Chapter 50: Sweeping Through the Li Residence (revised version)

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Li Fusheng waved his hand.

The servants immediately rushed towards Li Yueming like wolves and tigers.

Regarding this.

Li Yueming sneered.

He had lived in this family for a few years.

Li Yueming had been completely disappointed with this family that only cared about benefits and had no friendship.

Previously, when Li Fusheng introduced him to the teachers.

He thought that his cheap father suddenly had a conscience and wanted to compensate him.

In the end, his words implied that he wanted Li Yueming to be a stepping stone for his eldest and second son.
She had not considered him at all.

That’s why.

Li Yueming rejected him directly.

However, he never expected that…

On the basis that he had clearly rejected.

Li Fusheng, this old thing, actually dared to invite the so-called Martial Apprentice Master into the courtyard.

He planned to force Li Yueming to learn.

Don’t blame Li Yueming for being merciless.


At this moment.

A thin figure suddenly rushed out from behind Li Yueming.

His cheap mother stood in front of him to protect him, holding a rusty kitchen knife tightly in her hand.

He waved it a few times.

He glared at her with bloodshot eyes and said fiercely, “Who dares to touch my son?”

He saw a shiny kitchen knife.

Many of the servants slowed down.

After all, they were not stupid.

They were just a group of workers who received a salary.

Although women definitely couldn’t stop them, if they were accidentally stabbed…

That would not be worth it.

Hence, the two of them were in a daze.

The servants were really frightened by their cheap mother’s fearless aura.

She froze on the spot, hesitating and not daring to come any closer.

Seizing this opportunity.

His mother looked at Li Fusheng who was standing outside the crowd and said hysterically, “Li Fusheng, it’s fine if you don’t treat me as a human, but now you won’t even let go of your own son? Even a vicious tiger doesn’t eat its cubs.
Are you even worse than a beast? If you touch my son, I swear I won’t let you off even if I become a ghost!”

He looked at the hysterical woman with black hair.

Li Fusheng didn’t say anything.

Lady Wang suddenly laughed and said disdainfully, “”Where did this crazy woman come from? You’re just a servant girl.
When you were starving to the point of death, the Li Residence was kind enough to bring you back.
In the end, you’re eating and using the residence’s food now, and you’re even starting to devour your master?”

His mother bit her lip.

His face was a little pale.

However, he wisely ignored Lady Wang’s mockery.

His eyes were still fixed on Li Fusheng.

No matter what.

The men still had the final say in the Li Residence.

Therefore, he had no choice.

In her opinion, all the decisions were in Li Fusheng’s hands.

He felt her gaze.

Li Fusheng frowned but ignored her.

Instead, he whispered to one of the guards,”Throw her corpse to the back of the mountain later.
Remember to find a monk to release her!””


Li Fusheng didn’t have any extra feelings for Li Yueming and his cheap mother.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have ignored the mother and son for five to six years.

The guard nodded slightly to show that he understood.

After giving his instructions.

Li Fusheng’s expression was cold as he said, ” Hurry up and charge! The first to charge at the front will be rewarded with fifty taels of silver! ‘”‘

He heard that there was a reward.

The servants finally had enough enthusiasm.

They rushed towards the door.

His cheap mother was trembling.

It wasn’t cowardice.

It was not fear.

Instead, it was hatred, deep hatred!

The world was bleak.

He was also desolate.

In a situation where there was no power or influence, most of the time, a person’s life seemed to be worse than a dog’s.

The so-called kinship was just a piece of paper thinner than paper.

Attracted by the huge reward of fifty taels of silver, the servants did not care that they were just two orphans and widows who had no one to rely on.

Anyway, he could just tie them up and sell them for money.

Regarding this.

Li Yueming naturally wouldn’t stand on ceremony.

He stretched out his hand and gently pulled.

He easily pulled his thin and helpless mother behind him.

Li Yueming gestured at her fist, which wasn’t very big, and grinned, “”Alright, stop crying.
Watch how your son beats them up!”

As he spoke.

Li Yueming took a few steps forward and crossed the threshold.
Then, he suddenly jumped up and rushed into the servants.

Before anyone could come back to their senses.

Li Yueming had already clenched his fists and punched out a few times.

“Bang bang bang!”

A muffled sound was heard.

The seven or eight servants seemed to have suddenly bumped into a mud truck.

He was sent flying a few meters away by his punch!

He fell to the ground and did not know whether he was alive or dead.
Watching Li Yueming approach to the office

Only then did the other servants wake up from their dreams.
Someone subconsciously smashed his long stick at Li Yueming’s back.


There was another loud bang.

The servant’s entire arm was numb from the shock.

The rod fell to the ground.

However, this strike of his…

Li Yueming was still unharmed.

In the next second.

However, he saw a leg kicking at him.

At the critical moment.

The servant subconsciously raised his hand to defend himself.

However, before he could raise his arm.

His chest had already caved in from the force of Li Yueming’s kick.

