tarting from the 100-fold increase in origin energy talent, the effects of all your talents will be increased by 100 times!]

[Your talent, ‘Natural Fighter’ has been enhanced by 100 times by the origin energy and has been transformed into a purple talent, ‘Martial Dao Supreme’!]

[Supreme Martial Artist (Purple): You are a natural Supreme Martial Artist.
The speed at which you cultivate martial arts techniques and moves far exceeds that of ordinary people!]

[The rules of this reincarnation world are level 2.
Reincarnators can bring two talents into the reincarnation world!]

[Will you bind talents: Martial Dao Supreme (purple), Infinite Deduction (gold)?]

A series of information flashed across Li Yueming’s retina.

A natural born warrior.

Such a talent could be said to be tailor-made for martial arts.

Unfortunately, the starting level was relatively low.

There was only green.

Even after the 100-fold increase in origin energy, he only obtained a purple talent.

Fortunately, Li Yueming still had infinite deductions.

The two talents complemented each other.
The effect should be quite good when used.

After fixing the talent.

Li Yueming closed his eyes again.

He packed up the information he had just bought.

Then, he began to use his talent to deduce.

In addition.

What was worth mentioning was…

When the deduction talent was activated.

Li Yueming couldn’t predict the future.

Otherwise, there would be no end to the bug.

[o years old: You were born in a border town near the northern coastal port of

the Great Xia Dynasty!]

[Your grandfather is a small official in the coastal port, and your father is a well-known wealthy businessman in the town.

[However, you, who was born from a maidservant, were not very favored by father.]

[1 year old: You learned to walk and talk, but no one at home except your mother cares about you.]

[You’re the youngest young master in the family, and at the same time, you’re also the young master with the least say.
Other than giving you a few pitiful taels of silver every month, the residence doesn’t care about you at all!]

[4 years old: You have shown an extraordinary martial arts foundation.
You often practice boxing and martial arts alone in the courtyard.]

years old: Your father noticed your talent.
He didn’t care about you at first, but he hired a martial arts teacher for you.]


years old: You easily defeated a martial artist teacher in a spar.
Your extraordinary talent has finally attracted the attention of the whole family.] [When your grandfather heard the news, he even rushed home from the port.]


years old: You are getting stronger and stronger after practicing martial arts all year round.
Your existence makes your other brothers feel a huge threat.]


years old: You casually took a few pastries to taste when you attended the party of the Mayor.
When you got home that night, you started to vomit blood.

Before the doctor came, you were already on your last breath!]

years old: Your meridians are broken inch by inch, your martial arts talent is crippled, and you are once again recognized as a cripple in your family.]


years old: I heard that there are Gokudo Pugilists from the Free State and Holy Fire Missionaries from Western Europe who have landed at the port.
It seems that they have clashed with the local martial arts gangs in the Central Plains.]

[You don’t know the exact situation, but since then, the family’s business seems to have deteriorated a lot.]

years old: You are unwilling to live your life like a coward.
You want to put on a show of thirty years in the east and thirty years in the west, so you began to practice martial arts with all your might.]


years old: You’re dead.]

He looked at the three blood-red words in the deduction.

Li Yueming was speechless.

He didn’t expect that even though he had changed to a different world, he still hadn’t lived past the threshold of fourteen years old.

He changed the data slightly.

Li Yueming continued to try to deduce it a few times.

The results were similar.

As long as he showed the slightest threat, someone in the family would think of ways to get rid of him.

There were few times that he could live to adulthood.

Forget it.

They were just a bunch of punks.

As long as Li Yueming wanted to.

There were ten thousand ways to kill them with just a flick of his finger.

As for the specific plan, it was better to wait until he officially entered the world.

He had been reincarnated into such a strange Mid Level Martial World.

It seemed quite interesting.

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