The man was sitting in a chair and was looking at the book in front of him. He looked sturdy. Although he was sitting, one could tell that the man was quite tall.

He was wearing a black coat, a black pant and a white shirt. Around his neck was a maroon coloured ascot tie.

His dusky black hair, slightly pointed nose and long fingers turning up the pages of the book all made him look very alluring.

The man sitting casually in a chair and looking at the book in leisurely manner was the successor of Duchy of Northern Region, Theodore Wallace. He was quite infamous for his indifferent and cold behaviour in the academy.

Rumor about his indifference were always flowing inside and outside the academy.

One day while passing through the training grounds in the Academy, Caius also witnessed the so called act of indifference.

He saw a boy looking at Theodore with pitiful teary eyes. He was sitting on the ground. His foot seemed to have sprained but Theodore neither tried to help him nor looked at him. Theodore seemed to be looking somewhere else.

People around them were murmuring and discussing how cold Theodore was.

Caius looked at the scene briefly and without thinking much he left.

Many people claimed that Theodore couldn feel human emotions at all. Some even claimed that Theodore was as cold as Northern Region and hadn smiled since his childhood.

Caius looked at him for some time. And he started looking for his documents. He really wanted to read them….

While he was searching for the document relentlessly, he felt someones gaze on him. He felt really uncomfortable. He looked around there were only six people there. One was he himself, one was a cleaner, three were helpers and one was….Theodore.

He looked at the cleaner, she seemed to be busy cleaning. The three helpers in their own tables also seemed quite busy. Then he turned back and looked at Theodore.

To his surprise their eyes met.

Their eyes were locked at each other for some time. Caius seemed to have seen Theodores lips turning upwards. He was caught off guard. He hurriedly turned his head sideways.

Does Theodore know me? Just now did he smile at me? Although we attend same academy, we are taking different subjects so he wouldn know me….probably.

His face was burning. He felt like Theodore was supposed to be cold like Northern Region then why was he showing smile like that. Caius felt that he shouldn listen to rumors anymore.

Theodores smile was quite good….

He was afraid to look back at Theodore.

He mustered some courage and looked at Theodore to make sure whether he was smiling or not. But Theodore was not there anymore. He was somewhat disappointed.

Kasper saw his sons face dyed in red. He got worried. But, his mood seemed to have lighten up. He felt like he did a good job bringing him here. He also felt a little happier.

Kasper came to Caius. He felt his sons brow and said, ”Are you by any chance feeling sick? ”

Hearing his father, Caius suddenly got startled. He shook his head. He felt embarrassed. He wanted to hide his face.

Kasper seeing his son in daze asked, ”Did you get the documents that you wanted? ”

Caius was always interested in Northern Region. All the Dukes of Northern Region were known for their wisdom and their ability to make their Duchy prosperous.

Northern Region was somewhat more prosperous than other parts of the Empire. Entire Northern Region was in par with the Capital City of Earthenia.

Caius showed disappointment in his face and said in a disappointed tone, ”I didn find them. I searched for them nearly everywhere. ”

”What were you searching for? ” Kasper asked curiously. All the documents should be present in the shelves. He couldn figure out what his son was looking for.

”About Northern Region and all the Dukes of Northern Region. ”

Hearing his son Kasper replied, ”You can find anything about Northern Region in the shelves. You will have to borrow from the helpers. ”

Kasper went to one of the helpers and asked for the related documents. After getting them, he gave them to Caius and said, ” Our Caiu is really lucky. Seems like someone had burrowed them this morning and returned them just a moment ago. ”

He added, ” I have applied to borrow them for three days. Will it be sufficient for you to go through them? If not I can extend now. ”

”It will be no problem. ” Caius said with confidence.

Seeing his sons bright face Kasper felt very happy. ”Do you want to wait for me and go back together. I have to do some work. You will have to wait till the sunset though. ” Kaspers face looked expectant while asking Caius.

Caius showed a guilty face and said, ”I will return first then. ”

Kasper said jokingly, ” You don want to wait for father. ”

Caius got flustered, ”No…no its not like that. I have promised sister to visit the night market with her. I will have to return early to get ready for the night market. ”

Seeing his son getting flustered, he said in a serious tone, ” Then you can go back first. Remember to be careful. ” Kasper felt like his flustered son was pretty cute.

He rubbed his sons soft brown hair and left.

Caius looked around. He didn see anyone except those three helpers. His eyes ran throughout the hall.

When he realized that he was looking stupid standing alone and looking around like a fool. He felt embarrassed. He left the hall.

Then he climbed up the same blue carriage and went back holding the documents like precious treasure.

When he reached home,he went to Vivianas room. Viviana seemed to be a little better than in the morning. Caius felt a little relieved.

She was busy preparing dresses to wear to the night market. She seemed excited.

When she saw Caius standing at daze, she pulled him inside the room and said to her servants, ”Bring all the clothes that I ordered last week. Help Caiu change his clothes. Make sure that he looks the prettiest today. ”

”Sister, boys should be handsome….. ”After saying those words Caius seemed a little embarrassed.

Seeing his face getting red she said without utmost confidence, ”Our Caiu looks pretty. Why can boys look pretty? Being pretty has nothing to do with gender. ”

After saying so, she sent Caius to change his clothes. She felt relieved that her brother was back to normal. She didn want his brother to be unhappy even for a minute.

After changing his clothes, brother and sister of The Flores Family went happily to visit the Night Market unknown about the storm that was about to enter their life…..

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