Chifuyu had changed into a different attire than his Alabaster attire at the rooftop of the empty tall building he lives at and he stepped down to the sidewalk and begins walking to a small shop to buy groceries, but someone bumped into him when he was about to make a turn.

”Ow, ow… ” Chifuyu sat down as he rubbed his aching head, thats when he realized a boy the same age as him is who bumped into him. The boy had short copper-brown hair that could be considered neat and messy at the same time, and his amber eyes opened as he sat down.

”Ah, I-Im sorry! ” the boy apologized as the two of them stood up, discovering the two were the same height.

”No problem, just be careful next time. ” Chifuyu tried his best to be patient, his lips that formed a fake smile twitched slightly.

”Oh, you
e not from around here, are you? ” the boy noticed Chifuyu was Japanese.

”You have a problem with that? ” Chifuyu gave him a cold gaze.

”Oh, no, no, no! No problem at all! Im sorry! ” the boy didn expect his reaction and bowed in apology once more.

”Forget it, ” Chifuyu gave the boy a pat and walked pass him, continuing his journey to the grocery store. The brown-haired boy turned to watch Chifuyu disappear out of sight, dazing with wonderment in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Eve was walking to her fathers office in the house and pushed open the door, holding the one-of-a-kind diamond watch in her hand that she hid behind her back.

”Hello, Eve. ” Taylor greeted his daughter without turning away from his papers, allowing Eve to stop in front of his desk.

”Dad, I have something that Im not sure what it is. Do you want to take a look? ” Eve was hesitant, still hiding the object behind her back.

”Why did you take it if you don know what it is? It could be a bomb, where is it? ” Taylor puts down his papers, and Eve showed him the watch in her hand that made her fathers eyes widen in an instant. It was a shocked expression Eve only see on her fathers face when he witnessed something overwhelmingly shocking, with a hint of horror like when he discovered his wife had a deadly illness. ”What in the world?! Eve, where did you get this?!! ” Taylor took the watch from her hand, holding it as if it was an extremely fragile item, while Eve remembered Chifuyu was dangling it like it was a banana peel.

”W-What is it? ” Eve was hesitantly curious.

”This is a watch owned by the dangerous mafia leader, Ian Heir. Only one exists in the world and only he has it, this is his favourite treasure and he always had it with him. ” Taylor explained.

”Tsuguha-kun broke into a mafia leaders house??!!! ” Eve screamed in her head.

”Eve, where did you get this? Its impossible you would do it on your own, unless you actually explain to me how you got it. ” Taylor interrogated his daughter, ”Im worried they would come for you, please tell me, Im worried for your safety. ” He told her.

Chifuyu jumped to her window and removed his mask as he sat down, while Eve was flopped face down on her bed to show her exhaustion.

”You showed the watch to your old man? ” Chifuyu asked her with a slight gloat on his handsome face.

”I don even remember how I got out of Dads interrogation anymore… ” Eves voice was faint because her face was buried into the cushion of her bed.

”Im not surprised he interrogated you, that watch is worth more than the effort I spent. ” Chifuyu shrugged.

”And how much effort did you spent exactly? ” Eve sat down at the edge of her bed.

”Almost none, ” his mischievous grin rose on Chifuyus face, ”The security of that mans estate was extreme compared to normal estates, it was fun breaking into. ” His smile tells Eve hes shrewder than he looks.

e really full of surprises, are you…? ” Eve sighed.

”Don move! ” Taylor suddenly broke into the room, surprising both Eve and Chifuyu.

”Dad?! ” Eve jumped in surprise, as Chifuyu stood up to take a stance because Taylor had a long-range taser in his grip. ”No, don , Dad! ” Eve puts herself in front of Chifuyu.

”Eve, ” Chifuyu didn expect her action, but Taylor shot the taser anyways. ”Watch out! ” Chifuyu quickly took action and pushed Eve aside, letting the taser hit him and knock him unconscious.

”Tsuguha-kun… ” Eve was flabbergasted, nearly speechless as her father approached Chifuyu to examine him.

”Hes the survivor of The Reapers murder 5 years ago, isn he? ” Taylor turned his head to Eve, ”You just said Tsuguha-kun, and the Tsuguha family was a part of The Reapers victims. ” He added.

