unty head.
Her family was powerful.

Third Mistress was also the daughter of a wealthy family.

Only the Fourth Mistress was born slightly worse.

However, it was also a slightly famous family in Gulou Town.

It could be said that no matter which room.

They were not people that Li Yueming, who was born as a servant girl, could afford to offend.

After Li Yueming was born.

Although the wives of several families were not too excessive.

But in private, he had embarrassed his cheap mother a lot.

When she was in confinement, she didn’t even have anyone to take care of her.

In the middle of winter, she had to go to the yard to fetch water to wash Li Yueming’s diapers.


Even so.

His mother remained silent.

Since no one was taking care of Li Yueming, she had to take care of him herself.

No one sent her food, so she planted some vegetables in the yard to fill her stomach.

He really couldn’t live anymore.

He ran to the front gate of the Li Residence and cursed.

Those ladies who cherished their feathers did not want to make a fool of themselves.

He could only pinch his nose and give something.

As time passed.

Everyone in the Imperial Residence was amazed by her strength.

However, only Li Yueming, who had been with her day and night, knew how many times his cheap mother had hidden under the blanket and cried secretly.

Time flew by.

Under the careful care of his cheap mother.

Li Yueming had successfully passed his first year in this world.

What was worth mentioning was…

On his first birthday.

This was the first time Li Yueming met his deadbeat father in this world.

The other party was a middle-aged man in his thirties.

She had a big belly.

Her face was full of bumps.

It was no wonder that his cheap mother would always look at him with hatred.

It was fine if an old cow ate young grass.

After eating and drinking to his heart’s content, he threw it aside and did not care.

His conscience was really eaten by a dog.

Facing the scumbag.

Li Yueming felt that he was quite skilled.

Unfortunately, he was too young to put it into action.

In the second year.

Li Yueming was one year old.

He had already learned how to walk.

However, because his body had not fully developed.

He didn’t even dare to exercise.

After all, the bones of a child’s body were too soft.

If she exercised at this time, it might affect her growth.

Therefore, he had no choice.

Li Yueming had no choice but to suppress his itching heart.

They lay low and waited for an opportunity.

Judging from the current situation.

Both mother and son were living quite miserably.

Every month, he would occasionally receive some rations and monthly payment, plus some vegetables grown by his mother.
He could barely ensure that he would not starve to death.

It was funny.

There was no place for them in the huge Li Residence.

Even the servants were living better lives than them.

Time flew by.

When he was two years old.

Li Yueming started to run.

As Li Fusheng’s biological son, he was not favored.

His identity was still slightly tougher than his cheap mother.

The servants in the residence probably wouldn’t even pay attention to his cheap mother if they saw her.

However, when she saw Li Yueming.

No matter what he thought.

On the surface, he still had to respectfully address him as Fifth Young Master.

With this layer of identity to rely on.

Li Yueming began to move around the Li Residence.

Of course.

The range of activity was very limited.

The school, the ancestral hall, and his cheapskate father’s study.

As well as Li Yueming, who was in the room of many concubines, they were all banned.

However, Li Yueming was obviously not interested in those places.

His target was the Li Residence’s library.

He was still too young.

There was a limit to what he could do.

The one with the highest benefits was naturally studying.

As long as he came into contact with the books in the library pavilion.

By infinitely deducing the power of this golden talent, he could quickly learn a huge amount of knowledge.

I’m finally done, so tired…

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