Elf Koushaku wa Noroware Reijo wa Iyaiya Metoru – Chapter 13 – The Elf Who Wake Up Early And Marriage Registration – Galaxy Translations

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8-10 minutes 08.07.2022

The birds are chirping from the garden, and the sun shines through the curtains.
It is the first morning with his fiancée, Violette.

“Good morning, Seventh”
“Good morning, Seventh-san”
“Good morning, Seventh-kun”
“Good morning”

Today, too, he was greeted by the fairies as soon as he woke up.
The small, palm-sized fairy is a caretaker fairy with the appearance of a beautiful boy with short, curly golden hair and a pair of butterfly wings.
They have been taking care of Hydrangea since he was born.
And have been serving Duke Laudense family as their servants since a long time ago.

When one of the fairies starts to sing, small drops of water and soap bubbles float and wash his face.
The droplets of water enter his mouth, followed by the foam, which scented with light mint.
At the same time that his mouth was full with bubbles, a toothbrush was put inside.
When he was little, he didn’t know how to breathe through his nose, and he almost drowned many times.
It took him a long time to get used to it.

Another fairy grabbed a knife and carefully shaved his chin.
While one of them unbuttoned his pajama, the other two brought him an ironed shirt.

The shirt was put on his shoulders to replace the pajama that had been taken off.
They put the sleeves on and did the button.

An ascot tie was wrapped around the shirt and fastened with a stick pin.
He wore a navy blue waistcoat on top.
He put on black pants and shiny polished boots.
The fairies also diligently threaded the laces through the holes and tied them together.

Next, essential oil with the scent of citrus is dripped into his silver hair, and then carefully combed.
Since he has a meeting with the King today, he braided his long hair into a braid.
The finished braid hangs down from his chest.

This completes his morning preparations.
Once he puts on the cloak of the Magic Division, he is ready to go to work.

“Seventh, you’re so cool!”

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“Seventh-san, you’re so attractive!”
“Seventh-kun, you’re the best!”

The caretaker fairies applauded and praised the perfection of his outfit.
Hydrangea responded in an arrogant manner, “Good job”.

It was almost time for breakfast, so he moved to the dining room.
Up until now, the large rectangular dining table had been prepared only enough food for Hydrangea alone.
But, there is another plate and cutlery prepared in front of him.
It was for Violette.

As he sit down on the chair the waitress has pulled out, he predict that Violette will not come.
The way she spoke last night, it was as if she didn’t even want to see him.
However─ his prediction is wrong.
Violette appeared while holding Pomeranian on her chest.

Apparently the curse was lifted overnight, so she appeared in her human form.
She wore a pale grayish-colored morning dress that was packed up to her neck, and her hair was braided from both sides into a half-up.

It was probably Verbena who did her dress.
The lightly applied make-up brings up Violette’s beauty.
Violette looked very different just by stopping the heavy make-up and wearing trendy dress,
She has been transformed from a succubus with her sex appeal leaking out, to a neat and tidy beautiful woman.

As expected, woman is a terrifying being.
Hydrangea thought so as he greeted her in the morning.

“Good morning, Fiancée-dono”
“Good mornin, Kidnapper-san”

Violette had irritable mood from the morning.
It was only natural.
Because last night she had been taken out from Count Northpole’s house against her will.

He felt sorry for her, but he was not going to apologize for now.

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“Nevertheless, you’ve done something outrageous to me”
“What do you mean by outrageous?”

She began to speak hesitantly.
In the morning, Violette woke up naked.
It was the usual thing, but there was something different.
There was only one thing she was wearing, but ─

“What is it?”
“Can you please not playing dumb? I’m talking about the red ribbon you put on my neck!”

It seems she thought that the ribbon cannot be taken off only when she was in her cat form.
However, the ribbon could not be taken off even when she was in her human form.
In short, Violette woke up with only a ribbon around her neck.

“It was a ribbon filled with ancient wisdom that could match the person’s size  Take good care of it”
“By the way, you can also change the color”

She continued to complain about the ribbon, but he was more concerned about the dog she was carrying on her chest.

“Why are you holding Pomeranian?”
“I met him near the dining room.
You have a lovely dog”
“Lovely, eh”

His appearance looked like a cute little dog, but on the inside he was a great spirit that has lived for thousands years.
He sounds like a middle-aged man and does not like to get involved with people.
However, he seems to allow Violette to touch him.
Since a while ago, she has been patting his head.

When the butler, Heliotrope tried to take Pomeranian, Pomeranian jumped out of Violette’s chest as if to avoid his extended hand.

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“As ypu can see, he doesn’t like to be hold”
“I see.
I thought he was friendly because he was so quiet”

Inwardly, he thought, “What happened with will only allow me to pet him”.
Come to think of it, he had heard that Pomeranian was on good terms with Hydrangea’s late mother.
The possibility of he was a womanizing surfaced.

Currently, only Hydrangea knows that Pomeranian is a great spirit.
Everyone thinks he is just an ordinary dog.
He had no intention of telling Violette either.

“Why don’t you sit down already? The soup will gets cold”
“I will sit even if you don’t ask me to”

She sat down on the chair pulled by the waitress and stared at Hydrangea, the moment she did so.

“You’ll end up with that look on your face if you keep wrinkling your brow”
“It’s because you keep doing things that makes me want to wrinkle my brow─”

When the tea was served, Violette closed her lips.
After that, she began to eat quietly.
He appreciated the fact that she seemed to know manners.

Pumpkin potage, freshly baked bread, half-poached eggs, and crispy bacon.
It was the usual breakfast, but today Violette was here.

Hydrangea thought that she was beautiful when she was quite, and that it was not a bad idea to be with her─ but It was over soon.

“Today, I am going to submit the marriage certificate to His Majesty.
Please give me your signature”

Heliotrope placed the marriage certificate on a silver tray in front of Violette.
t already had Count Northpole’s family crest seal stamped on it and the signature of the current head of the family written on it.
All that remained was for Violette to fill in her name.

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“I have to go to work immediately.
Please do it quickly”
“I-I have no intention of marrying you at all”
“What a coincidence.
I don’t want to marry you either, but it can’t be helped because of the circumstances”
“What did you say!”

Bang! Violette hit the dining table, and stood up.
She tried to leave the dining room, so Hydrangea took a big step and grabbed Violette’s shoulders.


Violette’s figure changes from a beautiful girl into a cat.
Hydrangea picked Violette up and approached the dining table.
She struggled violently, but he held her back with force.
The time to go work was approaching.
He does not have time to relax.

“Heliotrope, prepare the red ink!”
“Yes, sir!”

Violette’s paw was pressed against the red ink on the table.

“W-What are you doing?”
“A substitute for your signature”
“S-Stop! I will not marry you─”

With a tap, Violette’s paw pressed against the marriage certificate.
With this, the marriage certificate is completed.
When he let go of his hand, Violette moved away from Hydrangea’s chest.
But, the next moment, she leapt in front of him.

“Hand over that marriage certificate!”
“Miss Violette, forgive me”

With that said, Hydrangea activated his transfer magic and disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Violette’s outstretched hand never reached the marriage certificate.

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