Retract and hang yourself for a hundred years!

Drawing their sword.

The last of the Star Moon Alliance’s capable defenders stepped onto the city wall.

They began to prepare for the final battle.

At this moment.

All the guards of the Royal Court looked excited and determined.

Even if it was just to buy an extra hour.

Perhaps the Son of God could create a miracle in this hour.

And yet.

When all the members stepped onto the city wall and looked down.

At the intersection of the two defensive circles.

A black tide surged over!

—after a year and a half.

The tide of Rats had already decreased greatly.

But now…

The number of Rats attacking this time was several times more than the first!

Not only did mid-level mutated Rats appear,

There were also high-level mutated lifeforms that had never appeared on the main battlefield before!!!

Everyone was stunned for a moment.

Many people quickly reacted.


The only reason for this abnormality was that the Rats in the other shelters had come!

However, when they were at their wits’ end, the enemy’s strength had increased several times.

To the Star Moon Alliance, this was undoubtedly adding insult to injury!

At this moment.

All the members of the Alliance stood on the city wall.

They looked down at the Rats that were tightly packed together.

It was suffocating pressure!

It was enough to magnify the fear in people’s hearts.

Seeing this scene,

All the members’ faces turned pale.

It was not that they were afraid of death.

Instead, they were facing so many mutated Rats.

They might not even be able to stop them for a moment.

Li Xiyue’s face was also pale.

This was her first time on the battlefield.

There were all kinds of rotting corpses, white maggots, and murderous Rats.

It was extremely unfamiliar to her.

But even so…

She forced herself to calm down.

She was Li Yueming’s sister.


She had to do everything to the best of her ability!

She raised her rapier.

Li Xiyue said with a pale face, “Charge!”

Her voice was soft.

But in the current environment.

Even if it was just a single word.

It also took a lot of courage.

Hearing her command.

The Royal Court guards also calmed down from the chaos.

Everyone raised their swords.

The current Star Moon Alliance.

Except for the swords they carried with them.

There were no longer any usable weapons.


In the endless Rat tide,

The 1,000-odd guards of the Royal Court were like insignificant stones.

But it was such a small stone.

Now, they had to face the huge waves alone.

The Rat tide was getting closer and closer.

Under the lead of the high-level giant Rat,

They quickly climbed the city wall.

One meter…

Two meters…

Three meters…

Gradually, more and more mutated giant Rats climbed up the wall.

They looked at the terrifying monsters baring their teeth at them.

The soldiers’ angry roars sounded extremely majestic.


“Protect Princess Xiyue!”

The guards surrounded Li Xiyue in the center of the crowd.

And themselves.

They held their longswords and started fighting the mutated giant Rats.

After learning the breathing technique.

The combat strength of these guards had long exceeded the limits of ordinary Humans.


As soon as they crossed weapons.

Many soldiers relied on their sharp blades and immense strength.

One killed nearly a hundred giant Rats.

But before many people could rejoice, their lives came to an abrupt end.

More giant Rats swarmed forward.

Even a low-level mutated Rat was the size of a basketball.

Thousands of them pounced over.

It instantly gnawed the outermost guards into bones.

For a moment, screams could be heard everywhere.

It was like the most hair-raising symphony in the world.


Row after row of guards fell.

Seeing that the situation was bad, the remaining members began to retreat.

As they retreated.

Someone shouted from the side, “Quickly send Princess Xiyue to the beacon tower.
We can die, but nothing must happen to the Princess!”


A group of people roughly lifted Li Xiyue up high.

Moreover, a human ladder was forcefully built in the Rattide.

The beacon tower they were talking about was something similar to a watchtower on the city wall.

This was because every battle required him to observe the movements of the mutated creatures in advance.

Therefore, the watchtower was set extremely high.

It could effectively prevent Rats from attacking.


This group of soldiers was prepared to exchange their lives for Li Xiyue’s survival.

The entire scene was very chaotic.

The group was flustered.

They wanted to hide Li Xiyue.

Although Li Xiyue also cultivated the breathing technique,

But she was still young.

And she was a girl.

Facing a group of fully armed Royal Court guards,

She had no means of resisting.

And yet.

Just as the group of guards set up the human ladder and were about to send Li Xiyue into the watchtower…


An exceptionally strong mutated giant Rat tore open the outer defense of the Royal Court’s guards.

It suddenly bit towards Li Xiyue, who was in the center!

Its sharp fangs were like a sword.

Come to think of it,

If this attack hits…

Li Xiyue was likely to be killed on the spot.

Around her.

The members of the Royal Court’s guards were all furious.

They charged forward without a care for his life.

Everyone wanted to stop this high-level mutated Rat.

And yet.

The longswords in their hands slashed at the giant Rat’s body, but they could only scratch its fur.

Not even blood splattered.

The giant Rat looked at them provocatively.

His gaze revealed human-like contempt and resentment.

He easily shook off all the guards around him and approached Li Xiyue at an unstoppable speed!


This fellow had long recognized that this girl in front of them was the one who caused them to suffer the greatest losses in this attack.

Moreover, he could not wait to tear her into pieces!

Looking at the terrifying monster that was getting closer and closer to her.

A rare look of fear appeared on Li Xiyue’s pale face.

Although she was already prepared to die in battle before coming,

But for some reason…

When the monster really approached.

Only then did Li Xiyue smell fear in the increasingly dense aura of death.

Am I going to die?

She was going to die!

But why did she suddenly feel a little indignant?

She closed her eyes in despair.


In a daze, she recalled the scene when she made an agreement with Li Yueming a year ago.

‘Pinky promise, never change for a hundred years…’

In her mind, Li Yueming’s lively face made her think that their agreement had happened yesterday.

In the past,

Whether it was a promise to tell her a story or a promise to spend her birthday with her.

Or she could go to her parent-teacher conference before she promised.

This child’s hand-holding trick would eventually end with Li Yueming breaking his promise.

Because Li Yueming was always like this.

When he was busy, he would forget everything he had promised her.


She would also feel a little unhappy, but she would not really be angry every time.

After all, her parents had told her when she was young.

Her brother was a genius.

Geniuses were born to do great things.

Therefore, she could not expect her brother to grow up with her like the brothers of other children.

Later, she realized that this was indeed the case.

Li Yueming was really too busy.

Sometimes, even she would not see him for half a month.

Once he started researching,

He even locked himself in his room for two to three months without taking a step out.

However, this did not stop her from playing such a childish game with Li Yueming.

Although she knew that Li Yueming would eventually die,

But she still enjoyed it.

Two people closest to each other would always accommodate each other, right?

Her brother could not grow up with her.

Then wouldn’t it be good to play childish games with her occasionally?

Pinky swear…

No change for a hundred years!

But this time.

It seemed that it was finally her turn to break her promise!

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