Son of God.
Victory will definitely belong to Humans!!!”

Li Yueming turned around and glanced at the few hundred survivors behind him.

He looked down at the corpses and broken bodies all over the ground.

It was just a glance.

The shocking scene on the battlefield was enough for him to know everything.

He said and asked nothing.

He looked at the endless tide of Rats not far away.

Li Yueming took a deep breath.

At the same time.

The newly developed breathing technique was activated at maximum power.

After adjusting every bone and muscle in his body.

Under the unbelievable and shocked gazes of all the guards,

Li Yueming was alone.

He actually rushed towards the tide alone!!!

On this day.

Blood dyed every inch of the Star Moon Alliance red.

Many years later.

The Star Moon Alliance stood at the peak of civilization.

However, this land was still red.

There was not even a blade of grass within a radius of hundreds of kilometers.

After the special long saber in Li Yueming’s hand cut it off,

He tore it apart with his hands.

After being strengthened, his body was already invulnerable.

The giant Rat’s all-out attack could at most leave a white mark on his skin.

In any case, as long as he felt tired,

Li Yueming circulated his breathing technique and kept absorbing the strange energy emitted from the giant Rat’s corpse.

The so-called strange energy was very violent.

Too much contamination will affect the consciousness and body of living creatures.

In serious cases, it might even mutate.

However, Li Yueming discovered during the process of decomposing the corpse.

After the strange energy absorbed by the living beings was filtered,

It turned into a relatively gentle energy.

It was far less violent than the ordinary energy dissipated in the air.

In order to absorb this energy,

Li Yueming racked his brains.

He spent a year and a half without sleep.

He did not even hesitate to use his lifespan to squeeze out his potential.


He had solved the mystery of the strange energy before the final battle ended.

A brand new breathing technique was created.

It could extract gentle energy from dead life forms.

With this, his combat strength increased by dozens of times!

As long as there were corpses around.


Li Yueming could transform into a tireless human-shaped killing machine.

Just like that.

As Li Yueming slaughtered the Rats, he plundered their strange bodies for his own use.

He did not know how many days he had been fighting.

He did not know how many Rats he had killed.


After he casually tore apart an exceptionally huge Rat,

The tide stopped.

The large group of Rats fled.

It quickly disappeared.

When the Royal Court guards found him.

The sun was setting.

Li Yueming stood on a pile of corpses that were more than 100 feet tall.

The red sunset merged with the blood on the ground.

It turned into a hellish world!

After so many years.

This day was called the birth of the new century by all Humans on Planet 3-024.

And the creator of the new century.

Li Yueming, whom later generations called the savior of human civilization.

They were hurriedly carried to the hospital by a group of people.

‘Pinky promise, never change for a hundred years…’

Li Yueming fulfilled a promise.

For this.

He had broken all his other promises!

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