.

After putting away the silver pieces on the counter, he went back to his work.

The three of them came to the stables from the side door.

The waiter in charge of the stable helped them feed the horses one last time.

The few of them left the inn in a carriage and headed towards the city gate.

Early in the morning, the city was very lively.

A merchant selling steamed buns.

A porter carrying goods with his feet and shoulders.

There were even porters pulling rickshaws.

Many carriages came and went like the wind on the wide street, carrying all kinds of supplies to and from the port.

If one ignored the pale faces of the people at the bottom of the society.

It looked like a lively and prosperous scene.

Sitting in the carriage, he opened the curtain and watched everything.

Li Yueming sighed.

However, he was still too insignificant.

Thinking about so many things seemed meaningless.

After approaching the city gate.

A few soldiers inspected the carriage.

After confirming that there were no problems, he was about to let them go.

But at this moment.

On the city wall, a soldier in bright armor was running over.

He whispered a few words into the mouth of the soldiers who were checking.

The soldiers were clearly surprised.

After looking at Li Yueming’s carriage a few times.

“Please wait, my lords.
Our city lord wishes to see you!””

Hearing this.

Wang Ermazi’s expression changed.

Subconsciously, he was ready to draw his long saber and attack.


Li Yueming reached out to stop him.

He lifted the curtain and asked, “Where is your City Lord?””

The soldier was shocked by Wang Er Mazi’s actions.

Finally regaining his senses, he hurriedly lowered his head and bowed.”City Lord has been waiting here since early morning.
Please move!”

Li Yueming glanced at the traffic at the entrance.

This was the busiest time for cargo between Qingdu Port and Li Gang City.

The city gate was filled with people and supplies.

Even if he wanted to leave, he probably wouldn’t be able to go far.

“Then please lead the way! ‘”‘

The soldier nodded.

Under Wang Er Mazi’s vigilant gaze, he carefully extended his hand.

He pulled the reins of the carriage and walked towards a secluded house not far from the city gate.

Just as he reached the door.

Li Yueming saw a middle-aged man in his thirties anxiously waiting.

After seeing the carriage come over.

The middle-aged man heaved a sigh of relief.

He jogged out and chased away the soldiers who were holding the rope.

‘ Mr.
Warrior, I’m Ma Bai Fan, the current City Lord of Li Gang City.
You were the ones who destroyed the Iron Fist Brotherhood’s stronghold last night, weren’t you?””

In the carriage.

Li Yueming neither denied nor admitted it.

Instead, he changed the topic and asked, “May I know why the City Lord is looking for us?””

Li Yueming didn’t deny it.

Ma Baifan also had an idea in his heart.

He rubbed his hands together and said excitedly,”You still don’t know, right? You’re now the hero of all the ordinary people in Li City!”

Hearing his extremely awkward flattery.

Li Yueming’s expression didn’t change.

He didn’t care about the false reputation of being a hero.

He was more concerned about the City Lord in front of him going through so much trouble, even personally running over to lead his horse.

What was his intention?

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