t child.

It was necessary to understand the market price before buying something.

His consciousness had just sunk into the Reincarnator Forum.

Li Yueming’s worldview was instantly refreshed by the contents.

“Brothers, I met a fairy in the Xianxia World yesterday.
At that time, I thought I had found true love, but in the end, I found out that she was a Sea King.”

“Exposing a detestable drinker and inviting me to a restaurant for a meal.
In the end, he cheated me of more than 10,000 reincarnation points.
When he left, he even took off his f * cking pants.”

“Hahaha, although it’s a little unkind, I took a photo of Big Brother’s naked butt upstairs yesterday.
Those who want to see it will pay me eighty!”

” The front row is selling melon seeds, drinks, and mineral water.
The melon seeds are grown in my family’s spiritual fields.
They’re fragrant and sweet.
The mineral water comes from the Xianxia world.
Every sip is filled with the taste of fairies.
I even added more than ten purebred wild wolfberries to the drinks..

“Wang Defa, you were the one who cheated on me last time, right? I’m already outside your territory.
If you have the guts, come out and fight me one-on-one.
I’ll definitely give you a discount today!”

He swept his gaze over.

There were countless gossips.

There were also many merchants selling all kinds of strange and strange items.

Li Yueming was dazzled.

All along, the impression that reincarnators left on ordinary people was more serious.

However, he did not expect the difference between the two to be so great in the forum.

However, after thinking about it carefully.

Li Yueming was also relieved.

After all, reincarnators were also humans.

Just because they maintained their coldness in front of ordinary people did not mean that they would maintain their coldness in front of other reincarnators.

In the end, it was just a different circle.

He searched through the messy posts for a long time.


Li Yueming finally saw a post that was useful to him.

“A Guide to Avoiding Traps for Newcomers and Reincarnators”

The name of the post was a reincarnator who claimed to be a newcomer’s mentor.

If you want to see this guide, you need to pay 500 reincarnation points.

Li Yueming casually flipped through the comments below the post.

Basically, all of them had good reviews.

Therefore, Li Yueming spent 500 reincarnation points to buy one.

He opened the guide.

It recorded many things that new reincarnators needed to pay attention to.

For example, many of the people who sold all kinds of items in the reincarnator forum were scammers.
The lower the price, the easier it was to be cheated.

If rookies wanted to buy things, it was best to go to the reincarnator shop.

Although the things inside were about 10% more expensive than the ones outside, and they needed to pay 5% of the reincarnation mark’s commission.

However, they would not be deceived.

The other was the preparations that needed to be made before entering the reincarnation world.

For example, he could spend reincarnation points to buy a golden spoon.
With a golden spoon in his mouth, he had a higher chance of reincarnating into a rich family.

He could also spend reincarnation points to buy more detailed information about the reincarnation world…

Of course.

The guide to avoiding traps didn’t really recommend ordinary newbies to buy these things.

Born in a poor family, the difficulty of the simulation mark would be reduced accordingly.

After all, it was even more difficult for the commoners to counterattack.

He was born into a rich family.

The difficulty of increasing the score with the simulated imprint would be relatively higher.

After all, the children of wealthy families had a higher chance of making a name for themselves.

In summary.

The two canceled each other out.

It was useless to spend hundreds or thousands of reincarnation points to buy a rich birth.

As for the details of the reincarnation world.

The guide producers did not recommend ordinary reincarnators to buy it.

This thing could indeed allow reincarnators to understand more of the basic rules of the reincarnation world in advance.

However, the price-performance ratio was too low.

Most of the information he bought was rubbish.

The reincarnators could figure it out after living in the reincarnation world for a few years.

In addition.

After becoming a permanent reincarnator.

Reincarnators will lose the opportunity to choose their initial talent and will be replaced by the Reincarnation Mark.
He could only choose whichever talent he drew.

Of course.

If there were really too many reincarnation points to spend.

Reincarnators could also choose to buy dice that could be used to re-assign talents.

However, that thing was so expensive that it was almost equivalent to the total amount of resources needed to complete a C-class world’s reincarnation evaluation.

Very few people would spend money to make themselves unhappy.

That’s why.

That was why the permanent talent was so precious.

In the end.

The Lightning Protection Manual listed out a detailed list of prices.

According to the records on the price list.

Newbie reincarnators would have a general understanding of the pricing of various resources.

It seemed that the 500 reincarnation points were well spent!

After figuring out the price of the spiritual rice and the spiritual rice seeds.

Li Yueming opened the Reincarnator Shop and spent 6,000 reincarnation points to buy 500 catties of spiritual rice and 10 catties of spiritual rice seeds.

The spiritual rice could replenish energy and fill one’s stomach.

After all, he hadn’t had the time to eat after staying up all day.

As for the remaining seeds…

Naturally, they were all planted in the fragment’s small world.

That damn world fragment had swallowed 10,000 reincarnation points today.
Wouldn’t it be a huge loss if he didn’t quickly think of ways to squeeze it back?

Today’s second update!

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