Key Information to the Surface World!

That night.

Li Yueming, Wang Fei, and the others held a simple banquet together.

Although there was neither wine nor food at the banquet.

But to Li Yueming.

Happiness was something that no amount of food or wine could buy.

A group of people surrounded the fire, singing and dancing.

He was excited.

Li Yueming even personally taught the youngsters some simple dances.

He had been in this world for so long.

It had been so long.

This was the first time Li Yueming had shed his disguise.

He was no longer wearing a heavy mask.

Just like that.

Li Yueming celebrated his fifteenth birthday.

That morning.

When all the teenagers slept.

Li Yueming got up from the ground.

His eyes were very clear.

Playing and relaxing in the simulation world was a rare enjoyment.

However, Li Yueming did not intend to let himself indulge for too long.


His existence was just a passerby in this world.

He came in a hurry.

He’ll leave without a trace.

He could not take away a single leaf.

Bonds and feelings.

It was not a good thing to be too immersed.

Not far away.

In the prison wagon.

One of the three kings, Zhou Shenhai, was sleeping.

Li Yueming glanced at him.

But just as he was about to leave…

The eldest of the three kings, Zhou Wuhai, suddenly stood up from the prison.

A pair of fierce and cold eyes appeared under his messy hair.

In the prison.

Zhou Wuhai said, “Long time no see.”

Li Yueming also looked at him and nodded.
“If I remember correctly, it has indeed been a long time.”

Zhou Wuhai said with a complicated expression, “I didn’t expect to meet you in such a way.”

Li Yueming did not reply.

Last time.

The three Zhou brothers stood on the high platform.

All eyes were on him.

At that time, Li Yueming was just a bug that they could easily kill.

But it had only been two years.

Everything had been reversed.

Li Yueming had become a high and mighty existence that could not be taken lightly.

As for the three kings back then,

They became an unkempt prisoner.

It could only be said that fate was so magical.

Li Yueming did not reply.

He silently looked at Zhou Wuhai, waiting for him to reveal his purpose.

After all, he did not think that Zhou Wuhai would go through so much trouble.

His ultimate goal was to come here and express his thoughts to him.

Seeing that Li Yueming did not respond,

Zhou Wuhai smiled again, but this time with a hint of self-mockery.
“If I didn’t believe you could overthrow our rule in the past, now you’ve slapped us three brothers back to reality until our faces are swollen.
To be honest, I’m very curious about how you did it!”

Li Yueming still did not reply.

However, there was already a hint of impatience in his expression.

Zhou Wuhai also knew that he was a little wishy-washy now.

However, before they officially entered the topic.

He really had a lot of doubts and questions to ask.

Yet Li Yueming avoided all of them.

He could only sigh helplessly.
“Forget it.
Since you don’t want to tell me, let me ask you personally!”

As soon as he finished speaking.

Zhou Wuhai exerted force with his two strong palms.


There was a tooth-rattling noise from the prison van holding him.

The next second.

The two wooden sticks fixed to the prisoner carriage were snapped by his stretching.


His mountainous body squeezed out of the prison cart.

The prison cart and handcuffs that the Star Moon Alliance members had prepared for him were as fragile as paper in the face of absolute physical strength!

Zhou Wuhai stepped into the ground.

He looked at Li Yueming proudly and clapped his hands.
“How is it? Are you interested in talking to me now?”


Zhou Wuhai was caught by the Alliance on purpose.

It was to get an appearance directly with Li Yueming.

In response.

Li Yueming asked in surprise, “Talk? What’s there to talk about between us?”

When he saw Zhou Wuhai.

It would be a lie to say that Li Yueming was not surprised at all.

However, he was only a little surprised.

Actually, Zhou Wuhai had overestimated himself.

From beginning to end.

Li Yueming had never treated him as an opponent.

Zhou Wuhai looked around.

After confirming that there was no one else around,

Then, he said calmly, “Everyone has food to eat and clothes to wear… I’ve always thought that it was just a slogan, but you’ve really established an orderly underground kingdom! Are you really prepared to march into the Surface World?”

In response.

Li Yueming still could not muster much energy.

He said calmly, “No matter what, I advise you not to resist uselessly.
Building a peaceful world is coming to fruition.
You can’t stop it!”

Zhou Wuhai stared at him for a long time.

He suddenly said, “I’ve been to the Surface World!”

The moment he said this,

Li Yueming suddenly became alert.

How to go to the Surface World has always been Li Yueming’s problem.

After all, if he couldn’t find a way out, he would be trapped in the Underground World for the rest of his life.

No matter how outstanding Li Yueming’s performance was, it was impossible for him to exceed the S-rank score.

However, as he deduced again and again,

No matter what method he tried to use to enter the Surface World.

But every time, he would die after living for a few days.

Originally, he planned to continue deducing after successfully cultivating the breathing technique.

But now, this tall man in front of him actually said that he had been to the Surface World?

And most importantly, he actually came back alive?

Such important information.

Li Yueming could not help but pay attention.

He sensed Li Yueming’s sudden change in aura.

Zhou Wuhai’s rough face revealed a cruel smile.
“You look puzzled? That’s right.
There are no records of the Surface World in the documents and materials of the Underground World! After all, I erased those things myself…”

Hearing this…

Li Yueming’s pupils constrict.

Previously, he had tried to collect more information related to the Surface World.

However, other than some rough descriptions of the Surface World,

Other recent details about the Surface World are blank.

At that time, he already felt that something was strange.

He did not expect that the one behind all this was actually this guy in front of him.

Zhou Wuhai finally stopped beating around the bush.

He stretched his arms and muscles.

With his hands behind his back, he said proudly, “I’m the only one in the entire Underground World who knows about the Surface World.
If you want to know too… defeat me head-on.
I can tell you everything I know!”


Zhou Wuhai straightened his legs.

He assumed a posture.

It was obvious that he was prepared to fight Li Yueming.

Of course.

Zhou Wuhai had absolute confidence in his physical fitness and combat experience.

According to his rough estimation,

Even if Li Yueming tried his best.

At most, he could arm wrestle with him.

Defeating him was definitely an impossible challenge.

And yet.

Zhou Wuhai soon realized his mistake.

And it was ridiculously wrong!!!

His provocative words had just ended.

Li Yueming, who was harmless before, suddenly took a deep breath.

His entire body expanded like a balloon.

Before Zhou Wuhai could react.

In the blink of an eye, Li Yueming had already jumped into the air.

He kicked out in the air.

Because it was too fast.

Zhou Wuhai even heard a sonic boom.

It was hard to imagine what kind of monster’s physical strength could unleash such an unreasonable attack!

Zhou Wuhai was scared out of his wits.

At the critical moment.

His strong desire to live made him raise his arm.

He barely managed to block this fatal kick with his arm.

And yet.

Even so.

The bones in his arm cracked.

It was clearly broken by a kick.

Moreover, the strength coming from Li Yueming’s feet did not decrease at all.

The remaining force sent him flying!

Zhou Wuhai felt as if he had been sent flying by a mud cart.

He flew for more than ten meters before landing.

He fell to the ground and coughed up blood.
The prison cart not far away was shattered by such a huge force.

Dust filled the air.

Li Yueming slowly walked up to him and stood still.

With a cold expression, he said, “Pay attention to your current status.
A prisoner should act like a prisoner! Also, my patience is limited.
I’ll give you three minutes.
If you don’t tell me, you’ll die!”

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