too much time with this guy.

However, these two days were the trial period for him to run errands for Li Yueming.

Therefore, everything is to seek stability for the above.

He only wanted to leave the best first impression on Li Yueming.

Therefore, he had no choice.

Just as the two of them were still exchanging pleasantries.

At the foot of the city wall, a little girl of three or four years old rushed over with a broken bowl.

Wang Er Mazi didn’t notice.

He mustered up his courage and knocked on the wooden skeleton on the side of the carriage.

He heard a sound.

Li Yueming woke up from his deduction.

He frowned and lifted the curtain.

He saw a short and thin little girl in tattered clothes looking at him pitifully.

Li Yueming glanced around.

Soon, he noticed a scar-faced man not far from the city looking at them.

Seeing this scene.

Li Yueming suddenly understood.

“What are you doing?” he asked patiently.”

The little girl raised the broken bowl and whispered, “Brother…” Rou ‘Er’s mother is dying soon.
Can you send Rou’ Er some money to treat her mother?”

Hearing this.

Li Yueming was silent for a moment, but he did not refuse.

“Wait a moment.”

He closed the curtain and took out a few taels of silver from his purse.
He reached out and handed it to the little girl.”Take it!”

He did not give too much.

It was probably enough to buy more than ten sets of medicinal herbs.

The little girl took the silver.

Taking a few steps back, he knelt on the ground and kowtowed to the carriage.

Then, she jogged back.

He watched her leave.

Then, he looked at the land that was filled with people.

Li Yueming sighed.

If things went as expected.

That little girl was probably just an outpost sent by Scarface.

It was to test the strength of their carriage.

Therefore, he had no choice.

From the moment Li Yueming lifted the curtain.

It was very likely that they had already been targeted as fat sheep.

After all, other than Li Yueming, a six-year-old child, and a young woman, there were no other adult men in the carriage.
It was obvious that they were pushovers.

The world is not peaceful, and bandits are rampant everywhere.

Even martial artists.

If one was not careful, there would be a bloody disaster in the cities around Qingdu Port!

Other than this small episode.

Everything else went smoothly.

Under Wang Ermazi’s arrangements.

Li Yueming and the other two checked into a reputable inn in the evening.

Immediately after.

Wang Ermazi began to arrange food for him.

Basically, they did not care about the cost.

She picked the best and most expensive ones in the inn and sent them to him.

He looked at the table full of sumptuous dishes.

Li Yueming reached out and called Wang Ermazi over.

Regarding this.

Wang Ermazi was a little nervous.


He was afraid that there would be any negligence or mistakes in his arrangements, and he was even more afraid that Li Yueming would expose his little idea of showing off.

As a result, he lost the thigh that he had already hugged.

Li Yueming could tell that he was nervous.

She waved her hand to signal him to calm down.

He picked up a piece of fresh and tender seafood and put it into his mouth.

Although it was not particularly amazing in terms of taste.

Fortunately, the fish meat itself was a top-notch ingredient shipped from Qingdu Port.
It was fresh and fragrant enough, and should be considered a very good delicacy in this world.

They ate their food.

Li Yueming asked unhurriedly, “‘Where is your hometown?”

Wang Ermazi looked puzzled.

Before Li Yueming opened his mouth.

He had imagined ten thousand ways to ask.

He also thought of many ways to answer the questions.

However, he did not expect Li Yueming to ask where his hometown was.

Wang Ermazi could only tell the truth.” Young Master, my hometown is in Clear Spring Town.
My family used to study.
It was only in my generation that I switched to martial arts…”

“Then do you think this world is fair?” Li Yueming asked.”

Wang Ermazi was even more confused.

He thought about it.

He could only reply truthfully,”This…” It’s naturally unfair!”

Li Yueming smiled and didn’t reply.

Wang Ermazi looked like a thief, but he was still somewhat knowledgeable.

It was just that he was better at disguising himself.

At this moment, Li Yueming seemed to sigh.

Young Master, what does this problem that the government hasn’t solved have to do with us martial artists? There are too many sufferings in the world.
We can’t manage them at all!”

How could Li Yueming not know this logic?

He could only think of the little girl who was begging for her money during the day.

Then, he looked at the table full of sumptuous dishes in front of him.

Li Yueming no longer had the appetite to continue eating.


He threw down his chopsticks and stood up.” Forget it, this meal is tasteless.
Let’s go out and kill a few people!’”‘

Wang Ermazi was speechless.

After lamenting that the world was unfair, he had to kill a few people to liven things up.

What kind of logic was this? This was too brutal!

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