e in the number of times his parents got intimate.

His sister, who was supposed to be born this year, also successfully avoided the fate of being sold in the future.

This year.

Li Yueming was four years old.

He had successfully changed his fate.

At the same time, information appeared in his mind.

[Successful change of fate!]

[The three-year-old you successfully stopped the younger sister who should have been born and successfully changed your fate!]

[The score of this simulated reincarnation has increased slightly!]

[Additional reward: 300 Reincarnation Points!]

[Part of the permanent reincarnation mark has been activated!]

He saw the information in the simulation mark.

Li Yueming became excited.

Reincarnation Points were the common currency of Reincarnators and could be used to trade and exchange for resources.

Additional reward: 300 Reincarnation Points.

It was enough for an ordinary person to spend two to three years in the real world.

Most importantly, the evaluation of the simulated reincarnation had also increased slightly.

He was one step closer to activating the permanent mark.

He had worked hard for so long.

He even kept one eye open when he slept.

Wasn’t it to change his fate and obtain the reward?

Now his perseverance has paid off.

Enduring this fate, the situation in Li Yueming’s family had changed drastically compared to their original fate.

But even so…

The food collected by his parents was still not enough for Li Yueming to develop healthily.

In order not to be hungry in the future, he had to find a food source as soon as possible to make himself stronger.

However, the resources in the sewers were very lacking.

Moreover, food was always in short supply.

Even if Li Yueming was a transmigrator, it was not easy to add more to his meal.

Fortunately, he happened to find relatively fertile soil behind his house.

There were actually many thumb-sized earthworms living in the ground!

These worms not only contain high levels of protein and carbohydrates.

It also contains a variety of trace elements and minerals required by the human body.

It could provide sufficient energy for Li Yueming’s growth!

Of course, it was impossible for Li Yueming to leak any information about such an important discovery.

After all, a man’s wealth was his own ruin.

Even his parents could only gather some insects and moss every day.

Occasionally, if one was especially lucky, they might be able to catch a few animals that had not mutated before The Cataclysm.

If other refugees discovered that their backyard could produce earthworms,

The consequences would definitely be terrifying.

In order not to attract attention, he began to play purposefully around the house every day.

He used a wooden stick to dig holes in the courtyard around the house.

In the beginning, there were adults who were curious about what he was doing.

As time passed, no one noticed.

He ate a few fat earthworms every day.

After half a year…

Li Yueming’s withered and yellowing hair became dark and dense, and his weak body became much stronger.

He looked clean and healthy, not at all malnourished.

[Successful change of fate!]

[At five years old, you’re fair and chubby.
You don’t look malnourished at all.
Father’s pressure also decreased because of your healthy growth and he successfully saved his arm!]

[The score for this simulated reincarnation has increased!]

[Additional reward: 1,000 Reincarnation Points!]

[Part of the permanent reincarnation mark has been activated!]

The simulation message came again.

This time, not only did Li Yueming successfully change his fate.

Even his cheapskate father’s fate had changed with him.

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