Kill Anyone Who Stops Me!

On this day.

Li Yueming once again gathered all the members of the Star Moon Alliance for a meeting.

He looked at Gu Tianye, who had already gotten married and had children in the Underground World not far away.

He asked with interest, “Do you want to be the leader?”

Hearing this,

The smile on Gu Tianye’s face instantly changed.

His face turned pale.

Lying on the ground, he said in fear and trepidation, “Boss, are you joking with me? Even if you give me the guts of ten thousand men, I won’t dare to rebel against you!”

He looked at Gu Tianye, who was kneeling on the ground and trembling.

Only then did Li Yueming realize that Gu Tianye seemed to have misunderstood him.

He quickly corrected.
“You seem to have misunderstood something.
I mean, I want you to be a leader somewhere else!”

The doubt on Gu Tianye’s face deepened.


He had yet to catch up with Li Yueming’s train of thought.

After chewing for a long time.

Gu Tianye looked uncertain as he probed, “You mean…”

He felt the puzzled gazes of his cadres.

Li Yueming said honestly, “I plan to let you return to the 0911 Survivors Alliance and become the leader of the Survivors Alliance as soon as possible.”

Hearing this,

Only then did the group understand the reason for Li Yueming’s meeting.

After three years of steady expansion.

Currently, the Star Moon Alliance has already established itself on the Surface World.

At that moment.

After solving the internal Alliance problems,

Li Yueming began to carry out his expansion plan in an orderly manner.

Gu Tianye scratched his head.

He said in embarrassment, “But Boss, you should know that I’ve never been liked by my father since I was young…”

His tone was very tactful.

But the meaning was clear.

Not to mention whether his sickly father was dead or not.

Even if his father was still alive.

He was a bastard son who had been kicked out of the core circle of power by a group of brothers three years ago.

Gu Tianye did not have any cards that he could show off.

Under such circumstances,

Not to mention becoming the leader.

Whether or not he could protect his own life was a problem.

In response.

Li Yueming was naturally prepared.

He pointed at the Hunter team behind Gu Tianye and said, “You can bring a Hunter team back.
Is this enough?”

Gu Tianye heard this.

He was stunned.

He turned around and looked at the Hunter team that had expanded to more than 300 people.

His entire body trembled.

Seeing that he did not agree immediately,

Li Yueming waved his hand and said, “If it still doesn’t work, I’ll give you another Exploration Team!”

Hearing this,

Gu Tianye began to tremble uncontrollably.

As a captive.

There had always been a gap between Gu Tianye and the orthodox members of the Alliance.

After all, no matter what,

His initial identity was that of a captive.

Moreover, he was not native of the Underground World.

Even though he had completely integrated into the Underground World.

No one showed any distance in front of him because of his identity.

However, Gu Tianye was well aware of this.

Everything he had now was thanks to Li Yueming.

A capable wife, a beautiful daughter, and a house of his own.

In fact…

His daughter could also enjoy free education in the Underground World.

Everything was so extravagant for him.

If it wasn’t for Li Yueming’s unconventional decision to promote him, he wouldn’t even know what kind of trash he would be.

But now…

Li Yueming waved his hand.

He handed over the two most elite teams of the Underground World to him.

He was prepared to support him to become the new leader of the survivor base.

For a moment.

Gu Tianye did not even know what to say to express his current feelings.

There was no hesitation.

He knelt on the ground and kowtowed.
“Enough, enough.
I, Gu Tianye, will not let you down!”

As the branch leader of the Exploration Team,

No one knew better than him how terrifying the most elite forces of the Underground World were.

After practicing the breathing technique developed by Li Yueming,

These team members all had strength that surpassed the limits of human physical fitness.

Even ordinary mutated creatures.

They could also easily kill with their unreasonably powerful bodies.

With their support.

Gu Tianye estimated that even a pig could become the leader of the survivor base.

And so.

After a short period of preparation.

The two elite teams of the Underground World came out that night.

Nearly 500 fully armed members of the team walked in an orderly manner, like a mighty wave of steel heading towards the survivor base!!

Ten days later.

Gu Tianye arrived at the edge of the fallout shelter base.

As soon as he got close.

He was discovered by the patrolling guards nearby.

Looking at this group of murderous fellows, the patrolling guards did not even dare to fart.

They fled in a flash.

Roaring as they fled.

Half a day later.

Tens of thousands of men from the survivor base surrounded Gu Tianye with all kinds of crude weapons.

The leader.

The sons of the three leaders walked out of the crowd.

He sized up the army that had appeared out of nowhere and said warily, “Put down your weapons and surrender.
I can spare your lives!”

And yet.

Even though they were surrounded by tens of thousands of soldiers.

The hundreds of people in front of him still did not panic.

Looking at them.

There was even a faint… feeling that they were being taunted?

This puzzled the sons of the three leaders.

But soon.

Something that caused their pupils to constrict appeared.

Five hundred soldiers parted to the left and right.

In the middle, a man who looked similar to them appeared in front of them.

The three of them looked at each other.

Among them, the boss who held the power of the base said, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

In the crowd.

Gu Tianye, who had initially thought that his appearance was impressive, suddenly revealed an awkward expression.

He knew.

His brothers had long forgotten about him.

Perhaps in their eyes.

On that day three years ago, it was only an unimportant insect that died, right?

But they probably wouldn’t even dream of this day.

Every dog has its day.

One day.

A lowly insect like him could also transform into a dragon one day!

Thinking of this,

Gu Tianye took a deep breath.

He suppressed all the emotions that shouldn’t have appeared in his heart.


His life no longer belonged to him.

What he had to do.

It was to carry out Li Yueming’s orders meticulously.

He would do anything for it.

At this point.

Gu Tianye’s excited expression gradually turned cold.

He immediately said coldly, “I, Gu Tianye, am here on the orders of the Son of God of the Star Moon Alliance to take over the position of the leader of the survivor base! Anyone who dares to stop me… will be killed without mercy!”

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