Epic of Goblin

Goblins Way

What the elder knows could prove to be very useful in the future. I paused the strategy meeting so that I could listen to gramps goblins stories.

Except for the useful things, such as this worlds ”rank up ” system, Ill spare the details for now.

What interested me was of a young servant, our parents generation wasn there for it but, anyways, outside the forest, he was working away from home basically in goblin terms he was out pillaging… risking his life, using his strength and wit. A place where only the strongest survive.

Its so difficult yoy could cry, but this generation is a bunch of people who can only copy us, so our chances of survival are pretty high.

Even then in 20 years Ill end up like this huh? Perhaps I can evolve and live a longer life though.

”Hmm? ”

I look down and geezer goblin has a hard on.

Even at this age he still can move it? Goblins are truly a miracle.

After finishing his story goblin geezer disappeared into the storage warehouse with a grin on his face. Its obvious what he is going to do.

Is leaving behind descendants a special goblin characteristic? Or is it just because hes near death? Well I don really want to think about it.

[Day 8]

In order to test the new strategy, the three goblins went hunting.

At any rate, for the past few days we have managed to become quite fully equipped (although the equipment is so crude that I don know if it should count).

From several horns, I choose two comparatively large ones which I dual wielded.

In case I was ever hit, I created a simple body armor full of gaps by binding the remaining horns together with ivy which I fastened around my body.

The horns are surprisingly hard, but against thrusting attacks the armor has little effect, however against blunt damage its quite effective.

This should be plenty enough protection to ensure I don get any serious injuries.

Goblin Rou,is covered by a wooden breastplate and is wielding a club.

The club is so thick that he has to use both hands to hold it, and the handle was shaved using horns to make it thinner.

Well, since hes both the physically strongest out of us and the most stupid, hitting stuff with his full strength is the style that he can use the most to his advantage.

Together with the scraps from the horned rabbit pelts and a sturdy piece of ivy, I had constructed a simple staff sling, strengthening Goblin Amis ranged capabilities.

She used stones lying around as ammunition, and was our rearguard who could deal with birds and so forth, specializing in ranged combat. She was currently not equipped with armor, but given the time Id like to construct some for her.

By the way, the worn-out loincloth is still standard equipment. I want new clothes.

However yeah, with increased numbers it gets easier as expected.

With Goblin Rou,as the vanguard, me as midrange, and Gobumi Ami covering the rear support, this formation was surprisingly effective, so the fruits of todays hunt was in addition to the horned rabbits also new prey.

One was a poisonous snake with a length of 60 centimeters, a diameter of approximately 6 centimeters, covered with black scales with a speckled pattern. There were three of them and I named them ”Night Vipers ”.

Another one looked like a bat, although I fear that its probably something else, they couldn help but stand out since their wings were shining in seven different colors. We found one of them and I named them ”Sevencolored Bats ”.

The third one looked like whatd you get if you added an armadillo and a racoon dog together, the back was covered with a hard shell. We found two of them and I named them ”Armored Tanuki ”.

And this time we routinely caught two horned rabbits.

This is a perfect result.

However at any rate, Goblin Rou, and Goblin Ami seemed to be strongly insisting on something by staring at me with round and cute eyes while uncontrollably drooling.

Well, its not like I don understand them.

While the other goblins would have eaten the captured spoils on the spot where they caught them, because I wanted to appropriate the usable parts to make weapons of them, which compared with eating them took more time.

I also wanted to disassemble everything at the same time, so we didn get to eat in the middle of the hunt.

Thats why I understood whyd they get hungry.

But I ignored this, continuing the work. When they disappointedly hanged their heads I felt that was enough.

Oh well, It can be helped.

After removing the horn from the horned rabbit, I threw the body towards Goblin Ami, and Goblin Rou.

Originally I wanted the pelt too, but the drooling appearance of Goblin Ami and Goblin Rou was too pitiful to look at.

But Goblin Ami, and Goblin Rou,were for some reason staring blankly at me after receiving the meat, slightly bending their heads to one side in puzzlement.

Even though I told them not to eat I handed them food, so I think they were wondering what to do, so this time I told them: ”Because this is going to take a while, so eat this. ”

After looking troubled for a while, Goblin Rou and Goblin Ami greedily munched on the simple food.

Both goblins had bloodstains around their mouths.

After averting my eyes, I first decided to remove the shell of the Armored Tanukis.

Since I couldn break the shell with the horned rabbit horn, I had no objections to using it for the construction of armor.

Here the (pseudo-)knife I made yesterday of a material that looks kind of like obsidian became handy.

Its cutting edge wasn really stellar, however compared to cutting with the horn it was leagues apart.

I knew how to separate it however, however it seemed like the armored tanukis shell had stuck together to the skin, so it was easier to remove the skin with the shells attached.

After a slightly close fight, I managed to tear off the entire skin together with the shells and a mysterious announcement was heard again.

