Origin Force, Talent A Hundredfold Increase

“Everyone, today is the day of reincarnation!”

“Training hard for eighteen years, whether I can become a coveted Reincarnator depends on this…”

“Here, I’ll repeat the things to take note of in the Reincarnation World one last time!”

“First, enter the Reincarnation World.
You will all have a chance to draw a companion talent.
This talent is very important to you.
You must choose carefully!”

Time flows differently in the Reincarnation World from the Real World.
No matter how long you stay in the Reincarnation World, only an hour will pass in the Real World!”

“Third, the more influence you have in the Reincarnation World, the higher the score you will obtain when you leave! If you want to become a Reincarnator, you have to obtain a score above C- in your first simulation!”

“Fourth, under normal circumstances, the Reincarnator’s activities in the Reincarnation World will not affect them in the Real World.
However, remember not to expose your identity during the process!”

“Now, please step forward!”

“Wu Lei, Jiang Tao, Wang Xiaoming…”

In Dragon Country, Linjiang Second High School.

The middle-aged bald principal stood on the podium and shouted.

This was a world where everyone simulated reincarnation.

Every young man had a chance to take the reincarnation test when they were 18 years old.

Only by obtaining a C- grade in the assessment.

Only then could one be awarded the reincarnation mark and become an official Reincarnator.

In this world filled with dark energy, ordinary people did not have the ability to survive alone in the wild.

If he wanted to survive, he could only survive in a city protected by the Reincarnators.

They would do anything for the Reincarnators who protect them.

In other words, only the official Reincarnators who had the official mark were truly the best in this world.

Among them, the strongest batch of Reincarnators could even deflect nuclear bomb attacks.

Not far away.

Li Yueming had a complicated expression on his face.

As a transmigrator, he had been in this world for 18 years.

In these eighteen years, in order to fight for a better future, he did not dare to slack off for a day.

But even so…

Other than his good grades, he was still mediocre and did not achieve anything to his name.

On the stage, the principal finished the final round of mobilization.

The next second, a silver mark appeared on the wrists of all the candidates in the field.

The mark shimmered.

In an instant, all the examinees disappeared from the examination hall.

[Welcome to the Reincarnation Space!]

[You are currently simulating the birth mother’s womb.]

[Temporary Reincarnator detected: Li Yueming]

[Reincarnation Mark Level: None]

[Talent: None]

[Fixable Talent Title: 1]

[Do you want to start simulating reincarnation?]


Li Yueming took a deep breath.

There was no hesitation.

He clicked confirm.

[World loading…]

[World loading successful.
Planet serial number 3-024!]

[The Reincarnator is currently in the mother’s womb.
After the initial introduction, you can enter the Reincarnation World.]

[Introducing the background of the Reincarnation World!]

[This is a wasteland world after the Cataclysm.
After an unexplainable violent explosion,, the order that Humans are proud of shattered in the explosion that was enough to destroy the world.
All kinds of strange substances spread with the explosion and wandered around the world!]

[Infected by a strange substance, Humans, animals, and plants have become violent and aggressive!]

[All kinds of monsters keep emerging like bamboo shoots after a rain.
They are very aggressive and carnivorous.
They pose a huge threat to the survival of ordinary creatures.]

[The remaining Humans had no choice

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