Suffering such a heavy blow.

The servant instantly lay on the ground as dead as a doornail.

Li Yueming didn’t even look at him.

He stood up and walked towards Li Fusheng.

All the servants on both sides would be killed by him in one blow.

In just a few minutes.

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the forty to fifty servants in the Li Residence were taken care of by Li Yueming.

The remaining seven or eight fish that had escaped the net were so scared that they knelt on the ground and trembled.

In the surroundings.

Whether it was Li Yueming’s cheap mother or Li Fusheng himself.

Or some of the concubines who came here to watch the show.

All of them were so shocked that their eyeballs popped out!


What did they see?

A six-year-old child actually beat up 40 to 50 adults?

Was this world crazy or were they crazy? But no matter what they think,

Li Yueming’s face was still expressionless.

He patted the dust off his hands and walked through the pile of corpses.
Li Yueming walked straight to Li Fusheng and said, “‘ISO what exactly do you want?”

He could still smell the blood on the young man’s body.

Li Fusheng’s face was pale, and cold sweat dripped down his face.

Li Yueming didn’t just kill a few dozen chickens.

There were forty to fifty people!

How could a child who was not even seven years old have such terrifying strength?

He swallowed his saliva.

Li Fusheng turned around and glanced at the two strong guards behind him.

He noticed that there was no other abnormal expression on the guard’s face other than a little surprise.

Only then did he feel a little more confident.

These two were martial artists that the Li family had spent a lot of money to recruit from the Qingdu Port Martial Arts School.

After all, the world was not peaceful these days.

No matter whether it was traveling or traveling.

Without the protection of an expert, he was just a two-legged sheep in the eyes of the bandits and bandits.

Therefore, he had no choice.

As long as a family had some power, they would go to the dojo to hire a few martial artists as guards.

The guards who could follow Li Fusheng all year round.

Naturally, they were all good Martial Apprentices, and they could smash a few hundred kilograms of rocks with a single punch.

They had combat strength that ordinary people could not match.

With the two of them as trump cards.

Li Fusheng barely managed to maintain his composure on the surface.
He said sternly, “Father…l didn’t mean anything else.
I just went through a lot of trouble to find you a master to teach you martial arts.
Why are you not coming out?”

It sounded like he was still questioning her.

However, it was obvious.

At this moment, Li Fusheng was already afraid.

He looked at Li Yueming as if he was looking at a monster!

Li Yueming didn’t say anything.

A pair of eyes stared straight at him.

She was being stared at by those eyes that were as calm as water.

It was rare.

Li Fusheng actually felt a sense of heaviness from Li Yueming’s body!

It was as if the person standing in front of him was not a six-year-old youth.

Instead, it was an incomparably heavy behemoth!

After being stared at for a long time.

Li Fusheng was scared silly.

Her emotions were on the verge of collapse.

Just as Li Fusheng was about to give in to the pressure and was about to cry and beg for mercy…


The two Martial Apprentices behind Li Fusheng stood up.

One of the muscular men sized up Li Yueming and said, “”1 didn’t expect that a six-year-old could develop such a strong body.
As expected, heroes come from young people!”

Hearing this.

Li Yueming’s gaze also withdrew from Li Fusheng.

In fact, Li Yueming didn’t care about anyone in the Li Residence at all.

Whether they were dead or alive, they were just ant-like passersby to him.

As long as she didn’t provoke him.

The reason why she was holding onto Li Fu Sheng was because she wanted to get justice for her mother.

After all, this scumbag wouldn’t recognize anyone once he pulled up his pants.

If he didn’t teach him a deep lesson, wouldn’t his cheap mother’s grievances be in vain?

In reality.

Li Yueming was more interested in the two martial artists beside Li Fusheng.

After all, his main mission in this world was to obtain power and influence.

Therefore, he had no choice.

For a long time in the future.

Those martial artists who were at the peak were the opponents that Li

Yueming really needed to understand.

He casually crushed Li Fusheng’s legs.

He threw it on the ground like a dead dog.

Li Yueming looked at the two martial artists and said,””Oh? May I know what the two of you need?”

The muscular man looked at Li Fusheng, who was paralyzed.

His expression immediately darkened.

‘ Not really,” he said with a smile.” I just want you to know that it’s best to hide your sharpness before your fists are hard enough!’”‘

As he spoke.

The muscular man suddenly exerted strength from his waist.
He kicked.

This kick was made in anger, and it was very sharp and powerful.

It could shatter a 250 -kilogram boulder!

After all, Li Yueming was still so ruthless to Li Fusheng even when the two of them had already stood up.

To them, this was an extreme provocation.

The strong man naturally wouldn’t hold back.

Just as the muscular man thought that Li Yueming was about to pay the price for his arrogance.

What happened next shocked him!

However, Li Yueming arrived first.

His hands were like two iron pliers that grabbed his right leg.

He directly relied on his bull-like body to forcefully receive his kick!!!

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