Caius was trying to read the documents. However, his heart was uneasy. He couldn bring himself to fully concentrate in his reading.

He stood up from his chair. He walked to the balcony of his room. He looked at the sky. The sky was fair. The sun was glowing like a priceless gem. Caius reached out his slender hands towards the sky.

He felt like if he tried a little harder he could have a part of the vast sky in his hands. But he knew for somethings, no matter how hard we try, we just can get what we want.

Caius had lived his entire life in protection of his family. They never let anything threaten his safety. He had never faced any kind of situations that constantly bothered him.

Caius was always taught from his childhood that no matter how big a problem is he shouldn dwell on it. He should try to solve the problem and never lose his cool. He was taught to face any problems head-on.

Caius was sure that Empresss visit to their family will draw many attentions to their family. Caius clearly knew his choice.

Caius didn want to admit defeat without trying his best. He at least wanted to take a step for his choice.

With the cool breeze that brushed Caiuss face, his mind started to cool down.

He went back to his room and started reading the documents. He had already made his mind to face the problem without any hesitation and keeping the safety of his family in his mind.

The entire family of Flores always faced all the problems together. They didn cower in front of problems. They didn let any problems affect their happiness and daily life.

After sunset, the entire Flores Family gathered in the dining hall to have dinner. Foods in front of them were untouched. They had serious look in their face.

During the entire day, all of them were worried about the Empresss visit.

Valeria looked at her daughter and said, ”Vivi, tomorrow you aren supposed to raise your voice against Her Majesty. ”

Viviana looked at her mother and said in a low voice, ”Of course, I am not going to raise my voice. As long as she doesn try to force us to agree with her proposal. ”

Valeria glared at Viviana. Her daughter really doesn know how to control her temper. She was too much like younger Valeria.

Kasper was looking at mother and daughter duos interaction from sidelines. Both of them have same temper.

Kasper opened his mouth, ” Lets come to consensus and decide how to reject the marriage proposal ? ”

Hearing Kasper no one uttered a single word.

After some time, Viviana put forward her reason, ”Their age difference makes them unsuitable for each other. Our Caiu is still a minor. ”

Valeria shook her head helplessly. ”Vivi, their age difference is just four years. Your father is seven years younger than me. Do you think age can be a reason to reject the proposal? And Caiu being a minor won hinder the marriage at all. They can always get engaged first and marry after a year. ”

Viviana immediately replied, ”Mother and father loved each other. But there is no love in between them. ”

”Do you think to reject a royal proposal, love can play a big role? ”

Vivana suddenly felt angry, ”Mother, are you trying to find out all the things to support the proposal or something that can help us reject it? ”

Valeria said in an angry tone, ”Vivi, what are you trying to say? Are you suggesting that I am trying to accept the proposal and force Caiu to get married? ”

The hall fell into silence. Kasper looked at them and sighed.

Both mother and daughter didn continue to argue.

Caius was looking how their sister and mother had started to argue frequently. Although both of them were hot tempered, they never argued before.

Caius was thinking hard how to reject the Empress politely.

They discussed for some time. They knew that it was impossible to reject the Empress without offending her. Afterall, rejecting her proposal means offending her. They just didn want to provoke the Empress.

The atmosphere of the dining hall was tensed.

They discussed the entire situation and solutions for sometime. After having their dinner, they all went to their respective rooms.

Caius was really tired. As soon as he laid down on his bed, he fell asleep.

The next day…

Around late morning, the Empress Cyra Laney, arrived at the House of Flores.

The Empress got out from a purple carriage. It looked too luxurious with gold decorations. Behind her were five knights in tall black horses. They were fully equipped with the weapons and black armor. Some guards were by the side of the carriage.

She was wearing a red gown. She had her hair styled in braided bun. She looked intimidating and distant.

Entire Flores Family was present to welcome the empress. They collectively said, ”Your Majesty, the Empress. ”

Cyra looked at them briefly and with a smile, ”Be at ease. ”

Valeria led the way and empress followed her. Behind the empress were two guards. The entire Flores Family was following them.

While she was entering the mansion she looked at Caius briefly. Caius froze for a moment. He felt chill down his spine.

Cyra got seated. The Empress said, ”You all should get seated as well. ”

After all of them got seated, the atmosphere was not looking good.

Cyra opened her mouth, ”Now tell me your reason for your act of treason against the throne. ”

Valeria was surprised, ”Your Majesty.. What are you talking about? ”

”Isn it treason to go against the throne? Or in your mind I am still not the Empress? ” Cyra glared at Valeria.

Valeria panicked. She didn expect the Empress to directly attack their loyalty towards the throne. Empresss words were equivalent to accusing them for betrayal towards the country.

Kasper saw her wifes face. She was already sick. After listening to Empresss words her sickness looked more serious.

Kasper couldn bear anymore and said, ”Your highness, Flores Family has always supported every monarch who seated on the throne. This time as well we are loyal to the throne. ”

Cyra looked at Caius and said in a mocking tone, ”Oh, Does that mean you have already accepted my proposal? Rejecting the empress might not mean being loyal to the throne. ”

Hearing her words, Viviana started to lose her calm. She furrowed her brows. She wanted to retort. However, before she could say anything, Caius opened his mouth…

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