rned how to walk.
She’s very clingy to you.
As soon as she learned how to walk, she followed behind you like a shadow.]

[Because of sufficient nutrition, you and your sister’s development is very fast.
You’re much stronger than your peers.]

[This abnormal situation has attracted the attention of a group of local ruffians in the sewers.]

[In the middle of the night, this group of scoundrels sneaked into your house and discovered your family’s secret.]

[You and your parents woke up from your sleep and fought desperately, but you were killed because you were outnumbered.]

[Your father was beaten to death on the spot.
His brain juice flowed all over the ground.
Mother was wantonly abused to death by a few local hooligans.]

[My sister survived because she was young, but she was also sold to an underground brothel by a few local ruffians.]

[In anger and indignation, you die.]

With the earthworm field behind the house.

In this deduction,

Li Yueming finally got rid of the awkward situation of having to pretend to starve.


Although he was no longer hungry.

Danger was still lurking everywhere.

This simulation.

He still could not escape the fate of dying at the age of fourteen.

Moreover, the final outcome was even more miserable than the previous simulation.

His father was beaten to death on the spot, and his sister was sold to a brothel by those scumbags.

Her mother was also abused by the local hooligans.

Looking at the last few messages of the deduction, Li Yueming raised his eyebrows.

After a long time, he complained weakly, “This couple has nothing to do every day.
Why are they always thinking about having another child? Aren’t they purely causing trouble for me?”

If they only needed to raise him, just him.

Others would at most be suspicious why they’d stop at just one.

But it was still acceptable for ordinary people to raise a child.

In the end, this couple was better.

They had given birth to another sister.

Moreover, she was also fair and chubby.
She did not look malnourished at all.

Wasn’t this going to be troublesome?

Other people only needed to use their brains to know that there was definitely a secret in their house.

He pitied his sister whom he had yet to meet.

She wasn’t even born yet.

She had already been sold twice during the deduction.

Every deduction was either sold or on the way to being sold.

‘Of course.’

Although he was complaining,

Li Yueming memorized the details of the hooligans in the deduction.

He wanted to see what kind of courage these lawless guys had.

He actually dared to attack the family of a transmigrator like him!

When he was a little older, he would let them know who’s boss.

The deduction ended.

Li Yueming was a little tired and dizzy.

Although he had played GG at the age of 14,

However, for Li Yueming, whose body had yet to fully develop, the mental burden was still very serious.

Fortunately, it was not without gains.

At the very least, after knowing that he had exposed the secret of the earthworm to his parents, he still had about five to ten years of peaceful development.

It had taken such a long time to prepare for him.

He could already think of ten thousand ways to kill those scumbags.

After a while.

Li Yueming finally regained some of his energy.


As long as he was still eating, the fact that there were earthworms at home could not be hidden from his parents.

Now that his parents were suspicious.

He might as well pretend to reveal this information to them.

Thinking of this,

Li Yueming stopped hesitating.

Not far away, under the gaze of his cheap parents, he slowly walked towards the backyard with a small wooden stick.

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