”Huh…? ” Eve was surprised and clueless.

Chifuyu opened his eyes and found himself tied up on a wooden chair in front of the investigators desk, Taylor was sitting on his chair with his elbows rested on the desk as he gave Chifuyu a strong look, while Eve was standing next to her father.

”You woke up sooner than expected, Alabaster, or should I say, Tsuguha Chifuyu-kun. ” Taylor greeted him, while Chifuyu was trying to move in the ropes sustaining him.

”What is the meaning of this? ” Chifuyu was annoyed.

”I want to talk to you, Tsuguha-kun. This is very important, ” Taylor stood up from his chair and approached Chifuyu, who was giving him an unwelcoming look. ”Eve admitted to me that it was your idea to investigate Rose Wrights house, so technically you
e the one who helped me with the kidnapping case. ” He said calmly, and Chifuyu gave Eve an irritated glance before looking back to the investigator, making Eve slightly nervous.

”So what? ” Chifuyu was not relaxing his tone.

”And this, you
e the one who got this and gave it to Eve, right? ” Taylor raised the watch in front of Chifuyus face, ”Ive been following your mischief, Alabaster. I wouldn lie, you are indeed an astute, intelligent, and agile delinquent. ” He added with a serious voice.

”Im just an average delinquent, nothing special. ” Chifuyu didn relax his bitter gaze, showing how he dislikes Paris people.

”An average delinquent doesn break into the houses of terrible people and donate them to the underprivileged or spread their possessions across the town, Tsuguha-kun. ” Taylor told him firmly, his statement surprising both Chifuyu and Eve.

”His targets were all evil people and he doesn keep his thievery objects to himself…? ” was the thought in Eves head, remembering it was just a game Chifuyu likes to play.

”Im impressed you know some about my activities, old man. ” Chifuyu smirked, tilting his head and his earring made a settle rustle.

”Youve impressed me as well, Alabaster. ” Taylor nodded, ”Now tell me, where did you get this watch from? Which house did you break into? What is the address? ” he began to question Chifuyu, raising the watch once again.

”Like I care, old man. ” Chifuyus mischievous painted on his face, ”You
e obsessed with capturing this mafia leader too, huh? Well, I wish you luck on finding him because Im not telling you. ” He rolled his eyes in the end, looking away.

”Please, I beg for your cooperation. ” Taylor was trying his best.

”No way in hell Im cooperating with you, not after how you people treated my family. ” Chifuyu kept his eye contact away, with a genuine upset look on his face.

”You don understand, Tsuguha-kun. ” Taylor lowered his face to be on the same level as Chifuyu, ”Ian Heir has connections with The Reaper, the serial killer who killed your family. ” His words made Chifuyu jolt.

”Huh?? ” Eve was also shocked.

”If you cooperate with me, we can catch him and interrogate him about The Reapers whereabouts. And we can give you the justice you
e seeking, ” Taylor told Chifuyu.

”Liar, ” Chifuyu doesn believe him, as Taylor raised his upper body to stand back up straight.

”If you wish to see the documents, I have them here right now. ” Taylor told him, taking a folder from his desk. When he turned around, the ropes securing Chifuyu dropped to the floor. Chifuyu leaned against the back of the wooden chair he was sitting on with his left arm over the backrest and he crossed his legs, before extending his hand to gesturally ask for the folder as his chain earring made a light noise.

”Let me see, ” Chifuyu moved his fingers, while Taylor and Eve were paused on their stand in slight surprise.

”Here, ” Taylor finally moved after a few seconds, handing the folder to him. ”Will you cooperate with me now? ” Taylor asked him again after he reached the end of the document.

”Fine, Ill work with you. ” Chifuyu responded with a reluctant tone, ”You better not think of anything unwelcomed, old man. ” He gave Taylor a sharp gaze.

”Understood, and thank you. ” Taylor bowed, then extending his hand to offer a hand shake. ”Im looking forward to working with you, Tsuguha-kun. ” He finally gave Chifuyu a smile, showing his trust to the 17-year-old.

”Sure, ” Chifuyu stood up and shook the investigators hand.


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