[Goblin Alaric has obtained Shell beasts skin furnished with shells!!]

Hooh, very cool seems without eating I can still gain stuff. Is this like an inventory perhaps?

I decided to also gain some nourishment before I continued, so I tore the armored tanukis heart, brain and right leg to pieces and ate them.

I gave the rest to Goblin Ami and Goblin Rou. There was still meat left after all.

Nevertheless, the meat of the armored tanuki tasted good! The texture when chewing it was seriously awesome.

When chewing the flavors mixed together into a wonderful blend.

Aah, Ill try to eat a bit of the shell to assess it.

Ability [Shell Defense] learned.

From just chewing it slightly, I learned the ability.

It might have been because I ate the heart, brain, and right leg earlier.

Incidentally [Shell Defense] is the ability to when using objects made from organic shells increase defensive power, increase chance to block damage and reduce the chance of being hit with fatal attacks.

Yes, its a fairly good ability.

Its profit, profit.

Feeling good, I finished skinning the other armored tanuki quicker this time, since I seemed to get the hang of it fairly quickly. Maybe its a goblin thing?

This time I ate half the meat and I threw the remainder to to Goblin Ami, and Goblin Rou, after which I ate some more shells in order to raise the level of [Shell Defense] slightly.

Ah, calling it levels is just an expression of mine, to make it easier to understand Im just calling it levels and theres no specific meaning behind it. Understanding that the ability has gotten stronger than earlier is enough.

Coming from the modern times really does have its perks though eh?

Next I started to disassemble the seven-colored bat.

I removed the entire pretty seven colored wing, and drew out the fangs who looked like they were for sucking blood.

Then I split the meat and we all shared it.

The flesh of the seven colored was compared to that of the armored tanuki very tender, yes, a very good taste.

Or how should I put it, ever since turning into a goblin, all food Ive eaten has tasted good.

Is this perhaps because Ive gotten the sense of taste of the race I was born as? Not that I really care anyway.

Im afraid that I didn learn any ability from eating the bat, however my physical ability seemed to be slightly increased, and after eating the meat my body felt a sense of fulfilment.

Although it seems I didn get any abilities from eating it, I seem to Able to increase my physical abilities Huh? I wonder if it has anything to do with the ability I got. Perhaps the reason why is because it was too small and have to eat more to gain actual abilities?

Guess Ill try next time I eat one.

While looking slightly puzzled, I realized that I had no means to ascertain the truth of this matter, and since the knowledge wouldn be of any practical use anyway I decided to drop this line of thought.

Finally I started disassembling todays main dish, the three night vipers.

First I cut off the head of the snake with my obsidian knife, but since the snake skin was awfully hard the edge of one of the knives got chipped.

When I hung it up and tried to cut it again it tore off, I thought I could make something of the snake skins so I tore it off.

With their heads cut off and the snakeskin peeled off, each goblin received one snake each.

We ate. It was quite delicious.

Yeah, if this was splashed with sake and burnt, it would be the same as kabayaki (eel dipped and boiled in soy sauce), is how delicious I thought it was.

Just from imagining it, I started salivating.

The Horned Rabbit and the Armored Tanukis crispy and slightly hard meat is delicious, and the super tender meat of the seven colored bat is also delicious.

However, the night viper slightly exceeded those in taste.

This tastiness caused us to stop working, and all three goblins greedily wolfed down their share.

Ability [Thermography] learned.

Ability [Snake Venom Administration] learned.

Ability [Poison Resistance] learned.

Ability [Presence Sensor] learned.

Ability [Snakes Evil Eye] learned.

After eating it, I learned five abilities.

Apparently the night viper was in a different league compared to the current me.

When I eat something stronger than I am, the probability that I receive abilities from it significantly increases, this is one of the characteristics of my ability it would seem.

But getting five abilities at once it truly a first.

My guess is that this is because goblins are a weak species.

Well, I am truly satisfied with the results of this days outcome.

The remaining poisoned fang could probably be used as a tool, however if Goblin Rou, Goblin Ami who don have [Poison Resistance] were to even graze it, they would without doubt immediately be on the verge of death.

Worst case scenario is that theyd die instantly.

Besides this time I also received the ability [Snake Venom Administration], which I can use to apply poison to the tip of the horn Im using currently.

If Im not in direct contact this ability doesn manifest itself, but compared to the poisoned fang its a lot safer to use.

Thats why just in case something were to happen, I ate the three heads of the snakes myself.

Because this way is a lot safer.

Yeah, poison(which is completely harmless to me because of the [Poison Resistance] only made the food taste better to me by giving the food a slight sting.

However, two goblins were directing envious gazes at me.

Hey, if you ate this youd die, you know?

You two should be grateful hmph.

I look up and can see its very dark out. I figure its time to go back and wait till tomorrow to hunt again since theres no point when we can see.

With that we headed back to the cave…

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