Chapter 52: Heading to Green Harbor (1)

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After explaining everything to Wang Ermazi.

Li Yueming turned around and prepared to return to the side hall to pack his things.

After such a scene.

It was obvious that he could not stay in the Li Residence any longer.

Fortunately, he was only six years old.

However, his wings were already full.

It was just the right time to leave this remote town and officially embark on a journey to defy the heavens and change fate.

But at this moment.

His gaze swept over the four ladies who were trembling with pale faces not far


He thought about it.

Li Yueming stopped.

He then glanced at Li Fusheng, who was lying on the ground and peeing in his pants.

He walked forward slowly and pointed at Li Fusheng.””Moms, you don’t want to become like him, do you?” The four madams looked terrified.


At this moment, Li Yueming was like a demon from hell in their eyes.

It could choose to devour someone at any time.

He looked at Li Yueming’s cold gaze.

The four madams shook their heads in unison.

First Madam swallowed a mouthful of saliva in front of Li Yueming.
She was afraid that she would provoke Li Yueming and said carefully, “Fifth Brother, we have something to say…Let’s talk things out!”

Li Yueming didn’t give her the chance to play the emotional card.

He interrupted her and said coldly,”l’ll give you two choices now!” “First, I will personally cripple your legs!”

The madams looked at Li Fusheng, who was still twitching not far away.

He then looked at the servants who had suffered heavy casualties.

He was instantly scared out of his wits and cried,”Fifth brother, you can’t do this…”

Li Yueming’s face was cold.

He was not moved at all.

“Second, kneel down and apologize to my mother.
If you are sincere enough, I can consider sparing your lives!” Hearing this.

The madams didn’t have the time to cry.

Li Yueming’s coldness had already scared them out of their wits.

At this moment.

As long as there was a glimmer of hope to save his life.

Therefore, he had no choice.

The four of them did not hesitate.

Hurriedly, he rushed to the entrance of the side hall and knelt down.
“Xiao Cui, you’re a big man who doesn’t hold grudges against me.
Please be kind and spare us!”

His mother had yet to come to her senses.

He looked at the madams kneeling in a row.

After a long silence, he suddenly burst into laughter.

He raised his palm.

Suddenly, he gave her a few big slaps.

Lady Wang’s face instantly turned red and swollen.

As he fought, his mother cursed, “How dare you deduct our monthly rations every month? How dare you order your servants to send us the food that we have searched for!”

Li Yueming took a glance.

His cheap mother was really ruthless.

Half of First Madam’s face swelled up after two aggressive slaps.

It was really…

Well done!

Li Yueming stopped Wang Ermazi, who was busy cleaning up the blood.

He pointed at his cheap mother not far away and said, “Watch out for me.
If my mom is tired and still hasn’t calmed down, it’s your turn!”

Wang Ermazi’s face twitched.

Good heavens.

If he came, wouldn’t he be sent to hell with two slaps?

After instructing Wang Ermazi to keep an eye on them.

Li Yueming left without looking back.

He had been raised by his cheap mother since he was young.

There was no real relationship between him and the Li Residence.

Therefore, he had no choice.

In terms of kinship and bonds…

To him, it was completely nonsense.

The reason why he was so ruthless to Li Fusheng and the few madams.
The biggest reason was that this family had ruined his mother’s youth.

After all, until now.

The only person Li Yueming cared about in this world was his cheap mother.

Therefore, he had no choice.

As a son.

After Li Yueming’s wings were fully grown, he naturally had to vent his anger on his cheap mother.

As for the fate of the madams…

Li Yueming didn’t care at all.

It was obvious.

The future of the reincarnators was destined to be limited to a small Gulou Town.

To put it in a big way.

Even the Central Plains of Huaxia might not be able to accommodate a flood dragon like him.

Under such circumstances.

Whether it was the Li family or the few madams, they were not even ants in Li

Why bother with a bunch of ants?

[Defying the heavens and changing fate successfully!]

[When you were six years old, you trained your iron will and developed a super strong physique.
You also successfully defeated all the servants of the Li residence and two personal guards of the Martial Apprentice realm!] [This time, the score of the reincarnation mark has increased slightly!]

[Additional reward of 2000 reincarnation points!]

Not long after he left.

The voice of the Reincarnation Mark sounded in Li Yueming’s ears.


His actions today had completely overturned his tragic fate of being poisoned to death.

The reward for the simulation mark was quite generous.
It directly gave him 2,000 reincarnation points.

This was the first time Li Yueming had changed his fate.

The reincarnations points awarded for subsequent life changes would only increase exponentially on this basis.

Thinking of this…

Li Yueming could not wait to stretch his wings and take a good look at this strange martial arts world.

The next day.

Li Yueming and his mother packed their luggage overnight.

Wang Ermazi also drove the carriage to the entrance of the folk prescription on time.

He helped Li Yueming put his luggage into the back seat of the carriage.

The three of them greeted the morning sun and quietly left this quiet town.

This time.

Li Yueming’s destination was Qingdu Port, which was more than 300 kilometers southeast of the town.

On the way.

Li Yueming was in a dilemma.

His cheap mother stripped him of his clothes without any explanation.

He then carefully gave a full body checkup.

After confirming that his son was unharmed.

Only then did his mother heave a sigh of relief.

To be honest.

Everything that happened yesterday was more like a dream to her.

However, regardless of whether Li Fusheng was crippled or not.

Or personally slap a few detestable ladies.

Everything was so real.

As for her.

As the person who should have understood Li Yueming the most.

She had seen the side of her son that no one knew about.

Swift and decisive, cold and ruthless.

It was both familiar and unfamiliar.

Fortunately, after a night of calm.

Now, his cheap mother had already accepted everything.

After all, Li Yueming was a piece of meat that fell out of her stomach.

Yesterday, he had even helped her vent her anger, allowing her to vent all the resentment and grievances that had been accumulated in her heart for many years.

As for Li Yueming’s other secrets…

Why would an uncultured woman like her pursue this matter?

She only wanted to know that Li Yueming was her son.

That was enough.

He finally broke free from his mother’s hand.

Li Yueming blushed and put on his clothes.

Fortunately, no one else saw this scene.
Otherwise, his face as a reincarnator would probably be completely lost.

Seeing this situation.

His cheap mother smiled.
How old are you, a little kid? The earthworm is not even the size of a melon seed, and you already know how to be shy?”


Li Yueming’s face darkened.

He was rubbing salt in the wound.

Too much!

Outside the carriage.

In order to get closer to Li Yueming.

Wang Ermazi took the initiative to introduce the current situation of Qingdu Port to him.

According to his introduction.

Li Yueming had gained a deeper understanding of the port.

Qingdu Port was not worth mentioning in the Great Xia Dynasty.

However, in Clear Spring County, it was undoubtedly the largest port.

Because of its natural and favorable geographical conditions.

It was even more prosperous than the ordinary big cities in the inland.

That’s why.

Almost all the second-rate sects in Qingyun County had opened dojos in Qingdu Harbor.

This directly caused the presence of the government in Qingdu Port to be extremely thin.

In addition, there were often many foreign ships docked at the port.

Not to mention the merchant ships.

Many of them were pirate ships that did not dare to stop at the big port for supplies.

It was not only filled with pirates.

They were also carrying many stowaways from other countries.

All in all.

The various forces in Qingdu Port were mixed together.

There were all kinds of people.

It was a famous chaotic place within a few hundred kilometers.

Compared to being cultured and reasonable.

In Qingdu Port, only a hard fist could speak.

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