Caius was observing the situation from the sidelines the entire time. He couldn understand what the empress wanted at the end of the day.

In terms of power and wealth, it was true that the Flores Family was superior. However, they were not the only family that had such power and wealth.

There were few more families that had the same strength as that of Flores Family in terms of influence and wealth. They would surely be more than happy to be able to establish relationship with the imperial family. So why was the empress forcing the Flores Family?

Caius knew very clearly that Cyra Laney didn have any sort of feelings towards him. In terms of power, there were still some candidates who were willing and perfect for the title of Emperor Consort.

When he heard how the Empress didn even hesitate to accuse them of treason, he couldn bear it anymore.

For a moment, the thought of leaving the country and roaming around the continent also came to his mind. He could go anywhere with the wealth of his family. His own intelligence would suffice him to survive outside the country.

Their family could protect themselves in any situation. However, treason isn something that could be taken lightly. It could cause the downfall of the entire Flores Family including all those who were side by side with Flores Family in previous days.

If he was to leave them behind and something was to happen to them, he wouldn be able to live anymore.

His family was indeed the most important thing in his life….more than his own well-being.

When he saw his sisters face, he was afraid that she would provoke the empress. He couldn help but open his mouth, ”Why your majesty? Why is rejecting the proposal a treason? Being the citizen of our great empire can I have a right to choose whom I want to marry? ”

Hearing Caiuss impudent words, Cyra knew exactly why she wanted him to be her consort. The more she looked at him, she became more and more satisfied. Her choice could never be wrong.

She had learnt about the youngest son of Flores Family since he had attended the Royal Academy. He was always shining.

Unlike her, he was pampered by his family members. His sister, mother, father and everyone around him protected him like a valuable gem.

She knew how important Flores Family is for Caius. She knew that if she found faults with the entire Flores Family, Caius would surely come forward for his family.

He was loyal and knew what he had to protect.

After taking the throne, Cyra had to marry someone from a prominent family to stabilize her power. There were many options in term of familys strength. However, in terms of individual strength they were no near Caius.

She knew that he would be able to help her manage the nobles efficiently. Caius was the best choice among those whom she could marry. And control….. as Caiuss leash was the entire Flores Family.

Caius was the perfect candidate for the title of Emperor Consort who had capability to perform duties efficiently. His sense of duty and responsibility also made him perfect for the title..

After seeing him in the Coronation ceremony, Cyras conclusion seemed more feasible. He was indeed the center of attention of the crowd. His reputation among the nobles was more better than what she had expected.

Cyra replied, ”Marrying you, is for the betterment of the nation. Flores Familys strength and your capability can help the nation grow more. Our marriage is for the nation. Rejecting this proposal means rejecting all the possibilities that can once again help the nation get its previous stability. ”

Caius didn back down, ”Your Majesty, the empress. How will it help the nation? Our entire family is serving for the betterment of the nation. I can also help in the growth of the nation joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ”

While asking the question, he emphasized he nation in a loud voice.

Cyra raised her eyebrows and said in a calm tone, ”Helping the throne is helping the nation, isn it? You can surely help the nation joining any ministry. However, you are forgetting I am asking you to help me build the nation. You won be able to help the nation when the throne is unstable. You should know that very well. ”

Caius didn know what to say. He just wanted to live an unrestrained life. How come things just didn seem to work for him? Even such a simple wish couldn be fulfilled.

The more he was trying to free himself, the more his family seemed to be slowly going down the swamp designed by the empress.

Cyra looked at Valeria and continued, ”I can still give you some more time to discuss about the matter. Your entire family can decide for as long as you want. After all, we still have a year. ”

Before anyone could say anything, the empress stood up. The entire Flores Family stood up as well. Their mood was not good when the empress left.

After the empress left, the Flores Family was silent. Kasper looked at his sons face. Caiuss face seemed calm that time. Kasper sighed.

They had discussed for such a long time. However, at last the proposal was still valid. They didn get any chance to clearly reject the proposal. It was going to be more difficult to reject after hearing empresss words. .

Viviana sat down in a couch and said, ”Now, she didn even try to hide her intentions. She is forcing us to make a decision. How could she join her own benefits with the entire nations? ”

Valeria never expected that Cyra was so determined to marry Caius. She knew the obstinate personality of empress. However, she never expected that her son would be a victim of her obstinacy.

Caius looked at his family. They were still trying to find ways to reject the proposal. He was grateful that his family didn try to convince him to accept the proposal even at that point.

There was no way to refuse the empress since the beginning. Still they wanted to make sure that Caius wouldn have to agree to anything that was against his wish.

Valeria knitted her brows. She looked at towards her son and said, ”Caiu, why don you visit our estate in the northern region? You can roam around the continent discreetly. We don have to make any decision right now. ”

Caius knew what his mother meant. After all, this thought made its way in his mind as well. However, he couldn risk his familys welfare.

Caius looked at her mother with grateful eyes and said, ”Lets agree to the proposal mother. ”

Vivianas face looked like thunder. ”WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? ”

Caius was startled. His sister had never raised her voice at him.

”Sister, we don really have any option left. Marrying her is better than being accused of treason. We won be able to do anything if empress herself accuse us of treason. ”

Kasper heard his sons determined words. He felt powerless. He couldn protect his son.

Entire Flores Family didn support Caiuss decision. However, they didn have any better solution. They didn open their mouth. It was a very hard day for the entire Flores Family.

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