Capturing the Survivor Base, Gu Tianye with Complex Emotions!

“I, Gu Tianye, am here on the orders of the Son of God of the Star Moon Alliance to take over the position of the leader of the survivor base!”

“Anyone who dares to stop me… will be killed without mercy!”

In the crowd.

Gu Tianye’s voice was filled with killing intent.

And behind him.

The members of the Exploration Team and the Hunter Team also silently gripped the weapons in their hands.

But no matter how one looked at it,

Facing the survivor base’s nearly 10,000 guards with 500 people was no different from an egg hitting a rock.


When hearing Gu Tianye’s words,

The three brothers all thought that they were hallucinating.


After hearing the name Gu Tianye,

Only then did the three brothers’ expressions become slightly more solemn.

The tall and thin second brother sized Gu Tianye up.

Only then did he realize something.
“I thought that some amazing big shot had come to our 0911 survivor base.
I didn’t expect it to be you!”

Behind him.

The gloomy third brother also smiled and said, “Why? You’ve grown up after not seeing us for three years? I think you’re not very capable, but you’re quite arrogant! You want to covet the position of leader with just a small army? You simply don’t know what death looks like!”

Gu Tianye looked at his three half-brothers.

There was no extra expression on his face.

There was only endless coldness.

He clenched his fists with one hand.

Behind him, the team members drew their weapons when they saw the order.


There were no words.

The first collision between the Surface World and the Underground World produced intense sparks.

The two sides collided.


The three brothers’ mocking expressions immediately froze.


As the war continued.

The three brothers felt a chill run down their spines.

Not far away.

The 500 team members all looked like humanoid beasts.

Tens of thousands of people from the Surface World were like paper mache lambs in front of them.

After a few rounds, the formation was easily torn apart.

Just as the Surface World Guards’ minds were still stiff and at a loss.

In the team.

Gu Tianye single-handedly passed everyone and charged towards the three brothers in the center of the crowd.

As the sub-captain of the Hunter team.

No doubt.

Gu Tianye also learned the breathing technique created by Li Yueming.


Now, he was also a part of something powerful.

His three brothers, who used to be insufferably arrogant, could not resist him at all.

He easily got rid of the three brothers’ personal guards.

Gu Tianye did not even bat an eyelid.

He raised his hand and slashed down.

With one swoop, he beheaded the eldest of the three brothers.


Blood splattered everywhere.

Many of them were still emitting hot temperatures.

Such a scene.

The two brothers beside him instantly peed their pants.

Trembling, he knelt on the ground and said without thinking, “Fourth Brother, we’re half-brothers!”

Gu Tianye lifted the head of his eldest son and said coldly, “Oh? When you plotted to kill my mother, you never considered me your brother!”


He ignored the two brothers who were kowtowing on the ground.

In the distance.

The members of the Underground World team were still fighting the Surface World guards.

However, the current Surface World Guards had already been killed by the team members.

Although there were only 500 of them,

But each of them was like a grim reaper from hell.

Easily reaping their lives.

Seeing this situation,

Gu Tianye knew that the time had come.

He stood at a high point.

He hung the eldest brother’s head on the sword hilt and raised it high.
“Everyone, listen up.
Gu Tiantang is already dead.
As long as all the guards put down their weapons, the Son of God can let bygones be bygones!”

Hearing this message,

The guards who were still resisting turned around in shock.

After seeing Gu Tiantang’s head hanging on the sword hilt,

Everyone immediately panicked.

The old leader of the survivor base was on his last breath.

Gu Tiantang was the leader’s eldest son.

He was also the son with the highest chance of inheriting the position of leader.

But now…

Even the new leader’s head was hung on the hilt of his sword.

When the remaining soldiers saw that the situation was not good, they naturally lost the will to continue fighting.

They began to raise their hands in surrender.

In response.

The members of the Underground World stopped killing.

After all, they were all humans fighting for different factions.

It was easy to have nightmares after killing too many.

At this point.

The three-year-long struggle for the leadership of the survivor base came to an end.

The fourth son of the leader, who had been pronounced dead three years ago, suddenly came to life.

Moreover, he returned in a domineering manner that no one could imagine.

In less than half a day, he had inherited the position of the new leader.
All the members of the base raised their hands and feet in agreement.

As for those who disagreed?


Their hands and feet were chopped, minced, and fed to the dogs.

After everything settled down.

Gu Tianye was brought to the old leader’s tent.

Looking at his familiar yet unfamiliar father, Gu Tianye asked, “Do you have anything to say?”

The old leader looked at the scarlet blood on his face.

He sighed and shook his head.

“Since you have nothing to say, it’s my turn to ask!” Gu Tianye paused and said, “If I remember correctly, you used to be the city defense captain of Fallout Shelter 0911?”

The old leader nodded weakly.

Gu Tianye continued to ask, “Have you heard of a person called Zhou Shenhai? He should be a squad leader!”

The old leader pondered for a long time and finally shook his head.
“I knew all the captains of the city defense team at that time.
There was no such person!”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.
The surviving city defense team followed me to the survivor base.
The rest died in that disaster!”

Looking at the suspicious expression on Gu Tianye’s face,

The old leader smiled bleakly and said, “Child, if you don’t want to believe me, there are documents of the city defense soldiers in that box.
You’ll know when you look through them!”

Gu Tianye nodded.

Actually, he was not very interested in this information.

However, these questions were specially asked by Li Yueming before he left.

He could now obtain a list of the city defense forces’ personnel.

It could be considered a satisfactory explanation.

When he was done,

All the tasks assigned by Li Yueming had basically been completed.

Gu Tianye heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked at the old leader lying on the bed.

His expression was a little complicated.

No doubt.

As a leader.

The old man was undoubtedly qualified.

He led all the survivors of Shelter 0911 to safety and established this survival base.

Shelter 0911 was preserved.

But as a father,

The old man was a failure.

Gu Tianye, who had never received his father’s love since he was young, often felt that he should not have been born.

After all, the Human world was miserable.

If he could not have a happy life, he might as well not be born.

It had been a long time.

He gritted his teeth in hatred for his biological father.

But now…

He looked at the dying old man lying on the hospital bed.

No matter how much hatred he had in his heart.

He could not continue to show it outwardly.

The old man seemed to have sensed the struggle in his heart.

A few drops of tears flowed from the corner of his muddy eyes.

With a hoarse and trembling voice, he said, “Child, now is the moment of life and death for Human civilization.
The continuation of the hundreds of thousands of survivors of Fallout Shelter 0911… is in your hands!”

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