Night market was held in every six months. It was like umbrella for all the sellers in the empire. Since sellers from different regions of empire were present there, many weird and many unique things were available.

Almost all the stalls, commenced their business around late afternoon. Soon the street was filled with people.

There were people in front of every stall. Children were running wildly. Their parents were shouting at them and telling them not to get separated.

The sellers were shouting and attracting the attention of people. The atmosphere was loud and lively.

Some parents were burning holes in their pockets and spoiling their children. The children also looked very happy. Their hands were holding many weird things. But their face was especially bright. They were shining in the light of happiness.

There was one teenager who was also being spoiled by his sister. There were different kinds of food in Caiuss hands.

He was hardly able to walk. Viviana bought everything that she found interesting. Five servants walking behind them were also carrying different bags. They all looked tired.

Viviana bought things from every stall they passed by. The sellers were happy whenever Vivana left their stall with bunch of things in her hands.

Caius looked at his sister and said, ”Sister, we have already bought many things. Lets not buy anymore. And its already midnight. We should heed back soon. ”

Vivana was busy looking at a pair of black gloves in front of her. When she heard her brother, she turned back. Without any hesitation she said, ”The night market has just started getting more interesting. How can I not buy anymore? We are going to enjoy the entire night market. ”

Caius suddenly felt tired when he heard his sister.

”Sister, aren you afraid that mother will lecture us when we reach home just like last year? ”

Last year as well, Viviana bought many unnecessary things. After returning home in the morning, both were lectured for one hour.

Vivana had already bought the pair of black gloves. A black coloured scabbard in the next stall had already caught her eyes . She replied unhurriedly, ”Its alright. Don worry. Look, doesn that scabbard look perfect for my sword? Or is it too big? ”

Caius looked at the stall pointed by his sister. The scabbard was indeed perfect for her sword. But that was not the main concern.

He was afraid that they will get lectured for being outside all night and spending without thinking.

They enjoyed every event. They watched the fireworks, enjoyed some musicals and did everything that was available.

When dawn was about to spread first light to the upcoming day, the stalls started to close down one by one. The streets started to become less and less crowded.

The siblings of Flores Family and five servants also made their way back home. When they reached their residence, the birds were already chirping and light had already embraced a new day.

Vivana and Caius along with their five servants stealthily made their way into the mansion.

Their footsteps suddenly paused when they saw their mother coming down the stairs.

She was in a yellow gown. Her face looked tired and her lips were pale. Still she looked quite intimidating.

When Valeria saw her two children, she noticed their tired eyes. She sighed. She said in a very serious tone, ”Freshen up. Then come to have your breakfast. ”

Both Viviana and Caius looked scared. They meekly answered, ”Okay mother. ”

Their servants behind them also seemed afraid. They followed their masters holding all the culprits that prevented Vivana from returning home all night.

Seeing all those things, Valeria once again sighed.

When Caius and Vivana came to the dining hall, Kasper and Valeria were already sitting in their respective seats.

Caius and Vivana said in a low voice, ” Good morning mother, Good morning father. ”

Kasper said in a calm manner, ”Good morning.. ”

Valeria glared at them. They both sat down looking guilty.

Both were mentally ready to get an earful.

Valeria sighed. She said in a soft and serious tone, ”Yesterday I visited the Imperial Palace. ”

Hearing Valerias words all of them were surprised.

Valeria continued, ”I rejected Her Majestys proposal. However, she told me that she wanted to meet all of us once again and discuss. ”

Vivianas guilty face immediately changed. She raised her voice, ”What is there to talk about? ”

Valeria looked helpless. When she reached the palace, she rejected the Empresss proposal in behalf of entire Flores Family. However, without asking for explanation Cyra asked her to arrange meeting with the entire family. She even insisted on arranging the meeting inside the House of Flores.

Valeria explained the entire situation.

The entire mood suddenly became tensed.

Kasper looked at his son. Caiuss face wasn looking good.

Kasper opened his mouth, ”Then lets arrange a meeting for tomorrow. ”

Valeria looked at her husband and said, ”Isn the time for preparation too short? ”

Kasper looked at his son and said, ”We should deal with this problem before it starts to affects us further. ”

”Why do we even need to prepare anything. Its not like we are inviting her for tea party. She is coming here to threaten us, isn she? ” Viviana sneered.

Listening her daughters words Valeria felt pain in her temples. She said in a raised tone, ”Of course we have to prepare. We can offend Her Majesty with your improper words and behaviors. ”

Vivana looked at her mother with wronged look.

Valeria ignored her. She looked at Caius and assured him, ”Caiu, your mother will never allow anything to happen against your wish. You don have to do anything that you don like. We will always respect your choice no matter what your choice is. ”

Caius felt relieved and conflicted after hearing his mother. He didn know what choice to make. He didn want his choice to be cause downfall of his family.

Nonetheless he was happy that his parents always wished for his happiness above else.

His tensed face was gaining its brightness. He said in a grateful tone, ”Yes mother. ”

After breakfast, the entire family started getting busy.

Valeria went to the greenhouse to rest. Kasper went to his work. Vivana carried her tired body towards the imperial palace.

Caius went to his room. He started reading the documents borrowed from the National Archives Center.

The entire House of Flores seemed to be ready to face the Empress….

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